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should have treated the customers better.


The article is wrong. Netflix didn't kill Blockbuster nor did the rental by mail system. It was greed that killed them. High prices, strange rental terms, short rental windows on new releases with the same high price as a favorite, and high late fees all contributed. Now Blockbuster has invested a fortune in selling hardware. It's just one bad decision after another. The studios like blockbuster because they now own shares in it, but even that won't save them.


I never opened a Blockbuster membership back in the day because they charged a membership fee. There were to many other video stores that had free memberships. It wasn't until 2003 when BB started their online business that included 2 free movie or Game coupons per month when I opened my account. It was the game rental that sold it for me. I still kept my NetFlix account because their movie catalog was (still is) tremendously rich and deep.

7 years later, Blockbuster has somehow managed to gain more value to me than the initial reason. I still have my original membership so:
- 2 movie/game coupons per month (5 day limit)
- every mailer can be traded for off-shelf titles with no return dates
- no extra charge/fee for Blu-ray titles
- no 28-Day waiting period
- games via online without return dates

I've been surprised by my Blockbuster experience. 7 years ago I figured they'd screw with me or be horribly slow with mailer turn around or eventually get rid of the free game coupons.

The 8 years I've been with NetFlix I've gained superior online Streaming for no extra charge. I'd like to list another item where NetFlix has grown in value to me but I think that's about it.


I have a Blockbuster membership and love it!! I just got predators blu-ray in the mail today!! Much faster then streamflix who delays most new releases 28days!!!


First of all, Netflix wouldn't have to delay new releases 28 days if Blockbuster didn't use their studio ties to pressure that change. Netflix would have them on day one if they were allow to do so.

Second, having managed a Blockbuster store, I can say that part of what killed them was their attitude toward anyone who enjoyed anything that wasn't a new release: "f*ck `em".

There were way too many times when they had us destroy (not sell, but *destroy*) older movies, B&W movies, cult classics, and other titles to make room for an extra hundred copies of "Waterworld" or whatever the new release was at the time. They also censored movies, and made studios send edited versions of films, despite the fact that customers might want to see the theatrical version with all its content intact.

They treated customers like they were idiots who only liked new releases and "family safe" videos, and they jacked prices when they were ever in doubt of the company's stability. They ignored what people wanted (older films, cult films, uncut films, NC-17 films, classic films) and they tried to tell customers what they were *allowed* to watch... so OF COURSE they ended up bankrupt.

People don't like being limited like that, and they really hate being overcharged for it.


"I have a Blockbuster membership and love it!! I just got predators blu-ray in the mail today!! Much faster then streamflix who delays most new releases 28days!!!"

WTF? Is Blockbuster placing plants on here to spam the boards now? I realize they're a dying company that's become incredibly desperate, but this is really pathetic.



It's possible they just enjoy their BB membership, nothing pathetic about that. It takes all kinds.


S- The wording is clear spam. I've actually seen it almost word for word in several message boards. It's a bot.



Well that tells a different story. I know plenty of people who honestly do enjoy their BB membership, but spam bots are a pretty slimy way to spread positive word-of-mouth.

George C. Vlk

As a Rotarian they should have applied the Four Way Test to their business..

Is It the TRUTH?
Is It FAIR to All Concerned?

One PROFITS most who serves best


All business should apply the test from start up to...

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