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Come on Sprint!!!!


I do hope it's available on the Evo.


I hope its going to be on my mytouch 4g


@ Joshua
How do you like the MT4G? Engadget gave it a mediocre review. I was thinking about getting it but disappointed it does not have HDMI out.


Netflix need to remove the DRM. It's not necessary for them to have the DRM. Netflix had it by choice not by force so why don't they just remove it.


@ Bobby
Can you provide a link to some authoritative site that backs that claim up? Also, WHY do they need to remove it? Since Netflix doesn't produce their own content they have to license it. I can't imagine the creator of the content allowing Netflix to put it out there without any protection. In the alternative, even if Netflix could use it without protection, it would hurt them in the long run if the content was easily copied and redistributed by others.


The Commercial Invested Hulu Plus, Flix Fling, Big star,Pub-D-Hub,EZ Takes, Drive-in Classic, Kung-Fu Theater (Part of Drive-in but separate & Cowboy Classics (Part of Drive-In but separate) all does not use that stupid DRM. Only Netflix & Amazon uses it


"Due to DRM issues, the Netflix app will not be released on all phones"

Sadly, this is why so many people pirate movies. We're willing to pay for them, but the studios can't figure out a way to make them available without crippling them so much that they won't even play.



@Samj DRM is not needed on these lowres videos. Who would pirate that when you can just rip a bluray?


"DRM is not needed on these lowres videos. Who would pirate that when you can just rip a bluray?"

If there is an illegal, free option vs. a paid, legal option, there's always going to be someone who just doesn't want to pay for it.


I'm hoping it's released for the Nook Color. Netflix would look great on it and it shouldn't be hard for them since B&N are in full Control of their ROM and they're launching their own App Store too. This is why I haven't Rooted my NC. I instead went with the "Nookie Froyo" method of Running full Android on the NC since it Runs straight of the MicroSD and leaves the Internal Memory alone, hence no Hacking Required.

(Check out: "nookdevs.com/Portal:NookColor" for details)

I shall wait in High Anticapation! :-D


@S This is true, those folks will get the blu-ray rips. Not some low quality crap off of a phone.


DRM stifles innovation

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