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when "Harper's Island" started streaming, I remember they had the final two episodes reversed, so if you thought you were watching episode 12, you were actually watching episode 13 and found out who the killer was - i told NetFlix - never noticed a fix -- ALSO, "Law & Order: SVU" season 1, episode 1 gets stuck and freezes and then skips around the 2 minute mark - I told them about three times and never noticed a fix and gave up - I was like, I want to watch it from the very beginning, not a skipped beginning


When streaming season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through my Sony Blu-ray, you are able to get episode descriptions. The description for Seaoson 2 Episode 11, Ted, is actually the description for the first episode of Season Two which was confusing the first time through. They are both written differently, but there is no doubt about the mistake. And it's been that way ever since I bought the blu-ray player about five months ago. But as far as episodes out of order, haven't run across that yet, and haven't checked my Roku in the bedroom to see if its the same way. (no can do at the moment as the girlfriend is streaming McLeod's Daughters.) I guess this is no big deal, but it just seems a bit sloppy.

Haven't ran across an episode out of order as of yet. So that's all I've got.


I was dumb founded when I watched whale wars me and the family were arguing that we saw this or that part ughhhh


Battlestar Galactica (2003), Season 1.

When watching it on the Roku, I've had to manually select episodes. Seems to want to skip ahead three or so episodes every time.

Chris M.

Only on the new Boxee software on my computer. King of the Hill Season 7 episodes were out of order.


Every Reno 911 episode and the season three episodes of Arrested Development are out of order. Also, for both of these, the descriptions of the episodes don't match what it actually being played. It's very frustrating...


In season 1 of Babylon 5, the episodes "Grail" and "Survivors" are switched.


Rat Patrol (TV) on instant watch is out of order.

Dorri Williams

Season 9 of Top Gear was that way. The way they "fixed it" was by making some of the episodes disc only. Made me sad.


The second half of the pilot episode of The Magnificent Seven is completely missing. I wish Netflix would fix this.


"Battle 360: The Complete Series" is fine for the first two episodes, but is both out-of-order for the rest, and some episodes are dupes!


Ive seen plenty of shows where a season is out of order or episodes from one season is mixed with one from another season..I dont know why they keep doing this. A couple times i can understand but this happens over and over again


Same problem with BSG on the Roku, but it works fine on my PS3. I think it might have something to do with the first two episodes being unavailable to stream.


I don't watch streaming, always terrible quality...


Dorri Williams..

Top Gear is now streaming correctly. I hear is still missing episode 6 but all others are now ok.


Correct order:

9, 11, 2, 12, 3, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 10


When I watched The Unusuals, clicking on episode 2 played episode 1, clicking on episode 3 played 2, and so on.


The Walking with Monsters series has its episodes out of order, and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts has all episodes in the wrong aspect ratio. When I called Netflix to let them know, they said both of those things were the fault of the content provider (BBC America in this case). Passing the buck, in other words.


Top Gear Season 9 was that way like Dorri said. They first made some episodes DVD only, but recently have actually fixed the issue, and all episodes of that series seem to stream just fine now.

What's the easiest way to actually go about reporting such a problem to netflix? I remember at the time not finding any such "Report a Problem" links on the page.


Heres the order of the episodes.


Hey Mike,

I don't think that's (9,2,11,12,8,7,6,4,1,5,3,10) the right order.

Just watched the forth episode that should be the last one (12), but it is actually the episode #9.

I'm trying to follow the order provided on their website: http://animal.discovery.com/tv/whale-wars/episode/

Looks like that a few episodes are repeated and others missed. I watched all of them and couldn't find the last one!

Chris B.

I ran into this problem with a number of shows - Buffy, Battlestar and others I can't remember. I am now in the habit of checking each episode before playing to see if it went to the wrong episode.

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You guys almost had it correct... here is the CORRECT order of the episodes:
9, 2, 11, 12, 3, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 10, 13 (disc only)


Thank you so much for providing the correct order!


Thank you so much for posting the correct list..! I was so confused having never seen the show before!


why wasn't season 3 episode 13 shown of netflix and people are getting banned on youtube for posting it?


YA, ITS ANOYING, Im still watching them


Why don't you guys put a homing/tracking device onthe Japenese ships hull?


Why is it out of sync and order?

James oxford

It also seems that the scenes are edited out of order as well, we keep going back between before and after the ady gil was destroyed.

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