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No link for the full list. Click here? Where?


Woulds you wait in the Dr's office for 28 days ?


Bob, most netflix don't mind waiting 28 days for new releases because many of them have other stuff in their queue they watch.

If you really want the latest and greatest, yeah, you can go to Blockbuster or purchase the DVD and resell it.

Does it suck? Yeah. But not enough for me to do anything about it.


While waiting for hacking netflix to update their site, you can go to Netflix's website to see the new releases:



@bob, the 28 day wait didn't bother me until the recent price hikes. I thought the reason for the delay was so Netflix could LOWER costs. Its very clear Netflix is only focused on streaming and not on providing new released on DVD/Blu-Ray.


Maybe I'm a couple weeks late, but I want to express how thankful I am that you do these lists every week. It's very helpful and I like it. Thanks.


this 28 days waiting thing plus the price increase could result in netflix's own undoing.i have been a member since 2004 and i dont switch to blockbuster because they have a lousy anime selection.but, if they improve on this i think i would switch on a heartbeat...


Nothing but trash titles this week... Not that much good streaming titles added this week either. Meanwhile the stuff in my disc queue I want to watch have "long waits". Not good netflix...


The 28-day thing was pitched to customers as an agreement that would lead to getting a lot more top-tier movies into the streaming library and help to keep costs down for the service.

While the documentary section is pretty impressive, there's still a LONG way to go on the movie front... most of the library is B-list stuff. Yeah, yeah... that's subjective. But go find the big blockbusters and award nominees from the last several years in there. Can't do it.

And the recent price hike tells you all you need to know about costs staying down.

Not to mention the surcharge on Blu-Ray, which was supposed to ensure that you get Blu-Ray titles "when available" -- given the number of times we got the DVD instead before getting rid of the Blu-Ray option, that's failed.

Bottom line: We've dropped from 4-discs at a time to the bare minimum service level. Netflix is lucky to be pretty much the only game in town right now.


@eddie - I understand the frustration of people who want the latest releases as soon as possible (and on Blu-Ray), but if there's something that might be Netflix's undoing it would be committing to streaming and having it fizzle (or having another company dominate). I think it's clear the 28-day thing is a trade-off to focus on streaming. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates it - I've pretty much gone to streaming although I'm staying one the 1-out plan for non-streaming titles.

The comment areas are full of "experts" who somehow know if they paid to much for the Epix deal or if streaming is the right way to go or whatever, but Netflix has billions riding on the answer so I'm guessing they know a lot more than the average commenter. 5 years from now we may well be commenting on how smart Netflix was for not continuing to focus on mailing discs.


@Bob - no, I'd go and do other things for 28 days and come back.

Steve I

I think a LOT of people misunderstand the 28 day delay deals that N* made with the studios. The deals weren't made to lower costs, and have nothing to do with the coming price hike (my plan went up $1, BFD).

The deals were signed to give the studios 28 more days to market (sell) new releases and in exchange they opened up their back catalogs of programming to N* for streaming. In the last year that I've been with N* I've seen a tremendous increase in the number of titles available......

Of course that probably doesn't matter unless you're an old guy like me.....I like new release stuff as much as anyone, but I also enjoy programming that has a bit of "seniority".


I am one of the experts who feel that streaming is the future and NF pay too much for Epix content. ;) NF should have waited and gotten a better deal. Time was on NF side, not Epix.


@FearNo1 - how do you figure that? There are other companies out there starting up streaming services.

As for the 28 day thing, I lied before - I don't really understand it. Well, maybe around this time of year it makes a difference because titles that you may have been able to watch over the holidays won't be available until Jan. But other than that, the DVD release date is kind of arbitrary anyway, so who cares if Netflix's release coincides with the advertising hype? I may have missed something - maybe someone can explain it to me.


Is movies.netflix.com down right now? I can browse anywhere fine including www.netflix.com. movies.netflix.com, however, times out.


@steve When the 28 day wait was announced Netflix DID say they agreed to the wait to lower costs of new releases. Blockbuster paid more $$ to get films without the 28 day wait. They also said they would get more titles for streaming from the studios.


The studios are wanting more put on streaming instead of discs because of piracy. Their logic is if you stream it and like it that much you will go out and buy it, but if you can just get the disc in the mail and rip it onto your hard drive, well where's the motivation for the honest consumer to buy it then?


That's an interesting point - although I don't buy DVDs myself. I've ripped a few titles in my time, just to return the disk sooner, but I rarely watch anything more than once.

I just got "Get Him to the Greek" last week and it was a "rental" DVD without the extra features, so there's another way to provide motivation.


I say time was on NF side, not Epix because Epix needed the cash as most cable and satellite companies were not signing with them because consumers do not want a higher bill. Even if streaming competitors come, NF is already years ahead of them in terms of device support, content, and brand name. By paying so much for Epix, it will only increase the price for future content. Thus NF should have waited and gotten a better deal. I still don't see that much great streaming content after the billion dollar Epix deal.


I missed Restrepo when it was in my local theater for only a week, and have been looking forward to watching it. It's also on National Geographic Channel on demand, if you have that option available.

It's a documentary following "One platoon. One valley. One year." in Afghanistan. I've heard it's incredible.


@Fear - that's an interesting analysis, are you actually in the business or are you repeating stuff you read elsewhere?

I knew you meant time was on Netflix's side. I don't know anything about Epix needing money or who else might have been interested or not. I think the only way to know if they paid too much is to have some other info on what they could have paid, or to know what it's actually worth to Netflix.

As for device support, anyone and their grandma can make a Roku channel, and I can't imagine it would really take years to have a PS3 or XBox interface developed. But maybe I'm wrong.


True it does not take that much time to develop the app. But it does take time to get the permission, approval, deployment, etc. MS, Sony, apple, etc have tight controls on their closed, proprietary environments.


I don't mind waiting 28 days for Blu-ray discs. What bothers me is the number of new releases that Netflix has decided never to get.


There is another player in town. Blockbuster Online!
You don't have to wait 28 days for new releases and an added bonus.. The wait times are shorter! A 2nd bonus... No Blu-Ray Fee!

Also Independent Straight to DVD releases that Netflix is missing are also available. Netflix has streaming ,if you like OLD MOVIES or Pixalated hit movies from EPIC and STARZ (Makes me beg for the real HD Channel on Dish Network, watching that!)
Oh they look so wonderful on that 60" TV you bought. Newer HD Movies? Ya... But you better like B- Movies!!


"I don't mind waiting 28 days for Blu-ray discs. What bothers me is the number of new releases that Netflix has decided never to get."

And that pretty much sums it up for me. Waiting the 28 days isn't the problem, but each week the new DVD releases are dwindling down to almost nothing. And I do like the streaming, but I just think there's way too much missing to begin depleting your DVD offerings as much as Netflix is doing at this stage of the game. It's certainly making me have second thoughts about Netflix, especially since they've quit acquiring Shout Factory releases altogether and are not replacing those series that are no longer available due to missing discs.


I hadn't even noticed that there were new releases not available from Netflix - that does kind of suck. As for the people with the 60" TVs who won't watch anything without a perfect picture - if I were in your position I'd just pay for cable or buy Blu-Rays instead of whining about it.


seeing as how that link is still missing I thought I'd figure out what it was and pass it on...



People with 60" TV's dont have to have perfect pictures but why would you want to watch a movie like The Bounty Hunter when even the DVD version on a good upscale DVD player looks better than Netflix streamming?
The Starz & Epic deals, where lots of the recent big movies come from look TERRIBLE. And they spent all that money for content that can't even match a DVD's PQ!


I have a Canadian Account - how come Growns Ups shows as not available and I can not add the DVD from the link of this page?

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