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my remote on my iphone does not look this one WHY PLEASE WHY

Phil Irey

Noor, go to you main iPhone settings page. Within it, find the settings for DVPRemote. On the DVPRemote settings page, make sure the "Remote Skin" is set to "New Remote Layout (12 buttons)". If you are having issues or this isn't working, contact me via Info->Links->Send Email to Developer within the app.


Hands down one of my favorite apps on my iPod Touch. I find myself getting up to get my iPod even when the remote is right next to me.


A very welcome update. The option to skip back 30 seconds even on my older Roku is fabulous.


phil irvey i got it all fix. thanks

the only problem is the search your netflix iq has problems


No app for iPad. :(

Phil Irey

While DVPRemote doesn't YET support the full screen size of an ipad (unless you run it in 2x mode), running it on an iPad still allows you to do all the things you can't do with your infrared remote (e.g. WiFi non-line of site control, Netflix Instant Queue Automation, direct entry text keyboard, channel lists with one tap navigation, channel toolbars). In addition, it provides the "Instant Replay", "Back", and "*" (also called info) buttons which are really useful for those with older players that shipped with 9 button remotes.

Ben D.

Does this work with the Roku HD and other boxes that don't use the new remote?

Phil Irey

DVPRemote 2.0 works with the Roku HD all all other Roku boxes. The three buttons on the new Roku infrared remote,"Instant Replay", "Back", and "*" (info), are provided and work on all Roku Players (including the HD).

Phil Irey

noor, I created a new tutorial video that shows how to use the Netflix Instant Queue navigation feature. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCrW2_B6d-w


This app will come in handy as my Roku is sitting in an equipment closet and currently I have to get up every time to use the remote.

Would LOVE and iPad designed app though!

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