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I rate Netflix streaming very poorly, because only a very small percentage of titles provide subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Abou-Ali Khorasani

I rate it as amazing, and getting amazingly better all the time. 4 years on, it really is still a new service and gaining its sea legs. I had friends over for a week and we could not get enough of The Office and Dexter. Once they got back to Canada, they were happy to learn that it was available there too.


Horrible .. i can care less how many crappy titles you have , work on your compression and lack of ANY kind of Surround sound ...

People who love it have crappy HT gear


I think the chart speaks for itself....


Ask me again in April when all the Fox tv titles like 24, X files etc expire. If they come back I'd say good, if not, then the constant expiration of titles is going to turn off a lot of people who don't watch it every night.


That chart says it all - about 10% of top 100 movies are streamed by subscription service Netflix, versus about 50% for the pay-per-view competition.

So the question becomes what streaming titles are you looking for using Netflix? I'm looking for the "tail block" titles (i.e. not the top 100) since I like foreign, Indie, etc. type movies. I have no interest in the inane Network TV soap operas. Top 100 movies I just rent from Blockbuster under their subscription plan.

I'm happy with Netflix streaming.


Although I hate when titles expire, most of the movies I watch are art, indie and foreign films. For that, the streaming service is now more important than cable at home. The addition of the SNL current season is also a big improvement.


While my wife and I can always find something to watch at any given time, it is my 3 year old who is heartbroken. She only wants to watch certain titles (over and over and over again!) Ex: In December, all the Wiggles were instant play, then it dropped down to 4 January 1st, and today- all gone! She is limited to 2 hours of TV a day, and now the shows she WANTS to see are gone! So she has to settle for animal documentaries....

Anyway- I would rate the instant queue a 7 out of 10 :)
My daughter- 1 out of 10 :(


Streaming Quality = C
Selection = F
Price = A

I still don't understand why they have a streaming only service in the US, $1 more gets you discs.


I'd rate viewing quality 8 of 10. Content, 2 of 10.


I give it a 65, Mr Clark. It's easy to dance to.


What happened to all the wondrous content from shelling out big bucks to Epix? I noticed Iron Man is gone from streaming...


Only two hours of TV each day for a three-year old? How terrible.


I understand the complaints about a lack of content on streaming. But I have a que of 500 films that I fully intend on watching at some point. Yah I can't watch the latest John Goodman summer comedy, but I've overall been very pleased with the selection.
I would even go as far as to say that by limiting what I can watch, I have opened my film horizons and I've watched some great movies that I never would have watched if I went to the video store and rented "Major League" for the tenth time.

Siefer Kutherland

I had used streaming to watch the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand when it was on Starz Play last year. The quality was terrible so I just got Starz instead on cable so I could watch it in HD. Now I watch nothing on streaming.


Starz Play is a complete joke it's in 720 so it's basically unwatchable. Why netflix cut that deal is beyond me.


@MattT - I also have a 3-year-old daughter. She likes the Wiggles, but barely noticed those shows disappear because she still has Kipper (highly recommended), Busytown Mysteries, Dora, Diego, Blue's Clues, Angelina Ballerina, Word World, Shaun the Sheep... a ton of stuff for that age range.


The chart says nothing of price. For the cost of watching 3-4 Amazon VOD new release titles you get a month of access to tons of streaming titles PLUS a month of DVD rentals (including more new releases) with Netflix.

Plus there's no reason you can't supplement your Netflix subscription with VOD. That's what I do.


I think it is unfair to even compare NF streaming to PPV VOD as the latter is far more expensive. For content, I give NF IW a C+

NF has to improve letting ppl know when a movie is expiring. It needs to let you know at least 2 weeks in advance. I should not have to go to other sites to find this out. They need to revamp the IW section big time. Take notes from instantwatcher and feedflicks sites.


I used to think that the Netflix streaming was great and I was almost always able to find a title that I would enjoy. Recently, I have found that it is harder to find a good movie on Netflix. And the Starz Play category has gotten very small, what happened?


As Dennis and FearNo1 (is that Fear no one or Fear Number 1?) pointed out, how can you judge Netflix in comparison to things it doesn't compare to (see my Lovefilm rant)? How would someone rate their Ford Focus, compared to a Mazarati? Netflix would be great with newer films sure, we all love something for (next to) nothing, but it's the same price as Hulu Plus which is the only other $8 susbcription serivce out there, so how does Netflix rate COMPARED TO IT'S COMPETITION? I'll take Netflix at $8 with no ads over Hulu Plus anyday. [Do people know some shows on Hulu aren't on Hulu Plus? Blows my mind.] When Amazon, iTunes and Vudu start streaming all I can watch for $8 per month without commercials someone please let me know.


The chart that was used to compare the services is such an apples to oranges comparison it's not even worth discussing it. There's so many differences of those services outside of the content.


Quality of signal is very good or better, 90% of the time.

Quality of movie selection leaves much to be desired but I am still viewing it as a work in progress, and a free add-on to my subscription. (And occasionally there are some real surprises with first run movies and tv series.)

Compared to what else is available, Netflix streaming works best with the my "basket of viewing choices".


I'm a huge fan of the service now and where it's going. There is an incredible diversity of titles and that is what I love. I don't think streaming is awesome because of the new movies that come out, its the availability of movies that you can't find anywhere else. If I have to see something that day I'm going to just run to the video store but 90% of what you find on Netflix you want find at the local video store and that is what I find brilliant about the service, it has expanded my appreciation of film immensely.


I am pretty happy with the streaming content from netflix both with quality and quantity. The recent deal with disney/abc family was great and helped fill a little bit of a whole for the 7-12 year old crowd. There is still alot of catalogue content out there that should be cheap. Early episodes of American Idol, Survivor, stuff of DIY network, cooking network shows, all kinds of content that is low value to the studios.

Its pretty obvious that right now a Netflix DVD plan which includes streaming is the lowest cost, most content, best value on that chart.


Content is obviously a huge issue, but I think the quality of streaming itself needs more attention. EVERY movie I watch needs to buffer at least once or twice, and never comes back as HD once it does. Perhaps this is just a problem with my streaming device, but regardless, Blu-ray is still the best way to watch most new movies. Amazing picture and surround sound, I'm very willing to wait a day or two for the disc to arrive to get these things.

For me, streaming is something I use as a secondary option when I don't have any discs at home and really feel like watching a movie. However, I always have trouble finding the right movie. It's just not there yet.


All of the titles listed in the Gigaom article are from Epix. And as we all know NF does not have access to all of the Epix titles, all of the time. Those titles just got rotated out. They could be back sometime over the course of the contract. Note: 3 of those titles are currently unavailable on the Epix's website.

NF could start streaming current releases next month if NF wanted charge on a pay per view basis. Given their current encode model(s) most of us would not want to pay for that stream. The studios would probably limit NF to SD only with 2 channel stereo.


As someone noted above "I rate Netflix streaming very poorly, because only a very small percentage of titles provide subtitles for the hearing impaired. "

Additionally the video quality and the sound quality of those with subtitles is only marginal about half the time.

[Some advocates say there are 28 million of us out here with some form of hearing impalement.]


I feel like the chart would be even more disparate had they done the top 100 movies of 2009. I'd guess that the Netflix number stays about the same, and the remaining columns the DVD/Blu Ray number goes to nearly 100%, and the other columns increase a fair amount. I have a tough time finding movies that look appealing in the streaming only plan :(

sir jorge

I would rate it ok, but they are lacking some major titles. I find myself wanting to just buy some or go to blockbuster or red box cause they don't carry newer things often...and the selection, ugh, it is still subpar


Well, if you spend the extra buck a month, you can get both the Netflix streaming column (with more back catalog than you will ever have time to watch) plus all the new stuff in the DVD column.

Though I'll echo the complaint about not having subtitles on more than a fraction of the titles, and then only on a fraction of the Netflix clients.


I'm pretty happy with Netflix streaming and it's probably because I don't expect new titles for streaming. Once in a while I'll hit on a gem but since I haven't watched many movies since being a teenager I'm happy catching up on movies I missed and classics that I never bothered watching in the first place.

Aside from that documentaries are one of my favorite genres and there is plenty of them available. I can only think of 2 or 3 times a stream hasn't been perfect quality wise.

Overall I have no gripes with Netflix streaming or DVD service. Would it be nice to have newer titles available for streaming? Sure but I didn't sign up expecting it.


I mostly like to watch TV shows, and streaming works pretty well for me. I very rarely actually watch TV when it's live, too, so there's almost always stuff to catch up on. I signed up for Netflix originally to watch Lost, and have since worked through all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my boyfriend and now we're going through Battlestar Galactica. Overall I'm happy with streaming, although I'm glad that I still have DVDs on my plan, because I've also gone through a few seasons of Six Feet Under and am currently working on United States of Tara, which are not on streaming. Netflix clearly isn't ready to go streaming-only in the US, but as far as I'm concerned, it's getting there.


As much as Netflix may want to see us switch to their streaming only service, this simply isn't going to happen for the majority of the public w/o current releases being available via streaming.

Many of you have mentioned that the chart isn't applicable because there are price differences however I'm willing to bet there are more than enough people out there that would pay for a premium subscription plan which included the streaming of current releases. The fact that Netflix doesn't seem to want to do this opens the door for a potential competitor in this regard - just because Netflix doesn't want to use this business model, doesn't mean Amazon, iTunes, or perhaps a new entrant won't try it.

I've used streaming on occasion (after I switched to using wired Ethernet and component cables from my Wii the quality is much improved) but its the "new" releases that really keep me interested in Netflix for the majority of the year.

Until new releases are consistently available as they are on iTunes/Amazon, streaming will be a 'nice-to-have' and not a necessity.


streaming has been pausing a LOT lately, despite my having a FAST internet connection. Netflix claims no responsibility--claims that it's an issue with "the internet". BS.

other than that, I love Netflix service, espec. the Blu-rays

Bob L

1-I have FIOS and a ping test shows I can handle 24mb downloads. When I stream HD the signal still chokes up, even when I am the only user in my home streaming.

2- ROKU users still cannot stream 5.1 audio and Netflix still offers next to nothing in 5.1 for the PS3.

3- we still do not have the ability to turn on subtitles

Before Netflix starts being concerned about streaming content, I wish they would get the content they have running better per the above.

Grade: C-


Netflix is a subscription video-on-demand. Rest are not. Rest are only digital rentals / physical rentals. This is an apples-oranges comparison.


They need to improve their movie selection, by adding more weekly. I keep switching from netflix to redbox, because of limited of titles availble to watch.

Grandma Kris

The other day, my 4 YO grandson had a freaking meltdown when his Scooby-Doo: Pirates-whatever animated movie was suddenly gone from Instant Watch.

Of course when he's an adult, movie-watching systems will be different, but will probably still give him fits one way or another.


Our 2 year old is furious that Netflix no longer has Clifford's Big Movie available for streaming.

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