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Grant Laird Jr

Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!


Anyone else hate that the subtitles are bright yellow? They are distractingly ugly and mess up the color palette, especially for black and white films. Subtitles are meant for the hearing-impaired, not the visually-impaired!


Has anyone else noticed that "instantwatcher" has recently gotten rid of the "Gay & Lesbian" subcategory? Anybody know why?


There are no deaf Gay & Lesbians?

LOL. Kidding....


I would like a way to search for digital 5.1 titles.


Its too little too late. Netflix did not care about those with hearing impairments before. They didn't listen to them, and chose instead to invest in other technologies to make profit. Now since they have no real projects to work on, they now give them captions? Please!


@Ian I'm willing to bet that it has more to do with content rights than profit.


@ IAN...are you claiming business want to make a profit?


[...intro music...]

Some people's lips are hard to read
Other people's are down right rude
But the last thing I want to do
Is post something crude

Has anyone else noticed
That sometimes the audio censored
Is still readable in the CC world?

[laughing...music fades...]


@sc - yeah they are yellow because they used to be black and nearly invisible for many black and white movies. Although I agree they are often UNNECESSARILY BIG and bright


roku player the number one devices need subtitles


Feedfliks seems a bit dead


Last week Microsoft released the beta version of their free web site development tool WebMatrix.

It includes a ton of options and tools including a lot of php applications as well as .NET applications.

One of the options which I haven't used yet is Netflix. Apparently Webmatrix exposes the Netflix API. If I'm right about this, it means that there will be even more 3rd party applications for Netflix.


@sc I find trying (and failing) to read white subtitles on white or light backgrounds far more obnoxious than any distractingly readable bright yellow subs.


subtitles should be white with a thin black outline around each letter, so it's always readable.

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