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I personally don't mind the NetFlix window. Whenever I see the movie, it's new to ME. Having to see it the moment it officially comes out is unnecessary for me. It'll arrive when it arrives.


1/21 was a Friday, so their estimated arrival date of 1/25 is just two business days. That doesn't seem unreasonable.


The window is bothersome but its the future. I expect even longer waits a year or two from now.

I occasionally pick up a disc at a redbox or blockbuster kiosk when its available before netflix.

BB by mail has better availability but FAR, FAR slower shipping both ways so its not feasable for me and never was except early on when it would allow you to report missing or returned DVDs and get new ones shipped out right away. They have long ago closed that window.

Ive gotten past the 28 day thing ok. But I STILL have long & very long waits on the stuff at the top so clearly NF is not spending on buying enough discs.


I don't mind the 28 day window; I hope this delay does not increase. But having so many "very long wait" for new releases is getting annoying. For example, I have been trying to watch Tudors Season 4 disc 2 for several weeks. While its great NF is adding new members, they need to increase their number of DVD to member ratio.


WilsonTech1 you rule BTW.


Yeah 28 days doesn't bother me. I am so busy with other crap in my life & watching so much other content I haven't seen yet. I have yet to see a movie come out and grumble about waiting 28 days. As I can usually find something else I haven't seen.

Plus if it is a movie I really liked that I want to see again. I am gonna purchase it anyways. However I never rush to buy movies as studios like to release a plain version then a special edition anyways.

Plus Blockbuster is having cash problems these days. How long will they be around?

They have known to trick customers with false deals and such. Like the no late fee thing and such.

Offering really good rental prices then raising them when being popular.

Let's say a huge chunk of people goes to Blockbuster making them huge again. You don't think later on they won't impose the 28 wait to save on Money? Come on now....

Blockbuster has done some crappy stuff to customers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockbuster_Inc.#Late_fee_lawsuits

More: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/entertainment/blockbuster.htm

& more: http://www.complaintsboard.com/bycompany/blockbuster-a5.html

Google results: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=1440&bih=701&q=blockbuster+complaints&aq=0&aqi=g3g-v7&aql=&oq=Blockbuster+compl

This is why a lot of people would rather deal with Netflix & Redbox....

So yeah Blockbuster: http://www.ripoffreport.com/directory/blockbuster.aspx

Who cares?

Really if you want to use em. That's your choice.

They dug there own hole and ended up bankrupt due to bad choices they made.


While I don't mind the 28-day waiting period, I have a sneaking feeling that Netflix is buying fewer new releases. Even after the release, I end up waiting an additional 2-3 weeks before I can get it. I don't know if this is because so many people want it, Netflix is buying fewer discs, or a combination of the two. It's getting annoying.


I think that you examples of the BB wait time may be a little misleading. On the 1/21 - 1/25, the 21st is a Friday. And the 24th is MLK day which means no mail. Anything shipped from Netflix that weekend probably had an extra day or two in there as well.

That said- I did give Block Buster a try around Christmas time because they offered a lot of the cheesy made for tv Christmas specials that Netflix didn't. And I found that it took up to four normal days once for me to get a movie. And on average it was a least two or three days. Therefore I dropped BB before January and I am back to just Netflix.


I don't like the 28 day window and the fact that if I don't time my returns to arrive the Monday for a movie technically new releasing on Tuesday (but in fact shipped on Monday), I wait weeks and months for that title to then become available, just like in the past. I have not seen the new release "long wait/short wait et al" improve as promised.

I love the value of Netflix, my only grip is I have to line up the returns to get a new release shipped on Monday, or I wait and wait and wait and wait.

I'll live with it because I have to. I don't like it however.

As well, I tried BB and while I could get a new release no problem, the sending and returning times averaged 3-4 days each way. This was not acceptable for me, so I stayed with Netflix.


Works for me. I get my 28 day wait new releases from Blockbuster under their Total Whatever subscription plan. I get non-new releases and/or non-28 day wait new releases from Netflix.I pay for convenience - I can pretty much rent whatever title I want, whenever I want..

hypocrisy rules


Um...not to pick nits, but MLK was last Monday, January 17...not the 25th.

I get what you are saying, though. And estimated delivery date is often a day or two later than the actual date you receive a disc.

As to the complaints that we still have short/long waits for some titles, it is inarguably better than it used to be. If I missed a new release the first week, it used to be 6 months or more before I would receive some popular titles. Now, the longest I find myself waiting is about a month after it becomes available to Netflix (2 months after it is released to DVD.) Not great, but still an improvement.


I've also had a BBonline account since it was first offered back in 2005. I haven't experienced any slowdowns when round-tripping the discs in the mail. To me, the level of service (check-in, send-out) and mail delivery times are the same for BB and NF. I also experience the same "Long Wait" status' from both companies on New/Recently Released titles as well as "throttling" if I get to greedy at the all-you-can-eat aspect. As for Hot New Release & 28-Day windowed items, like @CJ said, the BB store will have those titles on the shelf and my account is old enough where I get to use my mailer as an exchange coupon. I don't even know if a new BB subscriber today would get that option except on the ultra-expensive plan.

Honestly, my BBonline account when used in conjunction with the stores has become more value-added & accessible to me over the recent years. I cannot say the same has happened with my NF account. I think this would be true for anyone like me that prefers disc’s over streaming and Blu-ray over DVD. But if streaming video is your thing, then NetFlix is your King!


I wouldn't mind the 28-day window so much if I could regulary get new releases without them being on long-wait for weeks after that.


bb online is better for blu-ray lots more to watch and pay less then streamflix!!!


The most convenient situation I've found is to use the Blockbuster Express machines that NCR owns. $1/night for DVDs and $2 for Blu-ray, and they're ready to rent the day a movie comes out. I don't know if they use the same distributors as Blockbuster stores as a loophole, but I'm always surprised to see brand new movies in those machines. I've never even used Netflix for new releases.


No need to chose between BB & N. Just use both. I do.


Big Whoop. Thats like saying the theater is getting movies before netflix. I have a nice long list of stuff I have to watch. When I get it ill get it. Still better than Blockbuster.


Too little, too late. This might have had helped Blockbuster back in 2005/2006. Now no one gives a crap.


No - Netflix availabilty of "new releases" (if you can call them that after 28 days) still sucks. I have seen no improvement in availability.

Justin Germino

Blockbuster is faster at sending movies than Netflix because when the post office scans the movie you send back, they already send out the next one in your queue before they even receive it, Netflix sends it only after they receive it. I was getting movies in 2-3 days with Blockbuster and there seems to be an extra day delay on Netflix in comparison for me.

Still, I almost never wait for movies to come via mail, I just watch movies, drive 5 min to local blockbuster and trade them in for 3 other movies, then while I am still watching the 3 local rented movies, my next ones already come in the mail and the cycle repeated.

I switched to Netflix for the streaming, if I was DVD by mail only I would have stayed with Blockbuster Total Access myself.

Kyle Clarkson

I've never been bothered by the 28 day wait, however I tend to keep my movies a little longer than most. I used to go through my DVDs by rotating them out-- I'd get one, watch it, send it the same day I received the next disc. I have a 2 disc plan at the moment and keep them and return them together in one envelope after roughly three weeks. I use the streaming nearly everyday.

I got tired of the "Long Wait," "Very Long," etc., so I used the streaming more and ended up keeping discs. I noticed that if I kept my discs longer and didn't send them back immediately the movies I wanted to see, which were on wait for anywhere from 1-5 months, suddenly were opened and they were sent. This, and the combination of the shipping date trick for new releases, the only new release that I've had to wait for in the last year or so is Avatar because I missed it by a day. But even then it was just a short wait.

It is a hassle sometimes, but using the streaming to supplement my DVD by mail, I'm not missing anything for me. It just takes a little extra planning if something is coming up that I want to see.

It's just something I do. Most probably won't want to hang on to discs that long. But it works for me.


Meh. Seeing as how it seems WB are imposing the delay on BB now (I couldn't get the Town until a few weeks after it came out or other WB titles) I don't really care either way. Besides, I can barely get through the 6 movies I have at home right now in time for a hot new release.

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