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2nd time in a row I didn't get the x% refund... is it random?

Maybe they are mad at me for sending in the screen shot of the error....


For several days (including right now) it seems the movies don't buffer at all. The picture freezes and then jumps ahead. Almost unwatchable.


not working on my wii or mac

ted j

Netflix sucks.

Frank Wills

Netflix Streaming is useless to me for the last couple of months. Every movie I have tried to watch stops after 15 to 20 minutes.
Netflix tells me it is ATT DSL. ATT tells me it is Netflix.
It was suggested that Siverlight was the problem, so removed & reinstalled it.
No help.


Ohh yeah I have been having problems the last two weeks!!!!! Keeps saying network erro, network is down, unable to play protected content etc. now that OPRAH has done her favorite things this will cause more problems. I love the service and idea but you gotta get more SERVERS NETFLIX!!!!!!!! I just got a new blu ray player so I know its not that or my ISP. thanks for making this post guys!! nice to know others are having problems too so I dont go crazy!


Don't working on ps3

Joel J.

This has not worked for over a month for me... just reset default settings, no luck... I feel jipped... horrible customer support... any ideas?

Steven Ellington

Getting Following error only in Firefox:

"Internet Connection Problem
Error code: N8104-106

An Internet or home network connection problem is preventing playback. Please check your Internet connection and try again later.

If the problem persists, please call Netflix at 1-866-579-7113"

Not sure how to fix this problem.
Can someone help. Netflix could not identify problem or solution.

Laurie White

Netflix streaming won't work in Firefox on my computer now. It works in IE but is so much slower it's aggravating. I've tried re-installing silverlight but it doesn't help. Been like this since Dec. Any suggestions? I get error code N8104-106.

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My netflix is down right now.


Mine too!! WTF


Had the same problem. Tried wiping history, cache, and cookies. No Luck. Finally, I just uninstalled firefox, downloaded the newest version of firefox, and installed that. Working just fine now.


Will err code 201 and 300 for ps3 ever be fixed. I'm a new customer so don't know if it ever worked


wont work on wii, ps3 or xp

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