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I had similar problems, slow at night (< 2 mbps) with pauses, fine in the morning (15 mbps). I called the cable company and they came out and gave me a new modem. Now it's consistently 15 mbps all day and night.


On my Roku I've noticed lately that I get delays starting up a streaming video, and sometimes I have to try several times because after displaying the progress bar it goes back to the title screen without starting. But once it starts, I think there's been only once or twice in 6 months since I go the Roku that I've seen any kind of problem while watching a video.


I use Windows Media Center for streaming and haven't had any delays.

Dusty T

Use the PS3 and never have an issue.


I have noticed more problems during the last few or several weeks with streaming on my Roku and have been wondering if it has to do with the rapid growth in Netflix streaming in general. As far as I can tell, my DSL speed seems fairly consistent (6.5Mbps) so maybe it's a problem with the servers?

I also had to restore my Roku to the factory resets recently to fix a problem in which I could only get two-dot quality for about 10 days. The reset fixed that one.


I use my Roku and never noticed a problem. Howevever I expect slower loading times in peak viewing time.


I've had problems while watching on my Samsung TV and no issues on PS3. They're both on the same switch using the same pipe.
I have no clue why one is having a problem and the other is not.


I'm using a mac with Firefox and I've been having the strangest problem, usually late at night. The movie will be playing fine, then all of a sudden, I start hearing these ANNOYING beeps every ten or so seconds. The movie is interrupted by them and the dialogue is masked. Strangely it happens if I've been using the streaming for more than two or more hours, like when I'm watching several episodes of a TV show. The latest incident happened with Lois and Clark.


No issues on my PS3


Yep, Roku on Qwest, I have noticed Netflix has been buffering along a drop from HD during the evening. I'll be keeping an eye on it!


No issues for me on my Roku via FIOS.


I've got issues on my 3mb dsl connection in the evenings. My work-around is playon... if I open a movie in the morning via playon, it caches the whole thing, and I can just use the cached files to watch the movie later on that day. I haven't figured out exactly how long the cache files are stored, but it seems to be somewhere between 12 and 24 hours... if I don't watch the show/movie within that time frame, it starts downloading it from scratch.


Been having slower loading times, sometimes taking 30 seconds before actually starts loading. during prime time used to primarily get 3 dots for netflix on my roku, now about half the time get 2 dots.
I'm wonder if this has to do with the problem Netflix has with Akamai (blog on this site posted Nov 9th.


No problems. USe Roku with Verizon Fios. Streams like a champ.


For the past three weeks maybe, I've noticed that getting the stream started (before it even starts buffering) takes much longer than usual. 30-seconds to a couple of minutes. Once the buffering and playing starts, though, everything seems fine. The delay is long enough that a couple of times I've thought the computer had hung- only to find that everything is still responsive.


I've had some issues with streaming during the evening hours in the New England area, but I had attributed it to my Internet connection slowing around then as a whole. I don't think Charter set my area up properly, because the SDV in our area also gets saturated, and I can't watch the channels I want all the time.

Overall, though, the Xbox seems to be able to capture an HD stream a little better than the PS3... But I'm not 100% sure on that.


The only problem I have seen is the message that the "title is not available" when starting a movie. The I just select it again and it starts.


I use a PS3 and have little issues.


I've had problems keeping the picture quality up on my PS3 for the past couple weeks, particularly during the evening hours. It was horrible Saturday night with my HD streams dropping down from Xtra High HD to Low SD and even having to rebuffer a few times. I ended up having to pause the stream for a couple minutes every time I watched a title in an attempt to keep the stream at least mildly consistent. Oh, and it wasn't my connection. I did a speed test in the middle of all of the problems and was getting exactly my max download speed of 10 Mb.

Dominic Cotignola

Here last night on Apple TV. Said errors when starting movie. Logged out of netflix on Apple TV then logged backed in. Was fine but then when trying to watch another movie, same situation.

nipsey russell

I apologize if this is a bit off topic, but its pertinent and would help me ask the question. Since we went disc-less on the PS3, there is a slightly different display of status. If i hit the select button, some info goes in the upper left hand of the screen, it will usually say "High/SD" or "High/HD". The second part is obvious but can anyone tell me what the first part means ("High"). I assume this is an assessment of the bandwidth and resultant resolution, but i want more detail: besides high, what are the other potential results (is high the highest?), and what are the numbers behind them (eg if its bandwidth, what kbps results in each value, if its output of resolution, what numbers are associated with each)???? can anyone point me to these answers??


I've seen more trouble with my tivo lately, but then I switch to the Wii and it works fine.


If the problem is slow internet, contact your ISP (Qwest) and tell them. If you have cable you might be stuck, but with DSL they can probably route your connection through a different switch to speed you back up to what you pay for.

Jeff Bursoon

YES-- Thank God is is not just us. I thought it may be the Vizio Blu-Ray my daughter uses since Hulu and other Roku channels are fine.

We have seen green lines and the video shudder a bit ( almost like a NTSC to Pal conversation issue) but paid it little mind since we have been watching the older British B&W films that were added.

Also no problem on Amazon or Vudu rentals. Just Netflix.


Hello Steph from Qwest here,

Anyone having issues streaming or feeling like their service is having slowdowns, please feel free to email me for help. [email protected]: please include your billing phone number, billing address and contact number.

thank you

Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

Rob H

I've been streaming on my PS3 with my 30/30 FiOS connection for about a year. I *never* experienced a drop in resolution or any stutters until the past few weeks. If I'm streaming before 1 AM, it's not unusual to be dropped from the "X-High HD" video category to the "Low SD" level every 20 minutes or so. This only occurs between the hours of 5 PM and 1 AM. All other times are fine. I don't think that it's my ISP's fault, because nothing else I do in regards to the internet slows down. I assume it's either clogging on Netflix's side or the new PS3 app is causing the issue.

Greg Z

I hooked my Wii up to my Netflix account recently. I was experiencing some problems with the Wii constantly dropping the connection to Netflix. I bought the USB Ethernet adapter for the Wii, hoping a faster connection over hard-line would help. Negative. I have now stopped using my Wii to stream Netflix because I'm tired of it constantly dropping the connection. I don't have that problem on my XBOX 360 or PC.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during
prime time hours, there are just too many
people on the Internet highway streaming
videos and bringing the speed to a crawl in
some areas. It has begun about six months ago with more and more streaming devices coming online. This is the new trend and
it is not going to get any better and will
create new problems for Netflix and ISPs.


Just started using last night with my PS3 and worked great all last eve, went to get on tonight and can't get anything to play or stream at all, deleted off of PS3 and reinstalled and still getting the same message. Beginning to think I made a bad decision with this.


Sounds likes a slow net connection to me. The only problem I've ever had with Netflix streaming is slow loading on the 360, and that's happened only once.


wont work on my ps3... nothing will load. (had no problems with the old disc)


I use Netflix through the Watch Instantly app on my Samsung TV, and have noticed this problem getting progressively worse over the last month or so. I have been reporting each movie or show that exhibits the problem, but I don't think it's actually being investigated as it seems to be getting worse. At this point some movies are completely unwatchable for me with constant buffering every 5-15 seconds. Unless this improves Netflix is losing a customer.

By the way, I've got a 12mbps down / 5mbps up connection and have zero problems with it outside of Netflix.


We have the same problems with buffering in the middle of shows, and poor picture quality. We access Netflix thru a WII console that is now set up to launch without the Netflix disc. Unless I can "see" some serious improvement soon I will not have the confidence to cancel our Direct TV subscription.

Jon Tillinghast

HD movies stream fine on my Sony 46XBR10 until about 4 p.m., when every HD moview starts buffering about every 20 seconds. This although I've got speed readings at the TV of 20 million in the daytime and 10 at night--plenty to host a netflix movie. Have exhausted every possibility. Is Neflix purposefully throttling down its signal in come regions? Are there any blogs that talk about this?

Jon Tillinghast

Always edit before pushing send button...

HD movies stream fine on my Sony 46XBR10 until about 4 p.m., when every HD movie starts buffering about every 20 seconds. This although I've got speed readings at the TV of 20 million in the daytime and 10 at night--plenty to host a netflix movie. Have exhausted every possibility. Is Neflix purposefully throttling down its signal in some regions? Are there any blogs that talk about this?

Jon Tillinghast

Re: My post directly above. Called Netflix supervisor. He said it was all my system's fault--they're not throttling streaming, nor do they have a traffic problem.
Need more info from viewers as to why a 15 Mbps local highway can't deliver a 5 Mbps HD movie, when no other streaming/download program has this problem. It appears there's a bigger problem here than just me, but unless folks speak out about it, there's not much that can be done.

Tony Amara

I'm having the same problems with Netflix using my Sony DVD player with a Netgear Wireless router. The problem is very acute between 7pm and 10:30 or 11 pm. Frequent stops to "load". During one show it was every 10 to 20 seconds. The problem went away after 11 pm. My wireless network is password protected but I'm wondering if someone is hacking in during those hours. Time/Warner could not find a problem when I called the next day. I am paying extra for their "turbo" option, so should have plenty of speed for streaming.


I am the only person at home. no network connections, no wireless, my unit has 5 bars and in the first 5 minutes of a tv stream i have had to stop for "rebuffering" 6 times now. i have tracerts and pings and all problems point to netflix ip addresses. are they getting too big for the load or what? im not paying for continued poor response time. i have no xbox, or any other special electronic gizmo to try with this. no other sites have this issue. any other ideas and where can i send these network shots i have taken over the last 3 months? netflix help site is useless.


doreen i'm curious to see which netflix servers you sent pings to. I have been having similar issues over the past few days with netflix and my cable company swears it is not them.

Mary Gordon

We just signed up for netflix today, watching Lost episodes and have had nothing but problems with interruptions and "retrieving" almost every ten to fifteen minutes!!!!Unbelieveable! We use it through WII . What is going on?!

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