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I voted for dropping DVDs and going streaming-only (which I already did), but I didn't do it because of the price increase. I did it because I don't want the DVDs and just want streaming-only.


This is a non issue. My plan went up $1. That used to happen every week when I had cable.


Actually, just dropped my plan from 5 out to 3 out due to the price increase. Glad to see the streaming-only, though.


I am not happy to still be paying an extra $2 per month for Blu-rays. But my plan remains the same.


Keeping the 1 DVD at a time.


We're keeping our 4 DVD at a time. We already watch tons on streaming, but still like/need the physical discs, especially since we split the account with my mom, who gets 2 at a time. I'd rather *not* be paying an extra three bucks, but we likely won't notice the difference all that much.


I've been looking for little ways to trim costs here and there (consolidated cable and broadband, dropped all magazine subscriptions, switched to a cheaper VOIP service, etc.). I had already been thinking of cutting from 4-at-a-time to 3. Now I'm thinking of maybe just 2-at-a-time.

I just went through my entire 500-title queue and pulled out a lot of stuff that's probably fine, but I'm just not in the mood for these days to ensure that every disc I do get is something I really want to watch.


95% of the I will quit netflix votes are lying.

Bo Bice

Haha yeah u right I was one of 'em


As someone who can't get broadband, I feel like I'm subsidizing all those who stream. How about a disc only plan for all us slow pokes?


I dropped from 3 to 2 DVDs. I'd drop to streaming only but can't get bluray quality over streaming...


the 41 of you quitting are only kidding yourself hahaha

that number is probably more like 3



"I recently dropped my Netflix account to 2 DVDs at-a-time because I'm watching fewer movies on DVD"

Ditto. It also feels like the 2-out plan is the new value leader (for those that use streaming).


I'll probably drop to 2 at-a-time. Been thinking of doing it anyway, as we watch fewer DVDs. I have a split queue, one for me and the wife, and one for the kids. Probably won't go below 2 at-a-time for this reason. Still don't watch as many DVDs tho. Wonder if they will come up with a pay as you go plan for DVDs?


I was going to drop from 3 to 2, but I'm going to try dropping to 1 and supplement it with the internet and see how it works out. It's about time I utilized the hard-drive and upscaling capabilities of my PS3 anyway. If it starts being a pain, I'll go up to 2.


I'm already on the 2 out plan. I did use streaming a lot for a couple of months over the summer, but it suddenly stopped working and I've had no luck getting it to work again. If I did get it to work I would probably drop down to 1 disc plan. It's not so much the new increase as we don't watch enough discs to justify the cost in the first place. Yet I don't want to drop discs entirely because not everything we want to see is available streaming.


I was on 1 DVD at a time so nothing to drop just staying where I'm at.


I kept the same 3 out at a time plan for many years. Now I am going to be changing it up monthly based on my anticipated TV time. I find it fluctuates and I am going to try to match it up with my usage.

Much of what I watch is only available on DVD's. Mostly Cable channel TV shows, such as Mad Men, but I am getting mostly caught up on those and can give it a rest for at least a few months. I haven't watch a actual movie in many months.

I really need to drop my TV time anyway and will probably drop Netflix for a month or two and rely on OTA, I will then see how it goes and will probably sign up for a one out at a time plan later on. I do use streaming quite a bit so having one disk at time might be fine for me. I could always supplement it with a few Redbox rentals.

Being flexible will save me a bit.

Omar Feliciano

I've been a Netflix member since 2004. I've been on a 3-disc plan since day one (and pay the full price). The thing is I live in Puerto Rico and I am denied the privilege of streaming movies via Watch Instantly, because of licensing "issues" acording to Netflix. I can buy movies the same day the are released in the states at Best Buy, Amazon or any other local store that sells movies, but there is a licensing "issue" for watching movies here? I'll downgrade my plan to 1-disc at a time, and thinking of canceling completely. It's NOT FAIR that Canada can stream movies and I CAN'T. I pay Federal taxes and I am US citizen. Thanks for the "hidden" racism Netflix.


im dropping my plan. as long as they keep adding good stuff to streaming, i will be happy.


Thinking about dropping Blu-Ray - no need to spend that extra money for the rare times when I actually get a movie within a month of release, and streaming still doesn't have access to what I actually want...


I'm thinking of dropping my 4 at a time down to 2. I'm kind of pissed that the early adopters aren't being grandfathered in on this price increase.


I know Netflix is pushing streaming because it will cut their costs for staffing and postage, but I can't get broadband, so it's useless to me. How about a non-streaming plan for those of us stuck in the boonies who can't stream and are a half-hour or more away from a rental store?


No change, but I did drop from 3 to 2 out at a time a few months before the increase just because I have a lot more to watch using instant streaming.


How about a no-streaming-at-all plan for a discount? I never ever use streaming.


I'm already on the 2-out plan, which seems the sweet spot, so I'll stay. I would drop it to 2 if I was on the 3-out plan.

The Truth

Well, Netflix will certainly get people to use DVDs less, just as they always say they wanted. Hey, why no charge people 200 dollars a month for one a time? Then they wouldn't have to send us ANY DVDs, and they can have their biggest wish granted. Oh Blockbuster. I'm sorry I yelled at you all those times.


Streaming is still a joke BTW until they get a larger % of the catalog on streaming.

The Truth

I hope everyone is enjoying being manipulated into becoming the consumer Netflix wishes we were.


For the non streamers that want a cheaper plan, you realize you are costing them more, therefore your plan costs more, right?

Asking them to drop the price for a disk only option because you don't stream is not going to happen.


I will be dropping from 2 DVDs to 1.


Omar.. *facepalm* yes, I'm sure they don't stream to Puerto Rico because they are racist.


Currently on 1 dvd at a time. If the streaming had more of the odd & diverse content I would drop dvd's totally. It'll happen in time. I'm just thankful for what Netflix brings to me that I can legally watch on my computer, iPhone, iPad, xbox and with my Qwest connection we can watch 2 at a time with no problem. I would have given the extra $1/month a year ago. Plus Netflix support responds - woah! That seems like a great place to work.


As someone who doesn't use the streaming feature and prefers discs, I vote for a DVD-only option. I know postage keeps going up which is reason enough for Netflix to encourage online-only services, but the DVD is here to stay and Netflix would be smart to keep those customers happy too.


I'll be dropping to 1 DVD at a time, but w/Blu-ray. Been meaning to for a while (I have had 2 DVDs out for 6 wks or more!), so this will spur me on. Hate to drop DVDs entirely, as I still want to watch plenty that aren't streaming.

BTW, there *is* a no-streaming plan, but it's pretty limited (1 DVD, 2 times a month).


i seriously can't help but laugh at some of you schmucks

all up in arms





Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I love big, black men to violate me anally.


I would love the streaming only plan if they had 100% of the library covered.


"Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I love big, black men to violate me anally."

BAHAHAHA seriously?!

see what i mean?! Someone is SOOO upset over this. they're also apparently 12.


I'm deciding between two options:

1) Reduce from 4 to 2 out. (Reducing my monthly bill overall.)
2) Go streaming only and reactivate Blockbuster with 2 out. This would keep my monthly bill the same and give me the video game option.

I'll never drop discs completely as Blu-ray is too fantastic. Decisions...

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