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Bob Emmerich

Hulu is considering dropping it's "Plus" price in half, (see previous blog post)

AppleTV had a huge price cut and it seems to be working: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/10/06/apple_tv_sellouts_seen_as_start_of_1m_sales_per_quarter.html

Roku cut it's entire product line prices:

Netflix can now be disclessly streamed on a Wii, PS3 and of course Xbox360, and just about every other electronic device on the planet,

and Google TV is coming out with a $300 box.

Who exactly is left to buy 1 of these boxes?

wow gold

Why everybody like this for leave a link.


Roku still does not do the videos from directly web pages of Networks (cbs.com, abc.com), and some shows are available only there.

However having an API, and also recent PlayOn compatibility (I received an email from PlayOn a few days ago), it's almost the best thing out there.

Isaac Church

Google TV is a joke.


I'm sure Hulu Plus will be coming on Google TV sometime.

This just proves that web browsers on set-top boxes aren't all there cracked up to be.

As for Hulu Plus I believe in time they will make more deals and get more content. More TV shows and Movies. $5 a Month isn't so bad.

As long as the ad money goes to the networks to help pay for the current run shows and the Hulu ratings count for viewership of a show.

If the $5 pays for Hulu to get these deals for shows. Then fine. Sounds like a good deal to me. Until something better comes along.

It's always good to support competition.

Plus something else ad free may come along in the future.

The Roku DVP is proving it can dish out what the others can. Pretty cool. Lots of awesome public channels in the channel store & private channels.

All I can say is pick the method of getting online content that seems the best to you.

Call center

Netflix can be played on ps3,xbox360 or Wii and the fact that google tv costs like 300$ then I would just buy any of the consoles listed above and stream netflix... It's much affordable and you can play games...


Google Tv is DOA.

To expensive, and dosnt offer anything game new or revolutionary to the platform.
With the Apple TV at 99.00$ and other choices like PS3 & XBox additions as well as others google has come up a DUD.

Even Panasonic Elect. Dev stated that they refuse to add the intel chips in the new gen tv for google tv to function due to the huge cost it would add to the final product.

No, Google Tv will sell a few but not enough to make any bit of diffrence at all, keep in mind it's mostly a software product with hardware designed by others just like android, but this will and is falling flat on it's prverbeval face.


Very hard to pin this down but networks are probably getting less than $1.00 per subscriber per month from the cable systems for retransmission rights. I once say a reported price sheet on what cable channels got from the typical cable company per subscriber. The majority was under a $1.00 per month and your would be surprised at how many channels got less than 0.50 per subscriber.

NF could go to the 4 broadcast networks and say I will offer my subscriber an option for $5.00 per month per subscriber to see your product delayed 24 hours without ads. NF would pay each network $1.00 per subscriber and keep $1.00 for overhead and profit. Now I'm sure that not everybody would sign up for this but a 50% uptake is not much of a stretch. Let's use a 20 million subscriber base so that $10 million per month per network.

Google TV is about advertising dollars. They may think that they can expand the dollars spent on advertising. I'm not so sure.


some people have money, and my parents just bought a google tv blu ray player. If they had talked to me, i would have just told them to use the xbox 360 already in the house, or get a ps3. but my parents are not into games, and they had not seemed interested in going that route......


I love the idea of Google TV, primarily for full Internet access. But, as we're seeing, it's not full. Content providers are clearly prepared to let everyone twist in the wind for years before they get their business model in order.

I can watch shows on my computer. I can connect my laptop very easily to my tv and watch the same shows in HD on the large screen. Blocking Google TV's browser specifically is absurd and anti-competitive. But I'm not going to wait for all these guys to figure out that both advertising and ratings metering are possible via the web. When I get a dedicated Internet device for my tv, it'll be a Mac Mini so I won't have to worry about this nonsense.


I purchased a Google TV Sony Blu-ray player last weekend. I wanted a Blu-ray player and I already have an Xbox 360 for gaming (sorry PS3 fans no hate toward the system). I was curious about Google TV and it is a really neat toy. For now it is pretty limited contentwise, but so far it is a great Blu-ray player and also the best way to watch Amazon VOD in my opinion. For the price, I would probably wait; however, in the end I think it will be worth it.

Bob Emmerich

Re: Jaime - IF (big if) your parents bought Google Tv in part to use as a blu-ray player they can't watch those on an Xbox 360.

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