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This sounds promising for the upcoming Android app. Luckily a $50 AV cable will not be required.


Apparently Belkin makes a compatible AV cable for around $30, but I'm seeing it being discontinued or sold out at a lot of places on the web. If you can find one, snatch it up quick. Here it is at Amazon:



I was pumped when I saw the Netflix App updated. I updated my app. plugged in my $50 Apple Component AV cable, but nada.

Then I read the video out was only supported by iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, I have a 3GS; here is hoping they will support the 3GS with the next update?


For reals were is the 3GS support?
I sound like a Andriod fan.


No 3rd gen iPod Touch support for video out? I was hoping to be able to push audio and video from my iPod to my projector. Bummer!


Kind of lame that video out is not supported with all ipod touch and iphone models. I don't see why only the latest model is supported. It would have been nice if the cable also supported RCA since most hotel TVs don't support component jacks.


Although I'll never stream this to a TV I've noticed the overall streaming quality on my iPod Touch 4th gen is much much higher. I'd say it's probably a level 4 right before HD now.
I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed before, Netflix streaming on iPod and iPhones has sucked hardcore until yesterday.


As to why iPhone 3G and 3GS AV out isn't supported - my guess is that they don't have enough horsepower to push the video while running the Netflix app.

Ben Ostrowsky

Still no software volume control for customers with 1g iPod touch. Glad to be able to use it, though.


If the YouTube app can push video out on an iPhone 3G, no reason the Netflix app shouldn't do it too.

Pissed off Ipod owner

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope someone fixes this so I can use my netflix on my Ipod Touch 3rd Gen with the AV out cables to watch on my TV.

It would be the single most used app on my Ipod and would make me a happy customer.

As of right now I'm pissed off this is only for the 4th gen stuff.

Another Pissed off Ipod owner

DITTO! ...I bought the component cable on clearance thinking I could use it to stream netflix to a secondary TV in my house but nada, it doesn't work on my iPhone 3G.


C'mon Netflix. Make an update that will support the earlier models for tv out. I have called about this but tech support thinks that it is an Apple problem. I know you can do it, it's just the problem of you wanting to do it. I bought the cable and Netflix just for that and if there is no updates for tv out for the 3GS I will have to cancel my subscription.


The video stream through Apple AV cables works on pre 4th gen ipod/ipad/iphones too, but the Netflix app doesn't support it. This is clearly a bug. I called Netflix and Apple to figure out when they would fix it, I got the impression that not supporting it in pre 4G models is policy! I was told that management of Apple and Netflix conferred on this and decided not to suppport it. I suppose they expect me to buy a new ipod touch. Evil!


It is most likely due to the fact that iPhone 4 users that are new to the iPhone only have a 2gb limit on their data before they parky more... Why would they want people with unlimited data to stream to the tv when they can limit it. If you were using wifi while streaming why not just use a computer...


Right! I bought a Sony Blu-Ray player for $120 at Costo that does the trick.. shoots Apple down as the access point for net-Tv from Netflix. Idiots.

Carlton Berlacher

Looks like it's time to get an Android to test all those apps. HTC has a new Android based phone in the market which looks promising with interesting features.


All you people crying that your that your 3G can't do what the iPhone4 can is like crying that your 1978 Impalla doesn't have anti-lock brakes and air bags like your 2010 Impalla does. Get pissed at manufacturer and think it's a conspiracy. Maybe I should be upset that my Commodore 64 can't compete with today's computers.

Max O.

Mark, you are wrong about this. iPhone 3GS is very much capable of pushing video & sound through the data port. Several apps (my favorite is AirVideo), both over Wifi and 3G, without a hitch.

This has been a gripe of mine for a long time, especially considering that Netflix has more resources at its disposal than all these other developers.
Another quite unnecessary omission is that when streaming through the data port, you cannot shut off the screen, thus draining the battery much faster.



Why iPhone 3GS not being supported in video out is a big deal to me? I live in the boonies and satellite technology is only supported. 3G is works out here so I have to video out everything. Satellite technology is pricey. YouTube videos out so why can't Netflix! Come on now!

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