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That's annoying. We're on the single disc plan, but my husband and I occasionally like to watch different things, so two streams would be ideal.


Primary question: do you have enough bandwidth to watch two HD streams?

The majority of the US doesn't have that amount of bandwidth availability in their markets.


NF is really trying to find ways to cut costs. This limitation could hurt households on the streaming only plan. IW should be based on 1 IW stream + the number of DVD plan. For example, stream only support 1 IW stream, 1 disc plan should support 2 IW simultaneous streams, etc.


Wish they would update the user accounts and let you delete user accounts too.

Also add streaming to extra accounts too.


@Smy, it may be true that most people don't have the bandwidth, households that stream from different locations may be affected. I like to watch on my iPhone when I'm at the gym while my roommate watches at home.


Wow. Really? Netflix is already an amazing product and deal and you're complaining because your whole family can't watch different streaming HD movies at the same time for $14 per month?? Personally I am amazed they allow this at all.


that's been official at least since i've been with them - i believe i started in august.

they haven't enforced it yet. when they'll start enforcing it, i have no clue.


I'm sure its to prevent people from sharing accounts outside their household.


Does anyone REALLY NEED to stream THREE THINGS at once? How about some family time where you all watch the same thing TOGETHER.


I have a little child that loves to watch Diego and other kid shows, but so that we do not only watch that, we have set him up with a computer monitor and Roku device next to our TV. He gets to watch what he wants and we get to watch something else, and we are all in the same room interacting. And sometimes we watch things on Netflix at the same time as him... Most of his content is SD, but we easily watch and HD stream and an SD stream at the same time...


We have the one disc plan and can watch on a bluray player and computer at the same time. We have a device upstairs too, but have only had it a week. We bought a Vizio tv specifically for the built in app and wifi so if we can not do multiple devices at once that would be a waste. My wife likes to watch old episodes of the office when she goes to bed but I usually go to bed later. We havent had a problem, and I just double checked that it works on my laptop and blu ray at the same time.

Dave C

2 is all we need and 2 is exactly what we have. Still a steal if you ask me.


I also notice something peculiar about streaming NetFlix on my PS3 this weekend. For the first time ever, the NetFlix XBM app asked me to "Log into NetFlix" with my account credentials (ID and password.) None of my streaming devices (Roku, PS3, Wii) have ever asked for this information before. I've only had to do the "Device Activation" on all of them when I first hooked them up. I have 3 others in my household that use NetFlix streaming from time to time but none of them have, or every will have, this information.

hypocrisy rules

Traditionally, Netflix has been all about their customers. Every decision was made to give the customer a better experience and better value. Over the course of the last year or two, we have seen that slowly shifting. Very soon, you won't be able to tell Netflix from any other big company.

Already, they have begun ratcheting up the prices, while at the same time slowly degrading the value provided. Even the cable industry does not limit the number of TVs you can connect while watching separate programs on each.

This change does not affect me right now, but if I wanted to go to a 1-disc-out plan or streaming only, I would be stuck watching the kids cartoons for the umpteenth time when I could be in another room watching a movie or other show in which I'm actually interested.

Rob Fagen

If I recall correctly, those have been the device-per-account and maximum-concurrent-device limits since the beginning of streaming. Netflix isn't trying to screw customers, they're passing along contractually obligated limits negotiated with the studios.

(former Netflix employee)


I have 6 devices. Practically everything streams Netflix nowadays. I'm on a greater than 4 out at a time plan, so I suppose I could have 4 going simultaneously. I don't believe I ever used more than 2 devices simultaneously though. My bandwidth should support 3 devices simultaneously.

Marques Johansson

Why couldn't they just limit rather than restrict use beyond X many devices. I would like to occasionally play 3 streams at a time when I have guests claiming one of the other devices.

Sock Puppet

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that the reason Netflix is limiting the number of simultaneous streams per account is to stop all the posers and cheapskates from sharing their account info with friends and relatives.

If yer ma wants to watch movies via streaming then get her an account of her own, stop being so cheap and just giving her your account info...

Steven Hoober

Man do I hate the internet. Why do we need all these "you are awful people" comments?

I for one stream (and watch a few DVDs) because I travel 5 days a week. I am only home with family on the weekends.

Two streams is okay, but presumably when I need three I'll pony up for another disk out.

When it's an issue is if one computer doesn't tell the NF servers it's done. I had that the other week here, and couldn't watch anything on my laptop during a workout, cause when the tablet battery died it didn't release session. I had to wait until it charged enough (later that day when I had time) to open it, stop "watching" and then I could watch on another device.

It would be nice if the account holder could enter their password and deauthorize other viewers if they want to watch something. Hey, I pay the bills, and can't stomp downstairs and tell the kid to stop watching Dr. Who and practice her flute.


A 1 out plan will allow 2 streams at the same time. Netflix allows that second stream to ensure that if an error occurs during streaming that leaves the stream open on their end the customer can still stream a movie.


I've read that answer 3 times and can't find any mention of the streaming only plan which makes me think it isn't new info.
I personally think NF is being generous allowing more than 1 stream on any account at one time. 2 seems fair. More than that and people should pay more. Any group setting - fraternity, sorority, dorm - could chip in for a max. account and stream all over the place. BTW - Comparing NF to cable tv is ridiculous as many cable companies now require you to rent a cable box for each tv. This would be the equivalent of NF making you pay for a subscription for each device you register.


Call me crazy, but...I think Netflix is being totally reasonable and justified.

It's still great value for what you get, and cripes, people...it's not like they're limiting the number of hours your pace-maker or oxygen tank can run. It's video entertainment.


Again just like taking away the add to dvd button this is a big to do over nothing. This has been the policy for quite some time and it has not changed. Anyone complaining about not being able to stream more then 3 things at a time I seriously would question the validity of that unless you're sharing your account with people that don't pay.


I have used the 2 or 3 devices at a time previously but olnly have 1 DVD out at a time. not often. but occasionally. I have 2 teens, 3 computers and a Wii. I also write a netflix-related blog. So sometimes I will checkout titles on my laptop while watching something else on a wii. This will definitely put a stop to that. Was hoping to add a Roku box as well in my bedroom, but only 1 device at a time will not alow kids to watch wii and wife and I to watchRoku at the same time wittout upgrading our plan!!

Also, what choices do Streaming Only customers have?? limited to only 1 device PERIOD?!?

Paulina S

Huh, I have the unlimited 1 at a time plan and just two days ago my sister was watching something with the Wii, my mom was watching something on the desktop and I was watching something else on my laptop so... dunno when this is going to start but i would prefer three simultaneous if they do change it...

Chris M.

I haven't seen anybody post the obvious reason for multiple streams. At least it's obvious if you own a Xbox 360. You can watch Netflix movies with friends and family in a party. I have friends that run into this problem. They are 3 brothers sharing the same Netflix account and have the 2 out plan. Only 2 of them can watch the same movie together. The 3rd gets knocked out of the room immediately after joining.
And as stated above this was reported on this site awhile ago. No new news here really. Just somebody who found out about it after reducing how many DVD's at a time they had out recently and it's affecting how many devices can play at the same time.


You should be given the option to pay for additional streams but I think it's unreasonable to expect to your entire extended family to stream simultaneously for $7.99 a month.


Netflix agent said it's been this way for the 2 years they've been there and that they sometimes "leave open" a second stream in case the first one times out so people don't see errors, but it's only guaranteed to match the number of DVDs you can rent at a time.


I am on the unlimited 1-disc at a time. yesterday (Jan 24th) I was able to run two streams but not three. I guess I will have to try today.


The need to limit this is certainly understandable, but there are better ways of limiting it than by the number of streams. It is rather unreasonable to expect a family to maintain multiple accounts just so they can have more than two streams throughout their home. A simple example of this could be: what if your son/daughter has friends over and they want to stream a movie in their room, you want to watch a separate movie with your friends in the media room or while you do some work in your office, and your wife wants to catch up on all those sappy TV shows she's missed while eating a pint of ice cream in bed? That's easily three streams and leaves countless possibilities for more.

A better option for limiting/controlling this would be to do so by IP addresses rather than streams. Limiting it to only two simultaneous destination IP addresses would solve the issue of the above example. You have three streams, but they're all coming from the same public IP address so there's no issues. Then you can still have the one off family member that is out and about streaming on his iPhone/iPad/laptop/whatever.

Mike Chapman

Actually, I tried this last night and was watching Psych on the wii with my kid and Testing other titles on my laptop just fine!! perhaps if Netflix notices abuse in the line, they "throttle" the number of simultaneous usage! I have seen many people post online that they give their account info to a bunch of friends so they can all share the same Netflix InstantWatch Account. Perhaps it is something like that!

Christian R. Ford

The stream limitation does not include desktop browser use, I have multipal Wii's through the house, a playon server also.

The stream limitation only seems to affect the Wii's but I always can pull up my laptop.

Also netflix has always had a limit since i started a year and a half ago, but now they are "capping" the limit, it useto be 1 stream per disk period...

I really am suprised they changed the stream model considering the new price model makes it cheaper to get two 3 disk accounts over one 6 disk account. So for less money you end up with more streams, more devices, and the same amount of disks...

Christian R. Ford

BAH nevermind, I just realize this "Change" is only to the unlimited watch plan for 7.99

They should offer an upgrade option per extra stream tho, I have a feeling you'll be seeing that in the near future

Justin Germino

In my house need at least 2 maybe 3 streaming, my kids have a Wii and stream Netflix on their TV and my wife and I have a Roku XDS and stream Netflix on living room TV but rarely do we watch Netflix during the day, only typically at night when kids are in bed.

They might be doing this to also help prevent ISP's from putting caps or charges on bandwidth usage as well, there may be something going on behind the scenes between ISP's and Netflix streaming I think as a possibility as well.

will fredricks

I'm on the 2 DVD at a time plan and a common scenario would be my 12 year old watching something through his XBOX while my wife and I are streaming something to our TV; meanwhile my older son and daughter, both away at different colleges, are each watching something else.


im on the 1 dvd + bluray, i just got an error on my third device "there are 2 movies being watched, which is the limit of your membership" so does adding bluray get you another device?


That may be the policy in practice, but I don't think the technology today stops that. I've never had a issue watching to shows at once (like one on an iphone and my wife using the tivo)

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