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Thank you. You saved me a few more bucks. I was planning on getting it on the roku site but was trying to hold out for a better deal somewhere (amazon). I looked and looked and didn't notice. Was about to give up and thought, I better check hackingnetflix and see what they found... guess what, you found what I missed or the price changed after the last time i looked.

I used your associate link. Enjoy the commission.


Where is all this going? Surely the Roku box is now near its lowest possible price point. It could still be smaller yet but that's not much of an issue. It's barely big enough now to accommodate all the connection plugs.

I have a pretty standard Home Theater setup. I have a Comcast cable box which plugs into my Onkyo multimedia receiver which outputs to my 5.1 speaker system and front projector. My little Roku box sits on top of the projector. I also have Blu-ray player.

I wouldn't expect Comcast to ever include Roku functionality in their set top boxes. I also don't think projectors will have the Roku electronics built in. That makes some sense for a TV but not for a projector. Roku like functionality is already in a lot of Blu-ray players but not that seems a bit unnatural to me. Roku-Netflix WI is an alternative to Blu-ray not a supplement.

That leaves the receiver.

The multimedia receiver seems like the best place for the Roku circuitry. These boxes already are designed for switching among sources. They typically have lots of plugs and connectors on their backs. If my receiver had the Roku functions built in I would have a simpler, cleaner setup with one less box and many fewer cables.

So I guess I'm predicting the demise of the stand alone Roku box at any price.


Streaming is the fu-ture! That is until the ISP's decide to cap and blast our wallets like it's strip mining for gold. A year or two from now DVD/BDbyMail might actually turn out to be the cheapest per GB delivered to our homes after all.


"Surely the Roku box is now near its lowest possible price point."

I could be wrong but I remember the CEO once stating his end goal is to give away free boxes and run ads on the menu. Very possible that has changed tho.


Nice play, Mike.

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