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I have a Toshiba satellite and was talked into getting Netgear. Having multiple problems. (1) getting cut off and (2) stop and start during the movies.

Only week old - Geek Squad not helpful. Any ideas?


I'm having the same evening netflix streaming problems. The problem is not with qwest. I get a speed test of almost 12 yet netflix won't hold a HD stream. I can stream HD during the day with no problem.


Same problems. Rebuffering constantly between 4 pm - 12 pm est. Fine during day. Speedtest shows decrease during those times to 1. - 3. in local area. Speedtest to San Jose shows .26. DSL company has tried "everything". Will run speedtest on Wii next time to compare.

Buck Peters

I've been having a running problem with Netflix for the past year. I run in through my PC on cable. Constant stops for it to buffer. Finally I saw where someone used Firefox in stead of IE to correct their problem. Wham, problem solved. Leave it to MS to have problems with there own softwares integrating properly. No more stopping and starting with Firefox.

mary jo

I had problems with streaming from day one. called netflix who said it was not enough speed so went to TWC turbo boost which didn' solve anything. had geeks come out to hard wire the router still no luck. then I read in a post about changing the port on the netgear router from 3 to 1 and that finally worked. watched a movie today with no intrubtions! Try it!

M Ross

I use PS3 and have had frequent pausing lately. What's up?


Using PS3, have used Netflix instant watch since it was available and never had a problem. About two weeks ago we started getting 3 minutes of a show and 3 minutes of "retrieving" while it buffers. We have Comcast high-speed internet service with no other computers or devices working while we watch Netflix. I have reported problems on the web site several times, but received no response. Typically we watch in the evening hours which I know is a busy time. This is very, very frustrating.


It is a Netflix problem and Netflix don't give a sh*t. I'm gonna dump them.

Garry Rennels

+I am so damn sick and tired of getting 30 or 40 minutes into a movie and having it freeze up. Often it doesn't just freeze the stream but locks up my whole damn computer and I have to reboot. I don't know why I even try to stream from Netflix anymore. Sucks. If I were using their stream only service I would quit them in a heartbeat. Just ran all new phone lines through out the house and no improvement. Always speedtest at 2.5mg +. This is NOT a problem on my end.

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