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You know what Mikeā€¦I am almost more interested in newly added Watch Instantly movies.


I am not interested in newly added Watch Instantly movies , At all


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse shows a 12/4 release date.


Parks & Rec sea 2 has been on watch instantly for a few weeks already!


I'd try the Netflix Full Access gadget for iGoogle for streaming updates. New streaming releases could be a blog all by itself.



What's the best way to get a new release quickly? Is it better to return your disk so that Netflix receives it the day before a new release is scheduled to be released, or the day of the new release? I've seen both suggested. Thanks.


I've had good luck in the past by having my returned disks arrive on Monday (assuming the new DVD has a Tuesday release date). But I haven't worried about it in quite a while so I don't know if it's still true.


To get new releases, I have always had very good luck with making sure I put my disc back in the mail on Saturday so it arrives on Monday, the day before new releases are "released". Then I get it on Tuesday. I think they can do that because they know you won't get the movie before the official Tuesday release date, so they aren't violating any agreements with the studios.


Parks and Recreation Season 2 isn't new... I watched it on streaming like 3 weeks ago.


I'll chime it with the Saturday mail back as well. Provided mail is working as it should NF will recieve on Monday morning and ship the new release to be recieved by you on Tuesday. Unfortunatley since moving I've had some issues with our local post office and them not getting mail out timely. If it's a movie I really want I'll use a post drop down in the city where service is more reliable. Honestly this year there have only been a few movies I really cared about getting on release day. Also it sounds like the PO is going to be discontinuing Sat. delivery pretty soon so Friday will be the new mail back day.

FeedFlix is a good source for all things streaming. They'll tell you what's upcoming, what just came out and what's due to expire. It also gives you the drop off date for any streaming title. You can link to your NF account and set it up to send you email alerts if you wish. Pretty decent site that augments NF nicely.

Ryan Dean

Another Short list. Big Surprise.

But wait...Theres Watch Instantly Movies instead! Let's see... Old B-Movies that aren't even from this year! Lots of Asian Movies! Hit Movies? Yea we got some from the 90s for ya!


@ things
Try this site for new Instant Watch titles: http://feedfliks.com/streaming


Got Liverpool today..been wanting to see it. And hope to see Vahalla Rising on Watch Now soon.

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