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I'd be a hypocrite to complain about the price increase.

Still nothing comes close to Netflix in terms what you get for what you spend.

Comcast charges me $18.75/month for broadcast, government and cable shopping channels (the limited basic aka "ghetto" plan). Now you tell me how much of that $18.75 goes to their overhead and how much of it is profit fluff.


Dropped from 3 out at a time to 2 and thinned the queue from 131 down to 37 titles. Most I wanted to see before buying but I'll just go ahead and buy them instead of renting. BTW streaming quality (1.5Mbs DSL) is blocky and washed out from NF, but looks great on Hulu.

Bruce D Ranger

Had Netflix since this past June.

Only streamed to my new TV, never ordered a DVD.

Changed my plan on Monday to streaming only.

Currently have 481 titles in my instant queue.

Netflix is great for most titles and I have Vudu for the rest.

My new plan goes into effect on December 4th.

Streaming is definitely the way to go.


I enjoy cut-off jean shorts, mesh tank tops and combat boots...oh yeah and big, black mens.


I dropped Blu-ray access, because I can't justify the $2 a month on top of the $1 boost in price, and combined with the fact that 1/4 of what I want to see is even available at Netflix on Blu-ray disc, it's not a great value for me to keep it.

I'd go streaming only, but there's just too much I can't get that way.


Once I get through my now ridiculously small queue, I will likely cancel. For now, I dropped to one at a time.

Like I've said a million times, without captioning, streaming is useless for me and other deaf/HoH individuals.

I have been a member since 2004, and always liked Netflix. But I joined for documentaries, primarily, and Netflix rarely gets anything new in that genre I want to see.


Switching to streaming? Ya might think twice!
Metered billing on the way!!!!


Mr. Larry B. Willis

Even at your increase in price, it's still a bargain for your service! And I for one, being disabled and on a fixed income, consider it to be the best value for the dollar! (forget the whinners).

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