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I have to go out to a hardware store today. I need to buy a funnel. So if I had one of these phones I could watch a movie while I was in the store?

Have I got that right?


As a lifelong Microsoft critic who owns an iphone and macbookpro…Windows 7 and Office 2010 are awesome.

Derek Morr

No plans to get WinPhone. When is the Netflix Android app coming out? Android is actually available and has (sizable) market share, as opposed to WP7, which isn't even shipping yet.


Windows phone 7 looks great. If they were going to be available on sprint this year and not 2011, I would definitely have bought one


Oh yeah! phone 7 is in my near future...It is looking even better than expected.


What bs. Netflix worked on an app for phone that isn't even out put out by a company that took years to come out with a mobile os that is barely comparable to the ones that have been out for yearsand ignore us android users that have a rapidly growing user base for awhile now. Dumb move netflix. Stop screwing us already! We should have had that app months ago.


The last thing I want in my cellphone experience is the BSOD or having to be handcuffed to iTunes for that matter.


No Android love?


No, never in a million years would I buy a Windows Mobile device, after running versions 5 and 6 on a Samsung Blackjack and having nothing but problems.

Also, it is ridiculous that there's no Android app. Hop to, Netflix.

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