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I have a Kinect and it's awesome. My only complaint about the dashboard is that the controls don't work with Netflix. My Xbox remote stopped working, would be nice to be able to pause and everything by voice. Was very bummed when I figured out it only worked with Zune movies.


No, because it will be more difficult than using a remote. Tech demos are one thing, real life is another.

I think the primary problem will be in selecting what you want to drag and what you gesture past to get to it.


It's not like if they add Kinect controls that you wouldn't be able to also use the remote.


yes, OMG freaking do it already! I expected this to be fully implemented at launch..I mean come on Microsoft, do you think we really put a DVD into our 360 when we want to watch a movie?? NO!! We only watch movies on the 360 using the Netflix app..duh!


It's a ripoff that it was advertised so prominently and wasn't even included. I want it yesterday.

Chris M.

Companies shouldn't show a feature during a demo that isn't going to be included in the finished product. If you use a feature to attract buyers that you know isn't going to be in the retail product it's false advertisement.


Kinect with netflix app is NECESSARY! They advertised it but didn't deliver, and now my netflix usage on my 360 is dropping because Kinect doesn't work with it. I was soo disappointed that netflix hasn't updated their app. Just copy most of the controls from Zune and you are set. (or even easier, just allow us to keep the same look, just add voice control and add it to Kinect hub.)

Bob Roebling

Absolutely not, did anyone ever think of how it would skip to the next chapter if someone else got up to get popcorn? If you have kids don't you think they would purposely skip through the movie? It gives a remote to everyone in the room and there is no longer a way to make sure that someone doesn't effect your movie while your watching it.

Watch Cowboy

You are all going to be very disappointed. Everything clever the ‘kinect’ does, it does with proprietary software on the xbox360. There is no depth camera, just an ordinary monocrome webcam reading a projected (fixed) infra-red pattern projected on the scene. The main purpose of this camera is to rapidly identify a silhouette of a human. Movement is largely identified by using statistical motion vector software (a technique used for years by previous console webcams). The monochrome camera allows the software in the xbox to ‘know’ which small part of the colour camera image to process when searching for motion vectors.The projected IR pattern allows crude identification of z-depth motion, but the resolution of the mono-camera should be a clue as to how limited this data is.The skeletal tracking is largely an AI system on the xbox360, and is a statistical assumptive algorithm, rather than any absolute measurement. Research into calculating limb position from simple body outline images pre-dates the xbox console by a very long time.Interestingly, several years before the kinect, MS gave massive promotion to the Codemaster’s game ‘You’re in the movies’. This game, using only the standard webcam, identified the silhouettes of the players in front of the camera with a high degree of accuracy, allowing ‘green-screening techniques to do background substitution, without the need for a green-screen. This shows that much of what the kinect does in hardware was already redundant using modern image processing algorithms.However, the kinect obviously makes such methods far more robust, at the cost of mechanical complexity (and a big spend by the consumer).Had MS been serious about general reading of z-depth, it would have deployed a 3 camera system, with the left and rightmost cameras being discrete and individually positionable, like speakers. These 2 would provide a ’stereo pair’ of images that would allow depth to be identified at each pixel position by using perspective variation algorithms that could be simply accelerated in hardware. However, setting up 3 discrete boxes would have been a pain for most consumers under 10, or over 20, and lost MS most of its intended audience.As an aside, many of us know that the companied MS allied with to do the ‘depth’ system was supposedly just about to launch a cheap z-depth camera for the PC at the time. However, I’m sure that camera was intended for objects way closer than 7-feet away, where the sharpness of the projected IR grid pattern would have returned much better information. Can the kinect work with objects placed much closer? Probably not if one wishes to use the colour camera as well. Then there is the focus issue of the optics, and the ’sharpness’ of the IR pattern.The bottom line is that the kinect is not like the wii-remotes and sony-moves giving us access to remarkably cheap and robust combinations of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and cameras. For visual processing, kinect is 90%+ a software system on the xbos360 side. Kinect is a bunch of simple hardware choices designed to assist the software. And what does that software drive? Largely a load of silly, imprecise casual games for people that can’t even bring themselves to take gaming seriously. That should inform you about the likely engineering choices, and their usefulness in other areas.Believe me, motion tracking studios won’t be replacing their multi camera setups, and body-suits, with anything like the tech in the kinect.PS like everyone here, I hope the kinect is turned into another ‘open’ USB device for everyone to exploit, as soon as possible. It is just that for visual image processing, it is already cheaper to buy multiple high quality USB cameras, and infra-red LEDs, and experiment with readily available open-source software. This just was not true of the tech in the wii-remote.


A big reason I bought a Kinect was for Netflix - and was disappointed to find no integration. Kinect technology is the future of how we interface with everything.

Please Netflix, add the capability.


Ignore the talk about tech demos, I own the Kinect in real life and plain and simply it works. It works really really well. As an owner who uses the device in "real life", I want to be able to use Kinect to control everything. Netflix is at the top of the list, but I hope MS will eventually use the device to control every single menu.


I'm thinking of getting a Kinect if more compelling titles become available.

Pretty much everyone says that using it to control video playback, while it works fine, doesn't work any better than a controller, and gets old once the novelty wears off.

So...I don't care.


Xbox forums are in an uproar about this. Add me to the list of people who bought kinect expressly for controlling netflix


Just a thought about controlling a movie with voice controls while the movie is playing. I guess you better want to pause or rewind during a quite time in the movie, cause I think it will be hard for the Kinect to hear you say "pause" during loud high action scenes of a movie.


LOL, i LOVE all the misinformed comments from people who dont even own a kinect.

@Marshall:With Kinect you can use your voice to controll. IE play pause rewind ffwd stop. It doesnt get any easier then that.

@Bob Roebling: If I start a movie then only I can enforce the voice command controlls on it. Dont know how you think it would skip to the next chapter from someone getting up with voice or gesture.

@Watch Cowboy: LOL your not a fanboy right?

@twinches: Nope, The voice software is designed to be able to filter side noise out. I have my game and movie volume at 60% and the kinect can hear me fine without shouting or waiting for a quiet part.

Again, I love the fact that people who dont own the device or have tried it out are making comments. Your all very misinformed. You should probably do a bit more research before making comments on something you dont understand.

I am extremely disapointed Netflix cant be controlled by voice. Its one reason I purchased it. It would be silly if they didnt integrate this into the software.


@Watch Cowboy: You're making a ton of assumptions about how Kinect works and mixing fact with conjecture, and getting most of it wrong. This is a perfect example of how a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Some points:
- Kinect DOES indeed have a depth sensor (a depth sensor relying on structured light is a well understood method)
- IR pattern is laser light and focus is non-issue
- Tracking is not based on "silhouettes"
- Motion tracking relies SOLELY on the depth stream, you could cover up the color camera and nothing would change
- 3D from stereo cameras is largely impractical
- There is very little overlap between algorithms that track humans using depth data, and tracking using color images (they're basically orthogonal)


I talked with Microsoft rep in gamestop I asked him if kinect support netflix he told me YES!! He lied to my face he also told me I'll be able to turn on the xbox with my voice! All lies!

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