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Tim S.

I've streamed at least 4 hours a day since I bought a PS3 in November 2009. My disc queue doesn't have a lot of new releases on it. To sum that up, I'm not bothered in the least with a 28-day delay. Thanks Netflix for getting more streaming content out of the deal.


I'm not bothered by a 28-Day Delay and I don't stream more than 4 hours a month so, for me, I would rather see NetFlix horse trade Fair Use for more physical copies of titles to help elevate the "Very Long Wait" issues they (and others) seem to experience. Wasn't that what NetFlix told us in the beginning? More copies?

But DVD/BD by mail is not the future of NetFlix and so I wouldn't be surprise that, in a cost cutting effort, they are actually buying fewer copies that are needed to support 15 million subscribers. I'm not saying this is true but I've got to wonder what is really going on here.

Now suppose if the 28-Day Delay meant that the title was available for Streaming on the 29th day we might actually have something worthwhile (sometimes this happens with low budget/independent/crap'ola) but that's not going to happen because the content owners would need to build in another monetized window for HBO/SHO/PPV(Cable/DBS)/Amazon/PSN cash cows. We, the bottom feeders known as Renters, are the last stop on the gravy train.

We had Fair Use on our side but NetFlix has pi$$ed it away in fear of law suits and I have yet to see evidence that anything but nothing is what we’ve received from the "bargaining contract."

I label this EPIC FAIL until full disclosure of what these backroom contracts really spell out is published because there has been no evidence of benefit. The more Streaming titles has come from $1B deals, not this.

The Whiz

I knew this was coming weeks ago. You could tell movies like "The Karate Kid" were being delayed at that time, so this is no suprise.

Add me to the list of dissatisfied customers. Streamflix is generally a very good service, but these sweetheart deals with the studios suck. "Boo-hoo...you have to wait 1 more month." It's a big deal to people who belong to Streamflix for new releases. Some people like volume, and they like watching older flicks. I don't. I have HBO and other avenues for older flicks. I'm a new release guy. Have been all my life.

First I have to wait 3-7 months for a movie to get to DVD/Blu-ray. I can't see it in the theater because over half the time I go to the theater I have problems with morons who talk and/or text. Then I have to wait an extra month because of Streamflix' sweetheart deal with the studios. Then, if I don't get the new release mailed to me the first day, I have to wait anywhere from a week to six months for it to be available to rent. It's ridiculous. And I'm not going to buy something to see it right away if I don't know whether or not it's any good.

This is why I belong to both Streamflix & Blockbuster. Why doesn't Streamflix just offer a streaming-only plan? If you can't rent new disks, what's the point of having a disk-based plan??

I understand the studios are mainly to blame. They don't like that people don't buy DVD's like the used to. So, like the music industry, they dig their heels into the sand and try to get a little extra business in the dumbest way possible. What a shocker! Of course people aren't going to buy DVD's like the used to. 1) You can't keep building a collection and have thousands of DVD's. Where would you put them? When would you watch them? 2) The economy sucks. People have crap jobs and lack the disposable income to buy something as extraneous as DVD's.

Again, for those of you who don't mind the 1-month delay...great. To each their own. Why get upset over people who do mind? We're all different. I don't keep old movies in my Q. I don't want old movies.

What if they move to a 2-month delay? 3-month delay?


The 28 day delay is a bit annoying but not that big of a deal to me. I think if the 28 day wait had been in place since the founding of Netflix, it would be no big deal. I think what upsets people is the fact that it was a service that Netflix provided originally, but then *took away* from it's customers.


FWIW, Iron Man 2 said "long wait" last week but it shipped on Saturday 10/2 and I got it six days after the release. Previously I could get it on release date (8/28) or not for a few months. Though I'm also watching movies at a much slower pace so their "fairness" algorithm may work in my favor now.


I'll just use RedBox for New Releases. I only really use NetFlix for streaming


Maybe Netflix will buy Redbox. 28-day gap filled!


U people must not have a very good system (no dissing at all) but streaming is crap to me, no 5.1 etc.. I think for the Avg person its prob great , but i only watch Blu Ray ... compressed fake HD looks like crap on 60"+

So that's why i think this is a raw deal


I only have a 26" so what I'm seeing is alright for streaming. I'm afraid that will change when I go to a 55"-60" tv. One thing that I really don't like is that company X, call it Comcast or Netflix, advertises HD when the only thing they're matching is the HD resolution. Sure the resolution matters, and it's very quantitative so it's easy to talk about, but they've taken the quality out of it by using "compressed fake HD" as Jon points out. That fits the bill when it comes to resolution, but it's been compressed and looks bad.

Back in the day (I'm only 27), landline telephone service was nice and clear. Now we have cellphones and we're all walking around saying "can you hear me now". We've traded convenience over quality and I'm afraid were going to do the same thing with TV and movies. Don't get me wrong, I really want the convenience of streaming but it still has to be good.

As far as the 28-day window, if Netflix really wanted to, they could still go buy off the shelf DVDs at their higher price and rent them out. I don't think there was anything signed by Netflix that said they couldn't do that. This is just as much, if not more, Netflix's fault than it is the studios.


Nobody is talking about the details of this agreement at Sony or NF. There are rumors that this is only a title by tile basis with Sony. There is no catalog streaming deal.

Only time will tell if this will apply to ALL Sony titles in the future.


I am with you jon!! I have a very fast hook up and when i did try streaming just to see what the big deal is the picture was not very good!! I have a 52inch sony tv top of the line and i want the best picture and that's blu-ray!! So there are many reasons i hate streaming but the big one is there are to many ways to watch tv if you have a family like most of you morons probably don't you would understand more of what i am saying there are to many ways for people to sit on there ass we don't need anymore!! It's not just watching tv so i am not bringing this up again this site there are to many losers dude!!!!!


@The Whiz ...
I stopped reading your comment mid way. The constant use of Streamflix made you sound kinda iffy.

Larry Dallas

as before, I NEVER miss a new release without fail

forewarned is foreskinned

as blockbuster continues it's slide into oblivion, netflix will continue to make these types of decisions. get used to it.


I missed that "Streamflix" was Netflix - that's a pretty stupid joke.

I think it's funny when people whine about stuff - I imagine them stamping their feet and getting their faces all red because they can't have exactly what they want.

david v

the availablity of the new releases that NF buys seems about the same, maybe a little better. i just wish they'd do a better job stocking catalog blu ray new releases. especially when there's a green save button next to the title.


I'll be canning Netflix, it seems. If I wanted to see catalog releases I would have already seen them back when they were new. I don't care about non-new releases or streaming because streaming doesn't get the new releases I actually want to see. Netflix is giving its customer the middle finger because if they wanted to, they could buy the new releases another way, circumventing the delay the studios want to impose. They make millions upon millions in profit yet don't want to serve their customer right.

The Whiz

I call them Streamflix now because that's what they are. They're putting all their chips into streaming, almost forcing it on customers.

Streaming is the future I'm sure. I like having it as an option. But it hasn't replaced physical media for me, nor will it for years. Previous posters are right, Blu-ray is usually (depending on the release, of course) amazing. The HD'est of the HD streaming titles can't touch the picture/sound quality of Blu-ray. I just returned "Get Him To The Greek" to Blockbuster. I thought the movie sucked, quite frankly. But man what a picture! What sound! Universal usually does the Blu-ray thing very well.

Streaming isn't an option for everyone. Everyone doesn't have internet. Some that do have bandwith limitations which prevent streaming (or they have slow speeds which prevent streaming). I get that some people love the ease of use. I like that too. I also like that it doesn't waste resources that are used to manufacture/ship disks. But I still prefer Blu-ray (don't get me started on the $4 extra Streamflix wants for 3-at-a-time w/Blu-ray!).


Netflix deserves to go under for actions like this. Streaming isn't very good. I don't like having to wait for the movie to load and then sometimes load again in the middle of the movie. DVDs and Blu-rays don't have that. Blu-ray blows streaming out of the water in both image and sound quality. Netflix is basically forcing an inferior product on its customers because it's cheaper for them. Yet they don't lower the price of a subscription. That's unethical because they're making more money while spending less and not passing the savings on to the very people making them the money.


Netflix is a all you can eat buffet where some people want lobster for $8.99. That might be fine, and maybe Neflix could swing it, but others want steak, and maybe a good red wine. All for the $8.99! What about shrimp, DO YOU BELIEVE WE DON'T GET SHRIMP??? And screw the restaurant owner for not giving it to us. He drives a Lexus!

I think this restaurant serves up some great food for the price, much better than I could get at Subway or the 99. I am glad it is not trying to be everything to all. Keeps the prices down and gives the majority what we want. As long as they don't throttle the desert!


@The Whiz
Stop calling it Streamflix ... every time you do, it just weakens your argument by making you look childish.
If you honestly think that Disc are going away any time soon then you are Nucking Futs. Honestly. Streaming helps there bottom line SO THEY CAN SUPPORT the disc part of their business model. I read that in an interview somewhere.


@ JK, on Netflix and streaming. You aren't losing anything by streaming. The wait was going to happen one way or another, or the studios would have had a worse solution. They feel their revenue is being lost. If the worse thing that happens is you have to wait an extra month, not so bad, at least the majority seem to think so.

They are not forcing anything on us, they are just being proactive. I like the streaming, and find it a great alternative to cable and renting.

@ Whiz, You detail the incredible difference that Blu-ray is but will not pay $1 a week extra for it? I am glad I do not have to pay extra for your blu-ray. Paying $23 dollars a month for up to 12+ high incredible looking movies is not a good value? The injustice!


Since the 28 day delay started, the oldest new release at the top of my queue is a couple of months old. Prior to the delay, I always had several that were 6+ months old and still on very long wait.

That, to me, is an improvement. Other than that, I don't notice the delay at all.


Streamflix is an attempt at humor that just doesn't make any sense. Netflix-get movies from the internet...whether its by mail DVD or streaming. The name still fits, it wasn't called DVD-by-mail.

I am going to drop Netflix and go strictly with redbox...uh-oh, they have a 28 day delay too!!! Damn, thankfully blockbuster...oh wait blockbuster is delaying releases in their kiosks by...you guessed it...28 days.

I can go to blockbuster store and get day and date but now I have to pay $4+ and return it by a certain time or pay late fees. Blockbuster by mail will either delay 28 days soon or will have a revenue sharing agreement with the studios that will hasten their own insolvency.

The 28 day delay is here, like it or not, and soon will be imposed everywhere except the actually video store.

The fact of the matter is that content costs money, more content costs more money, better content costs more money. I have not seen a rate hike in my plan in a long time, but my service has gotten better and is more valuable to me than ever. Blu-ray people had a price increase, and that was based on the cost of disks, increases in damaged disks, and an increase in the number of unplayable disks. Blu-ray costs more, I don't have blu-ray, why should I subsidize those who do.

The Whiz

Francis, I don't have a problem with $1 extra for Blu-ray. Even $2 extra wouldn't make me mad. But $4?? Then if you go to 4-out-a-time, it's $5? Then $6... Blockbuster doesn't charge any extra. Why are Blu-ray fans getting screwed over? I don't want to pay for your streaming. Maybe they should start charging extra for that. Or maybe they should go back to limiting the amount/time you can stream monthly. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

I've been with Streamflix for 10 years. I'm not going anywhere. I will continue to voice my displeasure at getting screwed over. I expect new releases. That's what I pay for. That's all I've ever rented. That's all I'm interested in.

Would it bother you guys if they changed the 1-month wait to 2 months or 3 months?


Whiz,Netflix has maintained that streaming saves money. DVD customers(as a whole) don't rent as many DVDs. You are not paying extra for my streaming.

That Blockbuster Blu-rays doesn't cost extra does not mean you get more value. They are much slower to mail and the waits are longer. Some can get good value if they live around a store, but for those that don't, if you want to see the most BRs, everything I have read suggests you get the best value from Netflix.

If you rent BR's from Redbox at the rate of 3 per week, it will costs you $6 extra a month for BR. That is if you can get that many from them you want to see. Their inventory, especially for BR is limited.

When Netflix increased the price for BR, they were more expensive around 20% retail. The price is coming down, I would expect that NF would drop the price at some point, or use the savings to buy more giving you more availability. I hope they do, and believe they would. Many BR customers wanted the regular customers to subsidize the extra costs of BR or Netflix to eat it. Neither was fair, and goes to back to the "all you can eat" example. I am going to the buffet that doesn't charge ME for the shrimp I don't want anyway.

If you think BRs are overpriced, why not complain to the studios? They are the ones who charge more for them. Why blame the middleman?


For me, movies 'come out' when they are available to me on NetFlix, so it matters not.

Mike Jones

I too hate the 28 day waiting period. I'm not a streamer. I have a family and don't get to the movies much. Having to wait an extra month sucks. I'm not going to join worstbuster, but I have scaled my netflix plan way back.

Tom M

Do you think this has anything to do with Netflix removing all of the social aspects of their site (Friends features, movie notes, etc). Imagine your friends are renting and commenting on The Karate Kid that they just rented from Redbox or BlockBuster, and Netflix does not yet have that film. That would probably be bad.
Just a thought.


I have not got any new releases any sooner than before.

Streaming (as I always say - sorry, folks) does those of us who are deaf and hard of hearing NO GOOD.

I simply need the captioning on the DVDs, so those go on my queue. And so I wait. And wait. And wait some more.

I do own a Roku box - I bought it because I thought that Netflix would really make them available this year (as per their official blog) and I also have children who are hearing. However, the past two weeks we've had numerous troubles streaming - we keep getting messages that the Netflix service isn't available. I don't know what's up with that.

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