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Chris Utley

I've been holding on to Toy Story 3 since it came out.


Probably the new Star Trek on Blu-ray. I'm going to try to watch it at reference level, but my guess is that I'll be turning it down before too long.


i just finish making my show episode 3.
i love to see christmas but the hold to long.


I would like to let the OP know that Eat Pray Love won't be available through the Netflix service until 12/21 due to licensing agreements.


Married With Children Season 10 and probably 11 if I can get some major Netflix time in


I just saw the first couple episodes of Psych, and I'm hooked! I think I'll be watching those two guys on Thanksgiving.


White On Rice... Awesome movie!


Spartacus (The Original, 1960), 30 Rock Season 4

Anthony Hayes

A Fritz Lang movie called Man Hunt and a Rutger Hauer movie called Past Midnight. Should be a good double feature.


Christmas Vacation even tho cousin Eddy is in Canada.


Funny timing on my instant queue to see We Shall Remain come up and the first episode discuss the Mayflower arrival and the first Thanksgiving. A touching portrait.

Terry Myers

Sorry, I have the expendables at home right now. I'll make sure to return it real fast.


I've got the expendables in my DVD queue coming up next!


Just watched The Expendables last night. A great shoot em up with all the old players. Definitely worth a look. I'm working today, but tonight I'll continue watching episodes of Eureka; a SciFy series I've just gotten into.


Tonight? Netflix: Berlin Alexanderplatz


The girl with a dragon tattoo &

The Girl who plays with fire

Then some psych season 2


The Expendables on Blu-Ray would have been here Yesterday however we had a bad storm on Monday and the power was out till this Morning.

I guess the mail decided to skip Yesterday. Got mail on Monday & Tuesday....Darn it.

Oh well Friday it should be here.


I'm watching Eureka, Seasons 3.0 and 3.5.

I'll probably stream "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (which is available for streaming until December 1; but it is also on DVD).


I have "12 Angry Men" and "Papilion" sitting at home but a marathon of newly streaming Man v. Food (season 3) seems much more likely.


Not planning to watch anything from Netflix, but I am re-watching Ouran High School Host Club from my blu-ray collection. What a delightfully subversive series it is!


I'm watching As Time Goes By, Doctor Who, Monarch of the Glen, and maybe some Hotel Babylon.

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I tried to watch Dexter, but for the third time in the last couple of weeks, was thwarted by frequent buffering. In a half hour we were able to get about 2 minutes into the episode, of which almost all of it was the title sequence. Keep it up Netflix - spending your subscription money on Starbucks is looking pretty good right now.


Iron Man streamed via Roku and Iron Man 2 DVD. Not exactly Thanksgiving fare, but it worked out well.


@ Dan, the only thing that causes re-buffering is your internet connection. My movies have never re-buffered, but I have a 20mbps cable internet connection.

I watched "Sex and the City 2", "The Expendables", "Bounty Hunter", "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "Dan in Real Life" this weekend. The only one I would recommend would be "Dan in Real Life" as it is the only one from my personal collection.


Last night we streamed "Thankskilling".


Working my way through Nip/Tuck season 2


on Dvd - "Just Wright","Iron Man 2"
Streaming - Just discovered "The IT Crowd", "Weeds", "Zombie Strippers"

James B

Pawn Stars. I can't get enough!


There are many reasons for buffering issues. Could be internet speeds but could also be attributed to any devices used within your network ie: powerline plugs, router etc. Could be the chipset or firmware in your netflix ready device. Could be a problem on Netflix's end. I have steady 20mbps internet speed as well but at times have had buffering problems. I found out my powerline plugs only allow a max of 14mbps throughput and that's probably never achieved. In the process of buying new ones now.

Ended up viewing football last night. Cincinnati is painful to watch.


On Blu: The Night of the Hunter. What I have at my house from my queue: The Counterfeiters and The Disappearance of Alice Creed. What I might watch on streaming if I finish those other films: Holly Rollers or The Aura.


I've been watching Weeds for the past couple of days. I'm on season 3. I also have a couple of discs of alias season 1 and law and order at home.

Brian K

Streaming Psych and watching "The Hoax" on DVD


The Sure Thing and Christmas Vacation. Both on DVD's that I own. I bought CV in its original DVD release which was in pan and scan only. I thought about upgrading when it was released in widescreen but never did. Now that it's in blu-ray, I'll probably get it in that format.

Have never worked up the courage to watch Christmas Vacation 2. I see no need to torture myself around the holidays.


You have a five day weekend in which to watch three movies - not much of a problem.

A lot of it of course depends on the weather. Right now looking out the window it's cold, wet and foggy - good stay at home and watch movies weather. Also Fox News is using their second tier anchors and the cable channels are broadcasting old James Bond movies. There's very little worthwhile regular TV to be seen this weekend.

You could go out to the movies but most of the new movies aren't doing too well except of course for Harry Potter fans.

I saw all this coming and carefully prepared to have three new Blu-ray releases on hand.

First I had Red Cliff. Alas it's not the movie I had hoped for. It is set at the end of the Han Dynasty so it's contemporaneous with the plot of "Gladiator". But like Gladiator it ignores smallpox. The Han Dynasty fell because of smallpox and/or measles. So did the Roman Empire where it was called The Antonine Plague. China even then was populous and it lost a third of that population. It lost government, and civilization itself. But there isn't a hint of that in this supposedly historical film.

BTW why are Chinese historical movies so dusty? They are like Sergio Leone Westerns - lots of dry dirt being blown around.

Last night I watched "Predators" another disappointment. In the original Arnold and his team of body builders and wrestlers ran into a nasty alien here on Earth. Apparently those hunky guys were too much for the aliens. When they decided to kidnap humans to hunt on their own planet they selected for wimpyness.

Adrian Brody? What? Woody Allen wasn't available? Brody is a slight, small man. He is surrounded by other little weak people. There is a moment in the movie when one of the other people asks, "Where is the tough guy?". I had no idea who he meant and then I realized they were referring to Adrian Brody's character. LOL.

Apparently these aliens don't want too much fight in their imported prey.

Finally I have "Harry Brown" which I will watch today or tonight. I'm hopin'.

carey oneil

we are members of netflix as are perrents and sibilings. we all agree that netflix is far better than renting a movie at the kiosk or veido rental available. i just purchesed the Roku to watch stremming vedios from net flix while we have been waiting for vedios to arive .we are on the two vedio plan.the mail systeem some times delay delevery of movies in congition.ie. broken movies" ar because of theft and weekends slowing movie arivals. i haver never received any problems directly from netflix. i have no reason to desert netflix,but ,i do like having the option of watching streeming vedio when i feel like a movie.


"Also Fox News is using their second tier anchors"

I was under the impression that all Fox anchors were no better than second tier, and most not even that good. But comedy is comedy, wherever you find it.


I watched two on DVD this weekend:

Sex and the City 2 and the Expendables. Both pretty good.

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