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For the first time, yes, I did get the credit email after the outage. I never have with the previous outages, even when directly impacted.

I wonder if, previously, I'd been passed over because automated crediting system didn't consider a '+' to be a valid character in an email address at the time.

I've had issues with that before with other companies: Audible allowed me to sign up with an email with a '+' in it, but their password recovery form considered it an invalid email.


I didn't get affected by the outage, as unfortunately I've been too busy to get around to watching anything lately. I did get the email, though, but mine promised a 3% credit! I wonder if this has to do with the plan I'm on (2-at-a-time unlimited).


Still no credit. Didn't get any the last time either. Maybe they think I get my moneys worth out of streaming even with the occasional outage. Didn't really effect my use anyway.

Checked all the spam files and I get all the other messages from them.



I got the same as I did for that last outage: ZIP, NADA, NOTHING.


3% credit for me as well. 1 at a time unlimited plan.


I also got the 3% credit, even though I didn't have any streaming problems. I took it, just like the last one. I also checked my bill online, and it doesn't look like the last credit was applied. Hmmm...


"I got the same as I did for that last outage: ZIP, NADA, NOTHING."

Same here - nothing!


nothing here either


I also got the 3% cred and i just have the 1 dvd plan......but i coung not get netflix to work on my roku xd|s for like 5 hours


I got the credit for the 1st time as well and I'm a 1 DVD/Streaming subscriber.

Steve I

I got the e-mail offering a 2% credit.

Since I hadn't tries to use Netflix that day (too busy doing other stuff), I'm not going to claim the credit.


I too got a 3% credit. I have the single DVD plan. In my case I tried about a dozen times throughout the evening to get my Roku to connect to Netflix with no success.


I unsuccessfully tried to access Netflix using the PS3 app about 30 times that evening and about 5 times on the PC. Yet, once again, I was offered no credit. I don't know how they determine who to offer the credit to, but whatever system is being used is about as faulty as their movie delivery system has been the past few weeks...


2%? TWO%??? If I hadn't read it on HackingNetflix.com, I'd think that amount was a joke.

Yes, I was affected by the outage, no I didn't receive an email regarding the bank-breaking 2-3% credit.


I must be the only person who was offered only a 1% credit.


Affected yes, still having wonky issues with it. No email this round, though. I can say that I did get one with the first wave of issues.


I received an e-mail offering me a credit, but since I was not affected, I didn't take it.


I got no credit at all, and I tried to watch instantly several times over the 72 (!) hour period that I was affected. If I weren't so complacent about my netflix account, I'd probably be pretty pissed.



You're not alone with the offer of a 1% credit. I laughed as I deleted that e-mail...

I wasn't affected, and find the 1% offer ridiculous anyway!


No such offer this time. Last time I was offered 2% (big f'ing whoop!) and took it but the credit never appeared on my account.


I was also never awarded the prior outage credit of 3%.


Nope didn't receive crap. I was affected for about 4 days and I didn't even get an email.. Love netflix.. but when you say something... follow through for petes sake!! If something better came along.. I might be tempted to try it.. especially with all the issues streaming is having :/


Hmm - both times I got interrupted watching a show and neither time I got the credit. This is very frustrating. I was using Roku I wonder if their system doesn't show outages with Roku?


Missed the outage and didnt get the email.


I just watched a Korean sleeper melodrama, MY SON. Will blow you away when you least expecting. Great flick.


No credit, wasn't watching. Having major streaming problems tonight. Stops every few minutes - just when I think its fixed..

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