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I will be downloading it when I get home from work!


I'll download it too! Is it free?





It is free, and I already love it. I just grabbed it and played around with it a little bit. I didn't try the search feature, but I did browse through my movies. The way they feature the recently watched movies is a little interesting at the bottom, but I think I like it.


Can someone educate me as to what the point of this is exactly?

Is it just to make it so you don't need to insert the disc?


Steve I

@Karen - Yep. Disc no longer needed, the app is native.


This also means they can easily push updates for the app without mailing new physical discs

Alexander R Pruss

I find the older interface to be visually cleaner, but I really appreciate having a search. It was a nuisance having to go to the laptop to search. And it'll reduce wear-and-tear on game discs as they'll have to be swapped less often.


I have a Wii but don't use it for Netflix as I use my Xbox 360 in my Den and Roku in the Bedroom. The Wii only outputs in 480p right? So, you can't stream in 720p from the Wii I'm guessing.


I've been using the Wii cd for Netflix for a while, but it's not true HD. I recently got a Roku, and the picture looks better, and doesn't pause as much.


The interface is really great. My bluray player does a better job from a video quality standpoint...if only the interface was as good as it was on the Wii app (you can even search, which I can't do on my bluray player for some unknown reason).


Cool Native App that loads faster than the various homebrew implementations of the Netflix channel that ran from SD .


Tried it and loved it. I sent away for 3 new disks from Netflix hoping to get my 1.0.1 disk, now I don't have to wait. Awesome. As far as quality, I've been using my Wii, connected with component cables, to watch movies on Netflix and really have found that it's comparable to any 720p stuff I watch through my HD cable. Totally worth it.


Also, the search is great. I love that it's an "instant" search, ie: you start typing a title and it automatically starts indexing results based on what you type. For a slow-going typing interface, such as the Wii's, this is essential. You don't have to type an entire title to get the results you're looking for. Huzzah to Wii and Netflix!


Thank GOD. It was such a hassle to teach my 49 year old mother and her 57 year old boyfriend how to put the disc in the Wii correctly. Shiny side to the WINDOW!

The interface is much better, and you can search! My Insignia doesn't have the search option.

I also noticed it puts my series in the correct order.


Downloaded it and it's nice to have...NF on the Wii has been enjoyable.


I love it. No more switching out the disc when I want to play something.


i don't have a wii


Yay. Just got it. The interface is a bit more sluggish now, but overall the positives greatly outweigh any negatives.

Ben L

The new interface is nice, but unless I'm missing something, it seems there's no longer a slider bar that lets you move through the instant queue really quickly, and the things in my queue aren't numbered anymore.

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The Wii channel is pretty good.. I like the search feature. That is the only real difference besides the look of the menu.


What is the difference between downloading to Wii System memory vs. the choice of the SD card?

I presume the Wii system memory is the actual Wii console, but what/where is the SD card? Is this affiliated with some external/add on/extra device?



....found the info here....in case anyone else wants the info:



Finally! No need to get up for the damn disc!


The new search function(to play streams only) limits you to two pages on the Wii. If you do a partial search(not full name) of a show(anything with multiples episodes)it does not give you all of the titles. It needs more tweaking hopefully they will listen to customer feedback. You still don't have the choices as logging on to netflix via computer and adding titles to stream Qu(access to more titles). The channel is better less wear and tear on cd drive.

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