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works on pc but not PS#


netflix 1-800 says its official...they are having "issues with streaming"


Error 114:500 on the ATV2


Down on my apple tv works on my bluray player annoying!


down on ps3 currently

Joe Bob

Was down for from 5 to 6:30.I just tried again at 7:54 and was able to load the video.


I wonder if this has anything to do with them switching streaming providers...


down on my ps3


I cannot stream on my Roku box or my computer.


works on the wii


=\ PS3 still down for me.


Yup, Netflix on my Roku box just failed a few minutes ago. Still works fine on my LG Bluray player, though.


Down for me as well. I'm getting the same thing on my PS3 that Ijustwantowatchdexter is getting except I don't see any codes.

Bill T,

It's down for me on my PS3 going through Brighthouse Networks Lightning ISP in Spring Hill, Florida.

Preston L. Bannister

Down with Cox in Orange County, California.


No streaming on xBox at 8:30 pm EST here in the Atlanta area.

Dusty T

PS3 does not work at 8:50 in NC


Down on my PS3


Miami is down on ps3. Error 300, 200, 100

Marty Mankins

Confirmed not working on PS3 with error "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later" 100,200,201

Works on Firefox 3.6.12 on my Mac.

Works from iPad Netflix client, too.

I replaced my router (Apple Extreme Base Station) last week, but PS3 worked last weekend (after the upgrade)

Hoping this gets fixed soon per their update above.


Netflix is down on my PS3, but works on my mac.


I have 1 roku working(barely), my bluray and other roku won't connect.


Its down for my ps3 as well


Too many problems coming from netflix, they are releasing worse than usual movies streaming, they held my movies that were on dvd for 4 days, and the movies were sent from different Post Offices, they dont play Lost at all, they still have not put Bones season 6 on, are sloppy on the shield series.


Netflix has been working fine for me on the xbox, haven't tried on the PC. However, only my instant queue is available on the xbox, streaming quality was perfect. No top picks and the search function isn't working. But hey, better than nothing at all.


I had problems this evening as well, from my PS3. After "Connecting to Netflix" it says "Retrieving Files". Tries up to three times, and then errors out. Error codes 100, 101, 200, 201, depending and sometimes in combination. Fortunately I was able to watch what I wanted to watch from my Sony Bravia TV, which worked OK.


Still out in Hawaii on ps3


I have been trying for hours to get netflix to work thinking i changed a setting or something on my ps3. Now i find out the problem is them. Not too happy


Down for me on the PS3.


My ps3 gives error codes 101, 200, 100 and a Try Again button


still down on xbox360 - 9pm central time.
"we're unable to connect you to netflix. please try again later."


yeah its down on Wii also and it wont work on pc or iphone. November 9th 2010, Called netflix and they said they have a streaming problem and hoping to get it fixed soon

Jp mc glynn

Ps3 down cannot connect - try again
For the past two hours.


Down on PS3


Down for PS3 and Wii for me


Once again, as I reported last week, the PS3 streaming is down and has been reported on the PS3 forum. Go back to the disk!!!!


down on my xbox since at least 6:00pm. Still out 10:30 pm in lou ky


They told me on the phone that the outage is expected to last another hour

Danny Padgett

Can get Instant Queue on my TV but no other genres/sections appear. I use an LG Blu-Ray player, model #BD570


Windows 7 and I can't even load Netflix.com... Hmmmm

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