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Probably netflix has been... hacked!

Larry Dallas

just got done watching jackass 2.5 not 10 minutes ago (now 2:45 eastern time)


This is the 3rd notable downtime for Netflix in the past few weeks. If they really want to switch to focusing on mostly streaming, their enemy isn't just content. They need to worry about keeping their services operational more consistantly.

Big Yin

This is bull! Get your act together Netflix!

Fox Mulder

Its working on my iphone


website still not working here.


Netflix won't even load for me...

Jose Cuervo

its because they are upgrading servers. Dont get all worked up, go get a job instead of sitting around watching movies all day.

Andrew M

Maybe they're updating the site


It's probably a code promotion that went badly.

It doesn't happen that often. There's no need for people to get angry.


The site is still down for me but I'm able to watch shows on my 360.


No problems here streaming with the Xbox360. Website was slow all day and finally came down shortly before the notice went up here at hackingnetflix.


back up for me.... 3:41 EST


i see Hulu is on roku coming soon .
that could be the problem trying to get it up and running for what i don't know.


And..... it's down again... :(


You jinxed it!

Larry Dallas

It must mean that they are removing blurays and bringing back HD DVD, the war is back on!!!


Upstate NY is down.
Called and they are updating thier servers!


We haven't had Cable or any TV in 5 years. I need it! lol


It's back!


false alarm sorry


Not in NY yet.


----No problems here streaming with the Xbox360. Website was slow all day and finally came down shortly before the notice went up here at hackingnetflix.
Posted by: Chris ----

On my 360, only the Instant Queue and Party screen are showing up. Anyone else having the same problem?


I watch HULU for the Allstate "MAYHEM" ads. I love them!

Gerard Sorme

What surprises me is how Netflix has completely ignored this outage on social networking sites. Twitter and Facebook are excellent places to offer status updates. Instead - Netflix is totally quiet on their Twitter and Facebook pages. That looks bad and shows poor communication with its customers.


smear some paint on the wall and watch it dry
it's something anyway


They got the best deal and are not trying to screw people with high cost like the cable. I can stream shit load of movies for one price and not like the cable on demand charging over $2. for older movies. We haven't had cable or any TV for six months. I love it and yes its not back yet

Chris Utley

I'm not able to get to the website at the moment.


Come on netflix!! I depend on you as if you were my cable tv what the he'll!! Get with it.....


My first message said SCHEDULED maintenance. If it was really scheduled, they screwed up by not telling us. I think that might have been wrong and it was unexpected, but any scheduled downtime should be communicated.

I wanted to watch something, but went to my DVR for content. I will get over it. No biggie. It is not like I went hungry.


The site is still down for me...

marion mason

Let's see, Gerard. Would you rather they worry about Twitter/Facebook or solving this problem. It's movies for heaven's sake.... not World Peace!


True, it's not world peace, but it keeps me out of trouble!
Still down, NY


Still down here in NC. Page doesn't even come up at all here. Funny is how the power went off right before the outage and we are having all kinds of issues with our Cisco switches. Nation Wide issue?


Still down it seems. 4:16 central and it is down for me.


Its down for me and has been for 20+ minutes.

I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" rather than a netflix page saying they are down. That suggests bigger than typical problems, I think.


While not the end of the world, but its odd that a site is down during the day. Netflix should have scheduled this for 2am-9am or something. Streaming works on my touch. With the outage I hope netflix site does a better job of promoting the streaming content. It is kind of a mess now. I go to other sites to find out the best and latest streaming content.


Hmm-"some customers" are still having trouble? Count me in. Haven't been able to access EITHER the site online OR streaming since 8:00 AM today. It is now 3:30 PM here-so that's 7.5 hours with no service of any kind.

Chris Utley

streaming to the bd player seems fine though


still down in upstate NY.

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