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I'm assuming devices like the EVO and Droid will get it. I would really like to see a list though. Hopefully they will support the HDMI output.


I can wait on streaming, I just want an official app to manage my queue!


Good to hear, except that my device is unlikely to be one of those they support. Ugh.


Why do you need an official app to manage your queue? Honest question, really. I use a third party app on webOS and its quite good. Shows shipped/arrival dates, divides queue into available and saved, shows which are available as DVD/BR/WI, lets you see movies recommended for you, browse by genre, search, get synopsis, cast list, trailers...I assume there is a similar app on Android. It does cost $3, though. I assume the official one would be free, but I thought the $3 was okay.

Of course, Netflix will probably instant stream to webOS the day it streams to Linux, which is never.


where's the love for BB? I may get an Android phone next year, but for now I have a BB. C'mon, Netflix!! shows crackberry users some love!


Why do you need an official app to manage your queue? - screwdestiny

Why do you need to manage your queue at all?

Back in the old days - last summer - I used to "manage my queue". I had about a hundred movies that I had at one time or another thought that I would like to watch. No more.

I still have a queue of a hundred title but I now also have a matrix view of about 700 movies picked by the NetFlix software. My problem now is like that of the lion advancing on a herd of wildebeest - too many choices. If I'm undisciplined I will just browse the choices, never choosing a film.

Last night for example I watched some low brow actioner called "Give'm Hell, Malone!". I'd never heard of it (I doubt if you have either). It was perfect. It had some big stars (Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames, and Gregory Harrison) and decent production values. I'm not completely sure what it was about - I didn't pay much attention to the dialog - buy whatever it was, it involved a lot of shoot outs. It was sort of like the cartoon series "Archer".

"Give'm Hell Malone" was a delight - mindless and fast moving. Thank you NetFlix algorithms.


Here is the reason for the holdup: http://daringfireball.net/linked/2010/11/13/netflix-android-wp7


Why do you need to manage your queue at all?

Beause Netflix likes to have waits of shows I'm watching the middle of the series, which means it'll skip down to another series.

Because now that I'm in the middle of the series you skipped to I'd rather finish that one than you finally send me the series you just got in stock or I might actually want to watch that now before it disappears again, so I need to move it up the queue.

Everyone's different. If you're just throwing Netflix recommendations on your queue, then queue management may not be for you (I don't "manage" my instant queue for that reason), but I actually throw specific movies and series on my DVD queue, so I do tend to have to manage that. Especially because I hate watching a series and I have to send back for the last DVD, so I try to group them so the last three finishes a series...


Can anyone translate this?

My guess: android is a linux OS, therefore we cant provide the "DRM" that MPAA requires from us. (In other words, because android is freely available it would be trivial to hack the OS to rip the streams?)

How will the 'select devices' work? Some hardware restrictions?



That sounds about right. Linux has no DRM. Since android is based on it, neither does android. It looks like certain android phone makers may add DRM to the OS. Google may do it but older android phones may not be OS firmware upgradeable. I bet the latter android phones, esp the 4G ones, will have DRM and thus netflix.


you expect him to? haha


Thanks FearNo1.

Its not an accident that "Linux has no DRM" - thats basically the entire philosophy. So it makes me nervous that manufacturers would be willing to add it.

It would be nice to have Netflix on my phone, but I worry I might regret it in the long term (see - the law of unintended consequences).

Donna J. Underwood

I just purchased a samsung galaxie tablet and was told I could get Netflix on it. I would like to stream movies. That seems impossible at this time. My husband and I have tried everything. Can anyone tell me when I can stream movies throught Netflix on this device or should I just cancel my Netflix account.

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