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Chris Utley



About 20 minutes ago, I made it to the sign in prompt, but then connection failed again. now its back to not connecting at all. urgh.


Netflix still down here in Ohio. I only found out from an alet on CNBC. Netflix could send notice to e-mails of subscribers. I agree with Gerard it shows poor communication skills. They must have a site that works or competition will move in and take market share.


they went on strike


As posted earlier it would make more sense for Netflix to update during off hours (late night/early morning) if this was a scheduled event. Also, it would be nice to have posted updates via Facebook or Twitter and thats not too difficult, its an entirely different department that would handle public relations versus support and tech stuff. Hey, maybe we'll get a credit on our bill!! Ultimately not a big deal for me but it does kill my OCD habit of updating my queue every time I get a new disc sent out.


It's the Apocalypse. This is just how glenda beck said would it start.



6:50 PM EST still no Netflix site for me.


Its working through Windows Media Center, but the actual website is still down


I can't load the Netflix site, but we've had no problem streaming on the Wii. No problems searching either.


It's back. Now you can all get back to your sad little lives.


now mine is finally working on my mac through safari


PS3 Could not connect ROKU working fine


I was watching Roku all night. Weird.


What's sad is how much Netflix is turning into every other company in the way it handles problems.


Read a book people - you know - those things made of paper that have words written on them. Think of it as old school instant streaming. :)

Unless you're reading "Dick and Jane", Netflix should be back up before you finish your book.


Outage? Try identy theft!!


I have been trying to watch an episode of "24" for 2 days now. Keeps coming up with "This title is currently unavailable. Please try later". I can play other Netflix titles in my instant queue via my Roku Player - but not an "24" episode.

This is getting tiresome...


We're sorry you may have had trouble watching instantly

Dear Joe Blow,

Yesterday, you may have had trouble instantly watching TV episodes or movies due to technical issues.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you attempted and were unable to instantly watch TV episodes or movies yesterday, click on this account specific link in the next 7 days to apply your 2% credit to your next billing statement. Credit can only be applied once.

Ready to start watching again? Check out our latest selection.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-866-923-0898.

-The Netflix Team


I claimed my 34 cents !


I'm not claiming my $0.86 because I wasn't inconvenienced.

Up in the clouds

No, it's actually because Netflix is horrendously mis-focused on the "cloud". See the recent bullshit postings by Adrian Cockroft and Siddarth Anand for example - blatant lies that show that Netflix is more concerned with getting their name out as a technical front-runner, which they are not, instead of providing stable service. The outages will only get worse, not better

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down now...so i'm paying $8.00 amonth for streaming and now I can't use it...

not alvalibal

3 hours an still down i demand that they fix it fast!!!!!!

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