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Wonder where this will stop. Perhaps they will stop allowing the rentals of their movies all together, since that will drive revenue for them up.

First it's 28 days, then 60, then 180, then you must buy the DVD if you want to watch it, no alternatives.


Ignore my previous comment here. Accidently posted it here for some reason.


Netflix doesn't need a partner. It's as simple as that.


I work with Google.
I use many of their products as I find them the best.
That said, Google has some of the most insulting people I have had to deal with.
And they make a point to say the most insulting things to your boss behind your back (who at this point don't listen to them on inter-personnel matters).

If they were not bringing truckloads of money to my bosses' company I would be glad not to deal with them.


This might not be a bad idea. Google definately has the infrastructure to store massive amounts of data. However, they have been deviating from their "do no evil" mantra.

This looks more like a "wait and see" kind of situation.


google sticks their nose in i cancel netflix pronto


Anything that lets Reed achieve a higher temperature in Hell is always a good thing.


Yes, I'm sick of these stories because it just adds more fuel to the fire - It seems like you want Netflix to sell.

Netflix doesn't need to sell or merge with anyone and that's why everyone wants a piece of their cake.

Google buying Netflix would be terrible. Look what they've done to YouTube. This would be the beginning of the end of Netflix as we know it and guarantee little to no control over your user experience.


NetFlix is doing fine on their own. They "get" the fact that I do not want to pay for every item I watch. They also get that I do not want commercials. I am afraid that if Google bought them that greedy "content owners" would charge so much for new content that it would send streaming back to the dark ages...

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