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BBs website is WAY worse and for me, it was 2-3 day turnarounds versus 1 for netflix.

I WISH they were comparable becuase it would be good to swap back & forth every 2 months to keep from being throttled by netflix.

Plus, isnt blockbuster still at $16.99 ??

Im not sure netflix is worth $3 more since I cant watch it on my TV yet.

I hope to soon...trying to decide which route to go. Recently had buy a new DVD player a $38 cheapie. But, its returnable.

Trying to decide between keeping what I have and adding a roku or returning it and getting a blue ray player with netflix in it.

My problem is I am not at all tech saavy.

I dont have wireless. And my TV is 15-20 feet across the room from my computer (and neither can be moved)

I dont know whats best for me.

Dont know exactly what cords I need if I dont go wireless or what to buy if I do.

Add all that up and Im a tightwad to boot. Dont want to spend heavily to do anything.


Why is the headline about Netflix and Amazon but, except for one sentence, the entire story is about Netflix and Blockbuster?

Michael N. Hunt

We use both Netflix & Amazon. I have no problem with the services other than Comcast throttling the streaming. I had it with Amazon on 12/30/2010 and Netflix 1/01/2011. In both cases the speed test was good. I have issued a complaint to Comcast but it won't go anywhere. I am paying for a 15mbps service and I cant get a good signal. If I alternate between streaming services Netfix and Amazon are the only ones with this issue. Try it.


For the price (2-DVD + streaming) and absence of commercials, I am very satisfied with Netflix.

They continue to expand their streaming listing, which I prefer over DVDs.


Very happy with NF. The streaming deals seem to be paying off as there have been some big additions lately. However NF needs more HD streaming. 5.1 sound should come to all devices. I try to buy as much from amazon as possible since there is free shipping and no sales tax.

Perkins Cobb

Two years ago? Very satisfied with Netflix. Now? Very UNsatisfied, and desperately looking for alternatives.

I'm mainly lamenting Netflix's declining support of physical media ... But like Michael N. Hunt above, I'm hitting 18mps on speed tests -- 3x what Netflix says I need to stream HD -- and yet whenever I attempt to watch an HD file I get a stutter, of varying severity but always noticeable, on horizontal motion within the frame. SD streaming doesn't have that problem, but then those encodes are always inferior to the same content on Blu-ray (when applicable) and sometimes inferior to DVD. I haven't yet untangled whether this is Netflix's fault or my ISP's....


I couldn't be happier with Netflix.

Streaming almost always works flawlessly, and DVD turnaround times are quick.


i'm pretty unhappy right now. because they want to go streaming only and also for the fact that the anime streaming section is a joke.i'm on 1.5 mbpand occasionaly my connection stutters when streaming something :(

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