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Not when the stream quality for Starz movies is so low.


I hope netflix does not regret spending too much for epix content. So far epix has not been worth it.


Why doesn't Netflix go to the studios for licenses and compete directly with the premium channels? Why license Sony and Disney content from Starz when they could potentially go directly to Sony and Disney?


Epix has NOT been worth it. Period.


They can't go to Starz and Disney or other large studios because Starz and HBO have exclusive rights to the content from most large studios. These contracts don't run up until 2014-2016 type time frame.


"Epix has NOT been worth it. Period."

How do you know? All you can say is you aren't impressed.


I still get the discs at about the same rate I used to. I just use streaming in between.

Now I do refrain from adding most titles to my DVD queue if they are available as streaming, but there are still so many titles in my DVD queue it won't make a difference. There are just so many things I want to watch that are not available for streaming and a lot of the streaming titles are things I've already seen.

I guess I'm not one of Netflix's preferred customers because I'm not saving them any money on postage.


After watching newer content in HD, and then going back to Starz content which sometimes even pillow-boxes on the screen, and looks really pixelated, I hope Netflix can get better quality from Starz if they choose to reneg another deal.
I rather surprised how many new and quality titles Netflix has gathered to pass on to us for streaming. I switched from a laptop vga to my tv to a Blu Ray with Netflix and it was totally worth it. Streaming is still in its infancy, really. I still have friends that don't even have Netflix and when I show them how awesome it is to stream movies onto your tv or home theater they go out and get accounts.
I don't wow them with Starz movies, though!
And Silverlight with flash is old and choppy. Is streaming any good on the Iphone or Ipad?? Spend some of the billions to work out the kinks on that please. And get some coupons for wifi Blu Ray players to the people so they can truly see what Netflix is offering.


I agree the epix deal wasn't as great as I expected and starz doesn't really offer anything that I can't get on a disc rental faster


I never run out of stuff to watch. My family uses both DVD and IW and will continue to use both. I would like the starz streams to be higher quality than they are. I have no problem watching them in their current form, but they certainly could be much better. I would like them to renew their starz deal because we are getting good films out of starz.


they should spend more since Reed said they were a streaming company. I used to use the service for dvd's, but now have streaming to each tv in one form or another. Have had the last dvd i got in the mail for over a month. Waiting for the stream only plan. If they keep up adding titles to streaming then their business will grow since that is where the most growth is. They still have to offer DVD, but what they save in postage they can put into streaming technology. Netflix rocks just wish I would not have sold my stock 6 years ago. Dumbest move ever.


It seems that NF has not gotten access, yet, to the entire Epix library. This seems to be by design. Looks to be about 1/3 of the library. Throw in the fact that NF can not stream in HD any content> IT looks like NF way overpaid for the Epix deal.

It's going to cost NF a whole lot more to renew the Starz deal next year. Based on the Epix deal, about 10X. IF NF gets the same crappy encode and no HD from Starx, then NF should just walk away.


So, do you think Netflix getting their money's worth from these deals?

Right now they are, going forward depends on how shrewd a negotiator they are. I believe the round of current deals is about "quantity" - lots of titles to get established as the dominate player. The next round will be about "quality" - streaming resolutions, and movie titles. Time will tell, and Netflix has pretty good track record so far.


I guess we know why Netflix isn't ordering blu-rays now. I'm probally in the minority here, but I could care less about streaming. I only stream TV shows anyway, for movies I'll take the full 1080P Blu-Ray can offer with full 5.1 audio.


Sony PS3 app now streams in 1080 with 5.1


Yeah Netflix still needs to offer DVDs and Blu-Rays otherwise they can piss off.

I signed up with Netflix because of the selection.

I signed up with a disc plan expecting discs. Soon I own a Blu-Ray player. They better not be gimping the Blu-Ray section.

I enjoy streaming as a bonus. However discs are my main thing. Unless the title I want to watch is streaming. Then sure and when I have Blu-Ray access and think it won't look that great in High Def. Then I might use streaming.

So Netflix needs to remember....People signed up for discs in the mail & streaming. That's the service they need to deliver on.

However we as customers have the choice to accept Netflixs choices or not. We pay them. We vote for the service.

I haven't had a problem getting dvds in the mail yet or with streaming. Hopefully the Blu-Ray issue gets settled.

Ben D.

If what scJohn said about NF only having 1/3 the Epix library is correct and they will be receiving the other 2/3 in the next six months, I don't think they overpaid.

It will come down to streaming costs vs. mailing costs. I remember hearing it costs NF ~$.60 in postage to send and return the movie, plus the cost of the envelopes, DVD, and processing/warehouse costs. Would it be fair to say that it's just under $1 to send and receive a DVD?

Epix is currently costing $.98/subscriber/month, based on their current subscriber level. That cost will go down as they add more subscribers, but is also in effect, 1 DVD/month per subscriber currently.

I would say that NF likely overpaid, but only 20-30% at the most.

Ben D.

Let's modify the end of my first paragraph to say "I don't think they overpaid too much"

[J Walter Weatherman]And that's why you read your posts before you post them[/J Walter Weatherman]


I agree with the majority saying Starz needs to fix their encode process. I've seen much better with much less bandwidth.

Why are all the replies in italics now? Broken html somewhere in the page perhaps?


It's fine for Netflix to spend money and effort on expanding their streaming offerings. However, they need to be very careful.

If they try to force people to move to streaming by cutting back on disc purchases to help finance streaming titles (at various quality levels), they could end up alienating a lot of paying customers. People don't like to be forced into consuming media in a way they don't want.

Also, discs generally continue to be available from the moment they are added to inventory, going forward. I realize sometimes discs become unavailable if all copies are lost or broken and then not replaced. However, this doesn't happen on a large scale.

Streaming titles, on the other hand, seem to drop out of availablility very often, with some only offered for a month or two and then disappearing, never to return.

I only hope that Netflix holds off on phazing out discs until the streaming service really matures.


I know I've slowed down on my DVD selection rentals signifigantly over the last few months with the substantial (in my opinion) increase in quality of the streaming content. Where I was getting 40 - 50 DVDs per month, I've cut back to about 20 or so. So with me, yes Netflix is getting their money out of streaming. I use streaming quite a bit and try to use it before I order a disk.

I use streaming so much now, that I am seriously thinking of cutting back on the plan that I am on to a lower cost effective plan for me.


Netflix overpaid for Epix content and until all streaming titles are available in HD/5.1 I will still be using discs.


I have played with the streaming (inc on my iPhone) but will continue to use discs because of:
1) extras
2) subtitles/captions
3) for things like documentaries (and extras for movies, including commentaries), I play them faster-than-realtime. I realize that is VERY much an edge case, but I consider it a huuuuge benefit.

BTW, someone needs to fix the italic problem on this site.


With Netflix spending over 2 Billion in these streaming deals. How soon before we start seeing increases in the monthly subscription rate? Yes it's cheaper to stream a movie,then send it in the mail.But when your talking Billions and even Millions,someone has to foot the cost. And that usually falls on the consumer. Will Netflix someday be out of reach for the common movie/TV show watcher,just like Comcast has?

Perkins Cobb

Netflix is paying for its streaming content by not carrying tons of important catalog titles that are new to DVD, or new Blu-rays of a lot of other classics (both old and recent). Reed makes it sound like they're simply reducing inventory on titles NF carries in proportion to the rate at which they're streaming, but that's not how it works.

It's encouraging to see other people making the same complaint in this thread, although I'm not optimistic about NF fixing this. Soon I'll end up buying more discs I can't rent from NF and cutting back on my NF service to compensate. And I much as I hate fraternizing with the enemy, this has led me throw some business to Blockbuster, too.

The Whiz

Agreed Perkins. People on here always defend everything Streamflix does, arguing that streaming is free. They don't want to "subsidize" my Blu-ray watching (so I have to pay -too much- more for B-r access). As I see it, I'm subsidizing their streaming. I stream some, but I'm still a physical disk guy.


When I want to watch a movie, I want to watch it in the best quality I can, so I am going to watch the blu-ray. You ask why do I not just go buy the blu-ray? I do not want the clutter of the 150 movies laying around (and yes, I have watched about 150 blu-ray movies from mostly nexflix and somewhat hollywood video before they closed.

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