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Drop from 3 to 2 because of price increase and because so much I like is on streaming. But I have to keep some DVD presence because not everything I want to see is available on streaming.


To make up for the increase, I'll probably "suspend" my acct for a couple of months and watch a few movies from the library or (god forbid) by own personal collection.


Now that NetFlix is primarily a Streaming Video service (see today's WallStreetJournal) I find myself in the market looking for a reliable, dependable DVD/BD-by-Mail service that has 150,000+ titles available for subscription based rental transactions. It also has to be a company that is not afraid to exercise it's Fair Use Rights when procuring new content for its loyal membership. Additionally, I need this company to embrace Blu-ray media, not try to minimize it or ignore it or penalize its membership which recently went through costly upgrades to their home entertainment systems to get the most out of True, Full Hi-Definition goodness.

Who am I kidding, video killed the radio star, internet killed the video store and now Streaming will evenually kill the Disc. Hastings was right! (shaking fist in air)


I'm staying with 3 at a time, and keeping my mother in laws account to two at a time. My computer is old and slow (can't afford to upgrade) and the cable/internet wiring in my house is pre-1990, so upgrading to broadband won't work. I have enough issues with my internet and cable as it is. I also have cheap landlord who doesn't think it's necessary to have the cable company upgrade the cable lines in my rental home to something from say the last 10 years.

My mother in law lives in a nursing home and only gets the local channels and relies on the portable DVD player we got her for Christmas last year to watch all the movies and tv shows she wants to see but can't get out to a theater to see, can't afford to buy and all the tv shows she wants to see but can't get in the place she's in. So, no Netflix changes for us.

Lance Moody

One huge problem is that while the geniuses at Netflix are busy charging more for their service they are equally inept or unwilling to add new Blu-Ray titles to their service.

For instance, Psycho on Blu-Ray (by little-known director, Alfred Hitchcock) is still unavailable on Blu-Ray despite being out for a long while. Same goes for Paths of Glory (directed by an unknown hack named Stanley Kubrick).

Netflix is becoming less and less about movies and more and more about the lowest common denominator.

And (at a premium price) this sucks.

Christian R. Ford

I increased my queue at least until Jan.

I've broke the cable connection a long time back and netflix has been key to that transition, the increased streaming and less reliance on disks is nice but there are still items that just take too damn long to get to instant.

Although at this point I cannot forsee myself ever leaving netflix, as long as it doesn't turn into cable pricing I think I'll stick with them for life.


I long ago burned through most of the "past years" stuff I wanted to watch. I had already dropped from 3 to 2 at the beginning of the year, and after yesterday's news dropped from 2 to 1. Disc service for me these days pretty much consists solely of new releases which frankly there haven't been many worth seeing this year. Moving to 1 at a time doesn't seem like it will be a big deal. I enjoy the streaming and use that more than discs now anyway. Hoping to see the stream catalog continue to expand. I agree with the sentiments about their disc service lagging. These 30 day wait times and long waits if you don't snag new releases on opening day are bs. NF is still a good service and cost effective however so I'm happy overall.


I dropped from 3-discs to 2-disc at the last price increase.

I'd go streaming-only, but 95% of the movies are at best, "direct to video" and the rest are reruns of TV shows.

James M.

I dropped Blu-Ray access, but kept the same number of discs.


I'm dropping from 3 to 2. I was on the grandfathered plan of $15.99 for 3 out. The price increase pushes it up to $19.99. I'll try 2 and see how it goes.

I was afraid of changes plans before, because I wouldn't have been able to go back to it, but now, I'm free to experiment.


So where is... on streaming?:

Babylon AD
Bait Shop
Burn After Reading
The Day the Earth Stood Still - 2008
Drillbit Taylor
Four Christmases
Full of it
Hot Tub Time Machine
The Maiden Heist
Max Payne
Meet Dave
Role Models
Run Fatboy Run
Sex and Death 101
Son of Rambow
Bounty Hunter
Transporter 3
Yes Man

Add more to streaming Netflix or it's worthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockin' Rick

I've been a happy 3-at-a-time Netflix member since 2002. Raising the price by a couple of bucks is just keeping up with the times, but now that I'm evaluating it all I probably will switch to 2-at-a-time just because of needing to cut back during this sucky economy. I hope Netflix continues to prosper; I just hope they don't plan to bail on us DVD purists who resist streaming.

ronald felder

This is the price that Netlfix charged back when I joined them in 2005. some time after that date they lowered their price about a dollar. so we're basdically back where we started.


Reducing what DVDs they get, blu-ray releases missing from the catalog (a PREMIUM service), 28 day delay on both DVDs, and the premium blu-ray content, and not to mention we are paying more for DVDs that are "rental only" and are missing the extras.

Being a netflix customer is as bad as being a cable customer; screwed every place you go.


I've dropped from 6 to 3 dvd's because of the rate hike. That's temporary though. I plan to get pack up to 6 dvid's again in a few months.


My wife and I are staying at the 5 out a time plan. We've never had cable since we moved in together and Netflix is our only entertainment expense, so the extra $5 is worth it, since we are streaming a lot more since we got our Wii hooked up for wireless. Just a side thought though, I hope with the new price increase we see an improvement of the number of streaming titles available. I keep a full queue of 500 discs and would estimate less than 50 or so are available as streaming. Kind of a low number for a "streaming company" as our boy Reed puts it.


I'm on one-out, I'm not changing. A dollar just doesn't bother me enough to change. It's still a bargain. It's funny, some people like to think they're "punishing" Netflix by reducing their plan.


Just dropped my 3 plan for the 2 plan. Being a solid member for five years and getting a price increase offends me. I don't stream and if I did, I get it. But I don't. So it's nothing more than a price increase to subsidize an inefficiency (for NFLX) I can't help.


I will be dropping from 4 out to 2 out because of a $4 increase to my plan. I was going to drop to 3 out anyway, but with the price increase and with the economy still in the tank, time to make a move to save some money.


Where is Jack Goes Boating? Seems like Netflix forgot to buy copies of that one.

The Whiz


Dude, Netflix sucks. But in fairness to them, "Jack Goes Boating" isn't released on DVD/Blu until Jan 18th, 2011.


i dont really watch dvds anymore... i have one dvd that ive held onto for like 3 months now... just havnt watched it. Gonna ship it back this wknd and drop down to the streaming only.

I use redbox for all my new release needs... i couldnt stand the wait period for blu's or even standard DVDs... now that redbox has blu its been an awesome combo


I'll have to do a cost-benefit analysis with the new Netflix DVD/streaming pricing. Obviously the cost per DVD rental will go up, however, it was already going up because of the plethora of titles now available for Netflix streaming that I watch - i.e. I'm turning over fewer DVDs per month at the current monthly subscription price.

Now might be the time to cut way back on physical DVDs and start looking at Blockbuster, VUDU, Amazon, cable movies on demand, etc., all of which are on a per movie rental cost basis. Some combination of these as a complement to a reduced, or maybe even streaming only, Netflix service might make sense for me.

There's a paradigm shift in how you watch movies at home going on right now, and there are no easy answers. You have to analyze what type of movies you watch, and how convenient it is to get them, balanced against the cost involved.


I've been using netflix since 2001, and earlier this year I went down the 1 dvd at a time plan. since my plan only went up $1 I don't plan on changing anything.


I was/am planning to upgrade to BD in 2011. Not sure what is going to happen now. Have been on 3 out a time for years.

If you want BD then it looks like BB is the way to go. Will be interesting to see what BB does when it comes out of bankruptcy next year.

I am thinking of switching to 2 out but I only watch the DVDs on weekends. I see if there is a way to game the shipping system. It looks possible as long as NF keeps operating on Sat. Not sure how long that will last because of the Post Office problems. At least I have about 6 weeks before I roll into the new prices.


I just dropped from 3 to 2. I have only been getting through 2 movies a week for over a year now because my family streams so much. Its too bad for Netflix since I was paying for 3, now they will get less dollars per month from me for basically the same service.

Yssup Tae

I wouldn't have a problem with this hike or the blu-ray hike last year if it wasn't for the fact that despite the increase in price the amount of availability for blu-ray has decreased. when they shipped me the new tv show 'V' on DVD i called and asked why it wasn't blu-ray. They basically said due to deals with blah blah blah we only have dvd now but might be blu-ray in the future. yet i pay for blu-ray. i scratched the crap out of all the dvds and sent them back so i didn't feel like i was getting screwed. dropping from 3 to 1 at a time. the extra $15 i'll be saving a month now can go to hulu+ and vudu streaming rental service that the ps3 recently got.


To paraphrase Bono: "For christ's sake, vince, it's for the children, don't be a cheapskate" - It's TWO FREAKING DOLLARS, buy one less damn latte next month, you grumpy f*cks.


"It's TWO FREAKING DOLLARS". what a rich unempethetic ass.

Perkins Cobb

The "postage costs exceeding streaming costs" business is disinformation from Reed. Postage costs for this year are in the $600-$700 million range. The Epix deal streaming deal alone was $1 billion. And as we all know, Netflix still doesn't have streaming rights to the most popular studio titles.

If the studios ever give up the top new releases for streaming, the fortune that NF will have to outlay will dwarf those figures. Today's disc renters are footing the bill for tomorrow's streamers. (Which may be technologically inevitable, but this price hike is structured so as to rub it in the faces of us disc-lovers.)


That's not a valid comparison. You are comparing the cost of acquiring the content rights, not the actual cost of the streaming itself which is only pennies per title.


Perkins Cobb isn't being any more coy than Reed Hastings. If Netflix doesn't cough up the money for content rights they don't get to stream anything, pennies per title or not. In the end the cost of acquiring the streaming rights has to be included somewhere.


He may not be any more coy, but he's certainly far more factually and logically incorrect.

Is there any real doubt that the current cost to stream an average title (including all associated costs) is less than that for the average physical disc? Or that Netflix plans to keep the cost/stream at below the cost/DVD for the long term?

You have to stick your head pretty far down in the sand to believe otherwise (eg. by resorting to ridiculously unfair comparisons like the above).

Perkins Cobb

Hank, of course it's legitimate to factor in the cost of content rights. Come on, that's obvious. The most that NF will ever have to pay for physical media is the MSRP (and of course in practice they pay far less). The most that NF will ever have to pay for streaming content is ... WHATEVER THE STUDIOS WANT TO CHARGE.

The difference between "pennies for streaming" vs. 44 cents (or whatever) to mail a disc is trivial compared to the potential for an astronomical increase in the cost of content acquisition. And yes, that's somewhat speculative, but so far the prices that NF has paid to add relatively stale streaming content bear out my argument.

Reed knows that if NF is to remain relevant he's going to have to figure out (1) how to convince the studios to let him stream STAR WARS and E.T., and (2) how the hell to pay for it. The price hike and the service reductions are funding #2 ... and the part that pisses me off is that they're happening well ahead of #1 becoming a reality.


What is obvious is that if you are going to factor in the cost of content for one delivery method then you should do it for the other. You totally failed at that in your first attempt and now you're just waving your hands and claiming its negligible. How are you estimating the costs Netflix spends on their processing centers vs. The costs of maintaining the data on a handful of servers? You're not, of course.

You have little to no data on which to make your oh so certain conclusion. You don't know the average cost per disc (or on which discs Netflix pays a per rental fee) and you didn't even try to calculate the relative number of titles delivered to get a per title value.

To sum up, you have almost no data, you cherry pick and/or muddle the data there is (44 cents per disc?, you do realize the discs have to come back, right?), you make unfounded predictions of how the studios will react and you make erroneous conclusions based on all that nonsense.

You think Netflix is doing it all wrong, but you offer no alternative. Although you do seem to believe Netflix should wave some magic wand to lock the studios into a low-priced deal on their most profitable content.

Netflix says it costs them less to stream a title and EVERY bit of real data supports that. There is absolutely no reason they shouldn't try to get most of their customers to get the majority of their content via streaming even though they can't at this point go all digital.

I wish I could have seen your posts on how foolish it was to rent DVDs by mail. Unlimited returns? Two day turn-arounds? For only twenty bucks? What fool would think that was a viable business model?

Perkins Cobb

Hank, you are correct in that indeed I don't know the dollar amounts on all the variables you mentioned.

You, in turn, are choosing to ignore my point that if and when NF gets access to the most valuable streaming content (e.g., popular new releases), their cost-per-video-streamed will rise (perhaps exponentially). Do I know for certain that it will surpass their current cost-per-disc-shipped? No, but I'm predicting that it will.

You're also attributing a lot of things to me that I never said. Never said streaming won't be a valid business model. Never said anything about a magic wand or Netflix "locking" studios into any kind of deal. Never said Netflix was "doing it all wrong." I also didn't give you nearly as much I'm-a-know-it-all-internet-dickhead attitude as you're giving me.


Your "point" is obvious, while at the same time irrelevant. There is absolutely no doubt that the studios will charge a premium for their new content and that this (almost by definition) will cause the average to go up.

What's your conclusion from this and how does it invalidate anything that Netflix (or Reed Hastings) has said?

Netflix is not going to buy this content if it costs $5 per stream (they could do that now), they are buying cheaper content and will continue to evaluate how to balance all their costs vs. what customers expect/demand. It is extremely far fetched to believe that Netflix will ever let the average cost per streamed title exceed their current cost per disc delivered.

So if I'm misattributing what you've said, can you illuminate me? If what you were really saying is "streaming is a valid business model and Netflix is doing it right" then I guess I have to agree with you after all. Of course that contradicts everything else you've said, but I'm willing to accept that you've reevaluated your opinion.

The know-it-all-internet-dickhead is the appropriate response to your repeated attempts at obfuscating this issue.


Confirmed by NF CS, that Downgrading to Streaming ONLY will cause loss of DVD Q


Which is why Netflix should give members a way to flag titles that they would like to stream. Not only does it gauge demand, it will add them to the instant "queue" automatically if they become available.


Well, I just signed up for Netflix the day before the increase so as someone who will have never paid the old price I'll stick with what I have.

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