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Cool the more competition the better. I wonder if their streaming content will differ from netflix?


Can't wait to see what RedBox can offer.


Netflix needs to shorten their five year plan.


Redbox won't have any more recent or popular titles than Netflix. The Studios just AREN'T going to license new releases to streaming subscription plans.


"The Studios just AREN'T going to license new releases to streaming subscription plans."

They will, the only questions are when and how much.


I thought they already streamed new releases at Amazon and Apple? The Netflix DVD's are much less expensive, but I thought you could get streams.

If $4-$5 was too much for Blockbuster stores, why would we pay that much for streaming?


I reserve judgement on this. Competition is usually good, but sometimes in entertainment it is bad for consumers. Competing for similar content and 'exclusivity' will mean we all end up paying more for the same stuff. Just look at cable. If DirectTV wants to compete with Time Warner they must offer all the same channels. You don't have an option to get less channels so prices go up, and big media pushes for more and more money per subscriber on niche channels that continues to drive up price.


Seems to me this "competition" is certainly a day late, and most likely also a dollar short.


The people at Coinstar aren't idiots. They know that Redbox means the hottest new releases. They'll be, in my opinion, the anti-Netflix. Less of a catalog but only the newest stuff. Netflix is expensive because of the breadth AND depth of it's catalog so Redbox could spend the same money on less and get higher tier titles.

I do think that Netflix will be hard to beat though.

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Real competition rocks for consumers!


@Frank22 - Amazon and Apple both offer payperview titles for streaming... it is not a subscription based service like Netflix.

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Redbox has locked itself into it's physical disc tomb. People just are not seeing it yet. Most companies that are successful in the streaming business don't need or want Redbox with them. Amazon doesn't need anybody,or Apple,or Netflix. Redbox will have to get streaming from the studios and if they do they will have to pay so much more that a per title rental cost will be much closer to what the other guys charge. Including cable VOD.
In the end the kiosks will go the route of the stores they helped put out business. Who says there is no justice.

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