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Not if AMZN doesn't release a MCE player.
If I have to chnage remotes (e.g., from MCE to Wii) I won't watch it.
And I think the Netflix UI on the Wii is vastly superior to the UI on MCE.


That's an interesting choice to bundle it with Amazon Prime, it they go with that...

forewarned is foreskinned

i love competition! companies hate it, but it's always good for consumers.


(Disclaimer: I'm a Netflix employee. I'm biased).

I have an Amazon Prime membership and have loved it until now. I've found the Hulu Plus offering decent enough to be worth adding as part of my online content portfolio, and I'm looking forward to checking out Amazon's streaming offering. I just hope they have distinctly different content from what Netflix and Hulu Plus have.

Bob L

If they offer 5.1 sound then it's adios Netflix for me!


It's all about the content. They're far behind NF right now and there's absolutely no reason to think they won't meet w/ the same studio/network resistance that NF is experiencing. Worth keeping an eye on to see what they can offer up. I'll take a wait and see approach.


personally i prefer paying once a month than an annual fee...& that movie above is on Netflix too....


Hopefully someone can help me. I was wondering if I cancel my Netflix account, does Netflix delete all my history or do they keep it? And if I resubscribe will they link me back to the old account?


I had Amazon Prime for two years and order a lot of DVD's and Blu-ray from them. Dropped the Prime this year to cut back on expenses, and although waiting longer for your shipments can be bothersome, I've just learned to deal with that. However, if they add this it would certainly make me reconsider depending on quantity and quality.

Johnny Moss

Amazon also works with LINUX...


What gaming consoles support amazon streaming now?


It all depends. What can Amazon offer that Netflix can't compete with?


I subscribe to Netflix for DVD discs. Amazon would have to offer discs and that doesn't seem to be in their plan.


I can't find this page...can anyone else?


Alright I guess mine isn't updated yet.

Watch InstantlyLearn more
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Too little, too late?

As a consumer I'm glad to see this b/c competition is good, and it will be interesting to see everybody talking about how awesome Netflix's streaming selection is compared to Amazon's (based on the 5000 number cited above), but until it's on the Wii or PS3 I won' tbe using it.

And Prime, really? Still don't see the connection, unless they are just using that group to gauge interest before a larger release.


I have amazon prime. Students get one year free and I was able to use my .edu email address before I finished grad school in Dec. I like it enough to consider renewing it. An included streaming service would be an additional plus. My television has an Amazon VOD app, so this would be convenient for me. I would have to see what content was offered. I'm sure that I would keep both at least for a while because I like receiving discs in the mail. I don't want to pay for each episode of a show that I watch that is not available for streaming.


I have an amazon prime account. and an avid netflix user.. I consider myself tech savvy. but i don't see an easy way for me to watch . All i see is what looks like a small sample of movies to watch for free. it does though tell me i can pay money to watch more stuff. So if there are really more then 8 things i can watch with my prime account. i think they failed big time on making it easy for me to find content.



Netflix keeps your queue/account stuff for a while (year or so?). Not sure exactly how long but I do know they keep it a bit.


Amazon was looking for a built in subscriber base full of tech savvy people. Their service is already available on more devices than any other service except Netflix. They can integrate this with their VOD which Netflix does not have. They are taking a page out of the Netflix playbook, offer free streaming during build-out then break it off into its own service, although DVD by mail to streaming a bit better than free shipping on pet supplies to streaming.

Competition is not always good for the consumer when it comes to price. If Amazon and Netflix begin bidding wars on exclusive content the studios win, but we as consumers lose because we pay more. Netflix has done a good job keeping out the competition by keeping costs so low, that's why Apple, Google et al have yet to jump into the space. Amazon and Hulu were the only two possible competitors, Hulu appears done, but Amazon appears to be ramping up. The purchase of Lovefilm in the UK shows Amazon wants to jump into this market. It will be interesting if Netflix does their next international roll-out in Asia, once again they will be alone in a huge market.


I would not Leave Netflix. However, if Amazon offers it to the Roku as a membership I would probably pay the 80 bucks a year to have new movies.

Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with it.



I don't know for how long they keep it, but I suspect it may be longer than a year -- at least back in 2003 when I unsubscribed for about two years, when I came back all my 'stuff' was still there.


I was mulling this just now, thinking "well, people who already have Prime membership obviously will play with this, since we don't have to pay extra (or in fact do anything)," but I just realized -- Unlike Netflix, Amazon isn't just about streaming -- you could say that, right now, Amazon has at least two arms: Retail and cloud services. If they're starting a third arm (streaming), they may be very interested in streaming actually contributing to their other arm (retail). In other words, it may be that the incentive for tying streaming into Prime is less about the pre-existing Prime membership population, and more about believing that if they can persuade people to sign up for Prime because of the streaming, these people will then also use the Prime membership to shop more, providing a lift for their retail operations.

Josh Wells

I love Amazon.
I also love Netflix.

I would probably use them side by side.

1.) My internet connection is not fast enough for streaming HD (3mbps)
2.) I love getting the Blurays in the mail.

It's a good deal at $1 a piece from Netflix (renting them as fast as possible results in ~ $1 each), but with streaming you can really get your money's worth.

Until Netflix's entire library is streamable in highest format, I'm keeping my physical disc mailing option.

I'd love to see this happen though.


I am both a Netflix subscriber and an Amazon prime member. If you would have asked me two years ago would I drop Netflix for Amazon, I would have said absolutely not. But now, I could easily see dropping Netflix.

What I think is interesting is that Amazon's VOD/streaming model is the kind of model the studios will be much happier with meaning new stuff is paid ala carte and older stuff goes streaming.


According to the article , all content will be 480p which will make some very unhappy..Like the the movie that is displayed in the article is HD on netflix but not amazon ..So that will be a no go for many...But competition is always good..For me it would take a hell of alot to drop netflix..Netflix with 2 dvds out simply rocks!


If I did keep Amazon over netflix, then I would likely go to Redbox for my new releases. I wouldn't want to pay 3.99 per rental unless I was feeling particularly lazy. That still leaves television show though. I like getting an entire season from Netflix without an additional fee.


No need to swtich when I already have an Amazon Prime membership and Netflix streaming. There is no additional cost to me, so there is no reason to choose one over the other. Prime gives me free 2-day shipping on so much of what my wife and I buy through Amazon, so we look forward to this Amazon offering to its Prime Members.


I've been an Amazon Prime customer since they first started it. I also have a VOD Amazon account with access through every TV by some sort of internet access player - never ordered any titles however.

Sounds like this would be just another option to see whatever I want whenever I want in my home theater.


Needs PS3 streaming support ala Hulu Plus and Netflix.


Amazon VOD works on the PS3 through PlayOn, though that's an added piece of software to buy, maintain, and run. It's not as smooth as the PS3's native Netflix app.


I don't even know what the Amazon prime product offering is, I have never heard of of it. I've been with Netflix for years and absent some really compelling offering, can't see why I would switch. I like Amazon, but since I already get my streaming needs met with Netflix, why make a switch?




I'm already a Prime member so I'm happy to be getting another way to watch movies


I'll say this. I ordered a film through my blu ray from Amazon and it stalled twice then started again. Without me doing anything, they e-mailed me and refunded my money.

I had Netflix streaming buffer on me constantly for a year and they never did anything about it even after I called them. I canceled Netflix and don't miss it.

I can't say whether it was Netflix or Time Warner but they simply did not help me out. I would jump onto Amazon streaming in a second.

I love the idea of Netflix but it is becoming increasing clear that they are way over their heads with this.


I wasn't able to watch "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" in HD on Netflix over the weekend, would only stream reliably in blury SD, so I rented it on Amazon in HD, streamed fine.

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