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Ryan Dean

Slim pickings....


Jonah Hex was a pretty good movie if you're into westerns


I'm beginning to think that Netflix is no longer going to carry as many Shout Factory releases. And no, I'm not talking about their Movies on Demand known as Shout Select that they burn on request. Larry Sanders Season 2, Mad About You Season Four, The Patty Duke Show Season 3, All in the Family Season 7, The Facts of Life Season 5, Father Knows Best Season Four (unfortunately season 5 is a select title), Marcus Welby Season Two etc. I always liked being able to catch some of these classic shows but I guess I won't now even though it's one of the reasons I joined Netflix in the first place. Making matters worse is the fact that they no longer seem to be replacing series seasons that come up no longer available regardless of availability. I wanted to see Paper Chase but the first season is no longer there after only a year so no sense in getting Season 2. Ironside season 2 has bit the dust as well for example.

Matt Slot

Another batch of "new releases" that ignore the Blu-Ray of the TV series (Dr Who Season 5) and only ship the DVDs on the date of release.


It'd be nice if Mike, or someone from the NF blog community, would try and get a straight answer from NF about TV on Blu-ray.


Or if we could get answers on any Blu-Ray availability for everything. Where are the new Criterion Blu Rays, like Seven Samurai and Charade? Neither of those are available.

What about the new Alien and Back to the Future sets? Not available.


Wow this is the 3rd week in a row there is nothing for me to get on Blu ray from netflix.. I never thought i would say this but im extremely close to dropping netflix all together until Blockbuster dies .. I get every new blu ray release the day of from blockbuster so it makes it hard for me to justify Netflix when they wont even get tv shows on bluray anymore , nevermind old movies just released like back to the future etc.. its not about money i can care less about paying for both services but i need movies coming from both


lie to me season 2 says not avalabile for streaming??


Redbox has Grown-ups..NF does not? I thought both had 28-day dvd delay?


Bye Jon. Nobody cares. You'll be replaced.


@Alan Lie to Me Season 2 becomes available on it's release date which is tomorrow. You cannot put something into your IQ until it is available.

Larry Dallas

called and ask


I don't know why I even check out the new releases list since I have no chance of getting one until it's been out a couple of months.


Where is The Facts of Life Season 5??? I agree 100% with ClydesPlace's post up there.

The Cynic

So you are upset about Netflix cutting back on discs? So you're thinking about leaving?

Well, guess what? You are exactly the kind of customers Netflix doesn't want anymore.

Once you're gone, only the streamers will be left...the only ones Netflix wants anyway.

Suckers! Mwaaahahahahaha!

Heidi Marsh


I have a movie to return but I lost the envelope. Where's your warehouse in Sterling, VA?

Please let me know if you need additional info.

Thanks so much,



This site is not affiliated with Netflix.

The following is from the Netflix website:

Lost or damaged the red prepaid return mailer?: just place up to two discs in another Netflix red prepaid return mailer. If you're on a 1-out-at-a-time plan or can't locate any red return mailers, please send the DVD back to us inside its white sleeve -- in your own return envelope with sufficient postage -- to the address listed below. The white sleeve includes a special barcode that we can use to associate this returned disc with your Netflix account.

P.O. Box 49021
San Jose, California 95161-9959


Oooh, I'm interested that they actually ARE releasing more Hell's Kitchen on DVD. So one of these years, we'll get to the season where I missed a few episodes (by accidentally not having my Tivo season pass be 'keep all', which I usually do IMMEDIATELY when I set up a season pass)…. Season 6 isn't up for streaming on hulu or anything either.

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