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Never even heard of it.


They shouldn't carry it. Not because it's controversial or anything but because it friggin sucks. Harmony Korine is a talentless idiot.


I find it very hard to believe that NF has chosen not to carry this film or any other film on some sort of moral grounds. I used to work for NF, and I never heard of any policy that suggested they were making these types of judgments. In my experience, if they thought enough people would want it, they would carry it.

This article mentions some good examples of movies that NF carries that have "inappropriate" content, and there are of course many others (Salo, Anatomy of Hell, In the Realm of the Senses, I Spit on Your Grave, and on and on). This sounds like some BS put into their press release to generate some buzz/talk about the movie.


I am very against anyone trying to dictate what is appropriate for me, especially through a service I pay for. Taste and morality is subjective; no one appreciates/believes/enjoys all the same things as everyone else. Art by its very nature is subjective. It can mean many different things to many different people.

If this turns out to be an accurate report, then I would most likely take my business elsewhere. It is the very same reason I do not subscribe to iTunes nor do I have an iPhone or iPad. I can govern myself and there are fresh alternatives coming to market.

Now, since I have seen nothing from Netflix confirming or denying the allegations, I will look at some common sense factors. There are much more offensive movies (there we go with being subjective again) already offered. There are a ton of movies I can't say have much more than a handful of possible viewers that Netflix has licensed. Most likely this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I know after reading about this non-movie I certainly am not all that interested in it, "controversy" or not.

That being said, I am actually very interested in seeing the remake of "I Spit On Your Grave". That one looks like it will be given an NC-17 rating and from what I see Netflix will be stocking that title.

John G

They can keep that pile of [email protected] I'm sticking with the awesome "Microwave Massacre" (carried by Netflix), which is self titled "The Worst Horror Movie of All Time.". :)


It's marked as "Save" on Netflix right now.


I think Netflix should allow all content, even adult titles. There are a few of them if you look hard enough. All they have to do is create a separate area and add an additional password so kids can't see them. One interesting thing that I came across is the film Irreversible is streaming and as you guys know it has a terrifying rape scene in it. So, if Netflix allows this then it should allow this movie.


I just noticed IRREVERSIBLE was on instant streaming now. It's one of the most graphic and violent powerful films made so far. Anyone making a "stand" on principle to not allow Harmony's film would simply be hypocritical in the big picture. Somehow I doubt Netflix is "censoring" content. Maybe they just want streaming rights?
Could it be worse (better?) than The Room?
COME ON!! How seriously should be take a film called TRASH HUMPERS????
I like Harmony's films. It's "saved" for now.

Chad Connolly

I know quite a few filmmakers, and I've heard the same thing from all of them about Netflix: if you're an indie guy trying to get Netflix to carry your movie, you need to get it exposure on Netflix's site. You need people clicking the links, rating the movie, saving it to their queue, the whole nine yards. Get enough exposure and Netflix will actually carry your movie.

Sounds like someone is trying to get that exposure.


Netflix can do whatever they want. I'm not going to quit them over the content of a single movie, out of millions, or else I would have quit them over Michael Moore a long time ago.

Bo Bice

@ SMY Please do take your business elsewhere. I hate overly dramatic people. Why can't you just take your business elsewhere QUIETLY? Stop bsing and continue your Netflix subscription.


Battle in Heaven http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_in_Heaven is on Watch Now and features pornographic content.


It is crazy that Netflix carries 9 Songs. That movie is a straight up porno.


I agree with most of the above. This is likely not about the content of the film, but rather the fact that out of 8 million subscribers, only 23 have requested it.


@ Bo Bice, reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it? Please re-read what I wrote and sh0ow me where I attacked Netflix, pushed an agenda, or said I was canceling Netflix do to this unsubstantiated story?

Talk about being overly dramatic. You even went caps-lock on a simple comment


I doubt this is true. I've seen some very graphic things on Netflix (Instant Streaming and Disc), and I doubt they would stop this movie from being in their catalog. As someone else said, 9 songs, Battle in Heaven, the Kama-Sutra, and about 50% of their foreign stuff proves that they will carry just about anything.


it's available

Mike Hunt

Netflix sucks. No Harmony Korine movies period (for stream). I'm no indy film guru but nothing I look up is there. Just BS Hollywood blockbuster sh*t!

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