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I want my UI to be the one in the beta video they showed, I had it when they first launched on PS3 for about 12 hours, now I have the crappy 6 box choices that you press then scrolling through movies is slow and chuggy, unlike the smoothness of what the other UI was.


The NF UI could be a lot better. It's ok on the Sony Blu Ray players because at least you get a grid view which puts more titles up on screen. But with the Samsung Blu Ray and the old Roku box I had they queue up in a straight line making you scroll through everything until you find what you want. Kind of a pain. There should also be a search function regardless of what device you use. Search functioning both for what's already in queue and for checking their full library. The ability to sort and rearrange titles would come in handy too.

Admittedly minor inconveniences but if we're talking UI upgrades those would be my suggestions.

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