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I'm surprised we are just having this discussion, this change has been in place for a while. I've rated 1300+ films and Netflix still doesn't really KNOW what I'm looking for. I'd definitely rather have an average rating in the pop-up instead of what's there now.


I'd prefer average, and both on the full item page. But it's not a bid deal since both are on the full page.


You have to figure in the number of children and morons that figures into the overall user average. I'm sorry, aggregate Netflix user, but Marmaduke is not better than Mulholland Dr. I'd much rather see the best guess, which is generally pretty accurate (though I have rated nearly 900 movies).


Why not show both?


I'd like to point out what an enormous asshat the author of the letter is for demanding to see viewer preferences while admitting he NEVER contributes to the process at all. Loser.


Yes, Show both!


they do show both...


No offense to John but this is a ridiculous complaint about a made up issue. Netflix has been using best guess for years and the overall average rating still appears on the page for each title.


I tend to pay more attention to the average rating than the "best guess", but like others I see no reason why they can't show both metrics in the mouse-over pop-up.

Stephen Chu

I prefer average rating but why not both? It's a popup so having both of them in it won't clutter the screen.


I like best guess because its always pretty accurate for me. What other people think about the movie may not necessarily have an impact on what I think about it.


Amazes me that some would rather see what the average American (we all know what avg. means right?) likes rather than what they themselves have said they like.

Besides, have we gotten so lazy that one more click means we need a blog post about it?


I like best guess. For me, it's been pretty spot on.


this person is a moron.
1) they already show both on the info page for each movie.
2) if he hasn't rated anything then the best guess for him is just going to be the aggregate of all users anyways.

kyle t.

Didn't Netflix hand out a million dollar prize to somebody A YEAR AGO for improving the "best guess" rating function? Why did "John" wait so long to bring this up?

Maybe John oughtta consider rating some movies. I've found that Netflix's best guess is at least 90% accurate for me, which is far more helpful than knowing that the "Twilight Saga" happens to be popular.


I put a few hundred titles in a spreadsheet and compared the numbers before and after I rated them. Netflix's Best Guess is better than the Customer Average, but it's a difference between +/-1.2 and +/-0.98 stars (out of 5.0). Given such a large margin of error, you tend to notice more when Netflix gets it wildly wrong, then the many times when it gets it right.


I'd rather see both up front. There's a lot of films that I rate that Netflix doesn't quite understand why. For example, I gave Jesus Camp 5 stars, but unlike what Netflix things I should be interested in based on that rating, I'm not a fan of Veggie Tails.

Too Long Soup



I like seeing best guess. I'm pretty sure when you sort the movies by rating, it's sorting them by the best guess rating, and I hope this DOES NOT change. I have very unique taste in movies and I would never be able to find movies I enjoy otherwise.


People like John are part of the problem. They want the ideal rating system but aren't willing to rate any movies. Much like people who don't vote, this guy shouldn't have any say.

On the other hand, I've rated 13,829 movies and Netflix still does a mediocre job recommending movies for me.

The whole system is flawed. We'd be better off with an average rating of critics (like Metacritic) rather than spewing flawed numbers from people who don't take the system seriously.


I vote for "best guess", it has been very good to me.

And, as one posts above "Amazes me that some would rather see what the average American (we all know what avg. means right?) likes rather than what they themselves have said they like."


It's been like that in the pop up screen for a long time, at least all of this year... Personally, I would like to see both, but I must admit that the "best guess" is rather accurate for me. Then again, I've rated nearly 2,000 titles, so it makes sense that it would be.


Both would be OK, but if just one, then I vote for average rating of all users. That's the way it has been for many years until just very recently. Otherwise Netflix is getting too nosy and over-tweaking their system with nonsense. They can't tell me what I like! Only I know that!


@JohnnyBob: Back when record stores were still a thing, if you walked into your local record store and the clerk suggested you listen to a Singer A because he knew you were a fan of Band B, and his experience has taught him that fans of Band B tend to also enjoy Singer A, would you accuse him of being "too nosy"? Of "nonsense"? Would you rather he just tell you what was on the top of the Billboard charts and then leave you alone?


+1 to show both in the rollover pop-up. The comments on this thread seem to be split, so show both and make everyone happy. Is it that hard to write it into the pop-up code?


I just called Netflix to ask them about this and the rep I spoke to said I'm not the first person to call about this issue. So she "recorded my feedback" (whatever that's worth). So I suppose that the people on this thread who want both types of ratings to appear in the pop-up should submit feedback to Netflix...


I want to see average. I HATE HATE HATE HATE the best guess rating. And I don't know what people are talking about when they say you can see both. I don't get both, I only get best guess. I've been trying for weeks now to find an option to switch it back in vain.


I would rather they have avg of all users like they used to - I don't find the "best guess" very helpful.
also, I've never figured this out: I've rated all Twilight Zone's at 5 - why wouldn't Netflix suggest Outer Limits, One Step Beyond, or others like that?

Rob H

Netflix's guesses are actually pretty spot on for me. I've rated 2,000+ films and it's rare when the Netflix guess is way off the mark. I'm also cautious of what my ratings will be, as only my absolute favorite films I will rate with a full 5 stars. I think the ratings guesses will vary depending on how polarizing your actual reviews are. If you rate 90% of your films with either a 1 or 5 star review, expect the resulting guesses to be skewed.


Netflix is notoriously bad at predicting what I will like. The average rating is usually much closer. And it is a pain to click into every movie to get that rating. I've been complaining about this for a long time.


I wonder what people are doing wrong for the best guess to be so far off. I've tated less than a thousand movies probably and Netflix has gotten very good at knowing what I'll like.

Rate a lot of stuff. Not just what you like, stuff at all the star points. download the granulizer so you can give half stars as well. Doing that the system will get very close to what you like. You may have to vote down a few Veggie Tales to keep it on track, but it works.


I actually unrated all of my movies just to get the true average so yeah... I would like that one.


I prefer best guess. It seems accurate for me.


The best guess is usually right for me.

Although I do wish you could rate with half stars.


Both if possible, but if only one is done, definitely best guess. I don't really care what other people thought of the movie, unless they happen to think like me and like the same stuff I like (i.e.: best guess). There are films that I love that most other people hate and the other way around. In general, NF's guesses for me are usually pretty good.


This has been a pet peeve of mine every since Netflix just suddenly about 5 years ago started showing "Best Guess" instead of "Average". The change wasn't even announced! You have to go to the movie page to see the average rating.

I'm not really interested in Netflix's Best Guess - about 25% of the time it's way low or way high. I go with Average ratings and IMDB ratings. And Netflix has 1300+ reviews of 5500+ ratings over ten years as my database, yet they still come up short.


This is somewhat tangent to the topic, but I would like to see "best guess" on titles I've already rated (just to see how well their system works). As is, I'd need to clear my rating, then put it back in afterwards.


I would prefer to see both in the pop-up. But if they can show only one, I like the current system of showing their estimate for me if they can predict it, and the average when there are not enough ratings on that title to predict my rating. Except for comedies, now that I have rated 3158 titles, Netflix can usually predict within one star how I will rate a movie


I noticed this a month or so ago. I prefer to see overall user ratings.

James D.

Most people don't understand the change.

Assuming you rate movies, Netflix would provide a predicted rating for movies with over 1000 ratings. Therefore, a lot of new releases and obscure films would have just a member average. For some reason now, Netflix will now show that member average as a predicted rating, but if you go to the movie's page, you see the difference.

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