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Sammy Sharon

Yes please.

-Always Sunny in Philadelphia
-Modern Family??
also, maybe have a 'premium' option to get the SHO (Dexter) and HBO series live updating, alleviating my need for cable in the first place. :)


True Blood
Sons of Anarchy
Friday Night Lights

Bo Bice

Idiots!!! HBO shows will not be on netflix.

 Peter cock'n'tail

Hulu already does current tv... if you have them both you would most likely be paying twice for the same shows... I personally would probably cancel one of the sercives


Forget current shows..that's what DVRs are for. Still waiting for classics like Three's Company, I Love Lucy, Bewitched. Or old faves like all seasons of Beverly Hills 90210, Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls, Little House on the Prairie. Shows that have way too many discs/episodes to get via dvd/regular mail.


We don't have cable, only Netflix and a few over the antenna local stations, so I can't DVR current shows.

My wish list, Fringe, NCIS, Lie to Me. I am not impressed with Hulu plus. It is too confusing to figure out where to watch what.

I vote to put it all on Netflix, even if I have to pay more per month.


1. HBO
2. AMC

just those two would attract tons of subscribers


SiFi shows: StarGate Universe, Eureka, Haven, etc.

I hate to say it, but $100,000 per episode is probably a pittance for popular prime-time big network programs. Shows like Friends paid about 10 times that in actor salaries alone, and things are probably costlier now. Studios would be well justified avoiding anything that might decrease viewership during the broadcast time slot (anything that might impact ad revenues).

$100,000 might be about right for some cable shows.


People are already watching episodes oline instead of watching live. I'd prefer to watch on my big screen with my surround sound instead of my laptop.

This would be a great opportunity for people to start watching new shows, get them hooked watching in the hiatus when there are no new episodes coming out


Get all the seasons of Dexter that have already aired.

HBO is not going to happen anytime soon.


Yea great,current seasons of new shows. But does anyone realize it's going to cost Netflix almost a million dollars for a current season of 1 show? Who do you think their going to pass that cost on to? Especially if they add,say the top 10 favorite series currently on. Cha Ching Cha Ching.


I would gladly pay additional money for access to a catalog of standard cable shows. (AMC/USA/Food/Travel/Comedy Central/ETC)

I cut the cable a little over a year ago ($140/month versus $20/month for netflix/OTA) but would gladly pay another $10/month to add basic cable content.

The ability to add HBO and Showtime original series (don't care about movies, netflix already gives me all the movies I can watch) would be nice but I don't see it even possibly happening.


Netflix expects to keep growing, therefore if they spend 100k per episode, but grow subscribers at the current pace of 5 million per year, its really not that much money. Netflix is constrained by the world internet not the US cable market. Think about that for a minute. 6 billion people in the world. The same Sandvine data traffic survey that says 20% of all peak US bandwidth is Netflix also says that 95% of all peak Canadian bandwidth is Netflix.

What happens to subscriber growth when we have Netflix.uk, or Netflix Korea, Netflix India or Netflix China. Reed Hastings has already stated that he fully expects Netflix to eventually generate more than half their revenue from overseas.

A 5 year $1 billion epix deal or 100k per TV episode doesn't seem like so much to me now.


I agree with David...It would be nice if they can sign a deal with HBO and Showtime for shows only. I don't really watch any movies from there since I either own or rent the ones I want to watch anyway. The only reason to have HBO and Showtime for me is for the shows. If Netflix struck a deal for only the shows and not movies from these two, and paid the same amount per episode, that might outweigh what these premiums have been losing as people leave cable/dish for streaming. My DVR takes care of any primetime shows that I really want to see currently anyway so having the Netflix/primetime deal does not matter to me as much as getting HBO and Showtime since they are each an extra $12 or so a month.


Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The League
Raising Hope
The Office
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation


I would be happier with a more robust offering of shows for previous seasons. Don't waste money on current seasons when you don't offer some of the better shows previous seasons.


I would see no point in duplicating what exists on Hulu - while it might be convenient, I definitely wouldn't want to pay more for that.

I think it would be great to see shows that aren't on hulu - there are some networks that post just to their own sites, and the interface is generally clunky and way more painful to use than hulu (cw, cbs). And other shows aren't available free online at all, so obviously those would be great to see added (mad men, mentalist, big bang theory) since that's really something you cannot obtain through a free service.

I would also be willing to pay a significant premium (like with the premium for blu-ray, but more than $1) to have access to new HBO/Sho episodes (or even with a lag of a couple of weeks). Part of the problem with Netflix is that you can never get these shows even AFTER they come out on DVD! Despite the 28 day thing which I thought was supposed to decrease wait times once the show came out, 99% of these shows remain long wait for a month or longer even after they are supposed to be available. Netflix really needs to focus on either buying more copies of the DVDs or getting some of this content available to stream (maybe concurrently with when the DVDs come out, if paying a premium for new episodes is not feasible?).

Jaaaack (You Can't Handle The Truth!)

HBO,Showtime,Skinamax,and The Movie Channel should offer their own online service for current movies and series. That be something I subscribe to for a lower price then cable companies offer. But I guess I'm getting off topic,as to what this article was about?


Any series with over a 30 share on the broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX) and on the major cable networks (Showtime, HBO, Comedy, MSNBC, Food, Travel, and HGTV).


The Walking Dead.


Take for example Dexter on Showtime - I would like Netflix to secure the content for streaming beyond the 1st 2 seasons. After all past seasons of shows currently running (like Office or Psych or Mad Men) are streaming then if Netflix wants to go after current content that is running ota/cable/sat please do, but not before all the current past episodes are streamable.


It would be nice if NF would give us surveys to see what we are interested in. The last thing NF needs is more garbage programs added to its stream lineup.

Showtime programs (The Tudors)

david v

netflix will work to replicate and replace cable for $7.99 a month. i'll like to see how this plays out...

i'd like modern family, community, south park, and also shows from HBO & FX. all, with the exception of HBO, i can get from hulu or the network's websites. My lack of interest in most of what is on tv right now is why I have netflix & don't have cable.

i would not be interested in paying more a month to watch 12 different crime scene investigation shows.


They should focus on switching anything that's been released to DVD to be available on instant. If you can rent it you should be able to stream it. Leave new episodes to the websites and cable. There is enough out there on DVD to get switched. I never watched nip/tuck while it was on cable. It wasnt something I would want to follow on a weekly basis. Once it landed on instant I was able to watch the episodes whenever I wanted. It turns out the show was great. It's not the type of show I would buy the DVD box sets for though. This is all netflix has to do. I think it would benefit netflix, the studios and the consumers. It's too much of a mess when you start posting weekly episodes to the site.


I totally agree on the classic stuff. Where is Cosby Show, Night Court, Saved By the Bell, Different Strokes, Friends, Home Improvement, All in the Family.....I could go on and on....I can't see how these shows would cost a lot of money...? And now, some of the only classic TV they have on streaming (Incredible Hulk, Kojak, Adam-12 and more) are all going away in the month of December...what gives?


more classic shows would be nice. It's gotta be cheaper 2 stream them than put on DVD. Amazon has "Alice" & "Flo" but charges $27.99 to buy a season?? Outrageous!


@ed: Just because something is about to expire doesn't mean it will. A lot of the Discovery programming like Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs was set to expire December 1st, and I looked today on Feedflix.com and those are now showing an expiration date of December 2011. Lost was on streaming for quite a while, and the 1st four seasons are coming back next week.

The expiration date just means that is the end of the contract they have with the owners to stream it, it can be renewed over and over.


Just a matter of time before Netflix starts offering sports and makes everyone pay for it, just like cable.

They should offer non-streaming plans for people who can't get high speed.

Isaac Church

I would love to see ALL the current NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX shows on Netflix. Even better would be basic cable channels like TNT, USA, Discovery, etc. Screw Hulu I'd rather have it on Netflix.


Some are obvious and have been listed many times in the comments above. However, there are many other shows that people watch that would be much less expensive than $100K per episode. Consider shows from Food Network (Iron Chef, Next Food Network Star), Disney (made-for-TV movies like Camp Rock), the design stuff (my wife likes this Nate Berkus show). And how about even the daily soaps?

There's lots of content that doesn't cost $100K per episode and will still bring in new subs.


Or more of the Nick stuff. They got an influx of Nick programming when they first signed a deal with them, but nothing since then. No Icarly, only the first 3 seasons of Spongebob, etc.


There is a natural progression underweigh that leads to original content creation. HBO and Showtime have followed this path. Now Starz has become a series producer too.

I don't really care too much about episodes of the series mention by others above. While I probably watch more TV, video, and movies than any of them (I'm old and sick) I have never seen any of these shows.

@jjfromnyc, @Sammy Sharon, @noor and @Julian have lists of their favorite shows - I've never seen a single episode of any of them. Not one. I've heard of most of them and I think I have all of those available to me on cable but I've never actually invested the time to watch one.

I did watch several seasons of Dexter on DVDs but all of a sudden I became repulsed by the whole idea of a clever serial killer. It was like a wave of creeepiness washed over me. I had also watched a couple seasons of The Tudors when I suddenly realized that they were going to continue to have the skinny, young, small Rhys-Meyers play Henry as he became the old fat (400 lbs), bearded Henry known to history and to art.

Even the most intriguing series premise usually runs out of gas after a season or two. I liked the premise for Burn Notice and I love Bruce Campbell but even so the notion of a former secret agent as a guest lecturer on spy craft goes only so far.

There are approximately one gazillion gorgeous young women available to act on TV. I'm glad of it. And there are nearly as many stalwart and dashing young men. They seem to have enough cameramen and key grips too. The only rare element are writers.

So this strategy of buying series episodes is really buying the products of the best writers who work for others. Better just cut out the middle man. Buy the writers and make your own series.


Interesting. It seems, if you read the linked article in the op, that an agrument over digital licensing rights of TV shows that are "in season" (currently broadcasting new episodes) is something of a question mark in the entertainment industry. All it took to expose it (and the greed) was a third party with deep, deep pockets (cue: NetFlix)

Fred Dickey

Netflix should start their own studio and start producing The Sarah Conner Chronicles seasons 3, 4 and 5!


Who cares!!!

forewarned is foreskinned

not gonna happen at the $70k - $100 level. just like me walking into a bmw dealership and offering $5,000 for a 2011 BMW 7-Series.


This is a very aggressive move that is going right at the heart of Hulu. Hulu offers their content partners a share of pennies, Netflix is offering dollars, magic dollars that the studios aren't getting right now. They are already showing the shows on the web, Netflix is just offering them real money for it.

The only current show I want on Netflix is Sons of Anarchy. I am sure there are other shows I would like, but I don't pay that much attention.


leave it to beaver


i would like netflix to add more anime to both their streaming and their dvds rental service!

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