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Was going to say 2 (Roku box and Apple TV) but thinking a little further, have to add the iPad and iPhone.... that's 4. Add three computers and that's 7... that enough?


I've got an XBOX, PS3, computer and iPhone. I got the XBOX with Netflix streaming in mind, all the other devices I have that are compatible came as pleasant surprises.


I've got a computer and a Roku, and that's more than enough for any man.


I have a laptop and iPod touch that I can stream from right now. I plan on purchasing an Xbox 360 in the near future.


alarm clocks?


I have a Roku XD|S, xBox 360, a desktop and a laptop


Xbox360, Wii, PS3, Media Center, Laptop, I-touch, iMac.

I use the xbox the most for streaming though.


I have a Sony Blu-ray player that we use quite a bit. We have two desktops and a laptop that we seldom use for streaming. We have one of the new Roku HD's on order, when Amazon gets them in. Yeah, I know I could get it sooner getting it directly from Roku but their shipping and tax really jacks up the price. So I'm just cheap enough to be a little patient.

John Kimble

1 Roku, 1 PS3, 1 XBox360, 1 Wii, 4 Iphones, 1 Itouch and about 7 or 8 PCs and Laptops make it nearly impossible not to be able to enjoy netflix anywhere in my house or on the go. To the point where I can bring a netflix disc to any friends house since everyone of them has either a xbox, ps3 or wii for them to check it out and me to continue my entertainment.


Which alarm clock supports netflix streaming? I have 2 laptops, XB360, and ipod touch. I normally use the 360.


The alarm clock is the Sony Dash.

air max

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1 intentionally - my Roku


2 iphones
3 computers
1 wii
1 ps3

so 8 total....wow


Let's see, 3 pc's, 1 laptop, 1 netbook, 2 xboxes, 2 Roku boxes, and 1 Ipad.

I think that covers it. :)


Xbox when I'm relaxing and the laptop for when I'm working!


3 touchs
2 Sony blu ray players
2 netbooks
3 laptops
1 desktop
1 PS3

(i think I remembered all the devices my wife and I own. LOL! )


It was genius on the part of Netflix to license their instant streaming to just about anyone who could breathe.


PS3, Wii, sony streaming tv, ipod touch, 1 iMac, 1 pc, 3 laptops, 1 mac book air, 1 netbook.

And hopefully soon my android powered phone.


just my computer


Obviously I don't actually use all these:

2 PS3s
1 Wii
2 Roku
1 WD HD Live+
1 Sony Dash
1 iPhone
1 iPad
1 Laptop PC
2 Desktop PCs
1 iMac

I have actually activated: 1 PS3, 1 Roku, 1 WD HD Live+, and 1 iPad.


4 devices:
- Roku Netflix Box (it's name when purchased)
- LG BD390 blu-ray player
- Work PC
- Home PC

My preference is actually to use the Roku Netflix Box and get as much resolution as I can on my 46" HD TV, though this can be painful with Starz Play.


Netflix needs to allow more than 6 devices to be simultaneously activated!


when do we hear about more greater quantity of movie selections?


How about lower prices? Netflix is becoming as common as water. Maybe a $4.99 plan to our phone's, or Ipad would be in order?


Netflix is a BARGAIN! Besides, a bottle of water costs more than what it costs me to watch 4 full-length movies via Netflix.

Why should Netflix offer Apple customers a lower price???? that's NUTS.


I can think of about 40 million devices that don't have Netflix.... Android phones.

Hopefully soon though, which will then add a considerable number to the total devices.


1 Roku DVP(Original one)
1 PS3
3 Media Center PC's (Not as good as the Roku or PS3)
2 PC's (Through Browser)
1 XBox360 (Don't use due to having to use Live-Gold)
1 Wii (Have the disk but have not tried it, PS3 hooked to the same TV and would rather view in HD)

Jack of All Tirades

2 PCs (soon, one netbook as well), 1 iTouch, 1 Roku, 1 Wii = 6 devices. Suck it, ComCast!


4 Devices:
Two Rokus
drip coffeemaker


LG47LH50 Broadband TV with NetFlix built in

XBox 360

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