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You forgot Buried.


Added Buried. - Mike


I rather enjoyed SALT. I am looking forward to a sequel.


Devil actually wasn't too bad. And I heard Justified was a pretty good show.


Justified is a pretty good show. Not going to win any awards but decent none the less. Second season starts here pretty soon. Just got the email today: Devil is on the way. I read mixed reviews but it will kill two hours if nothing else. M. Night hasn't been on his game for over a decade now.

Justin Germino

Are there new releases to "instant play" section so we know what gets added just to Instant Play?


Justin--your best bet is instantwatcher.com for newly arrived and upcomers to streaming.

Curtis Ball

I'm waiting on Street Kings 2 with Ray Liotta on Blu Ray, but it's not on your list, but you're advertising it on some of your rental DVD's as if it's available.


@Curtis, I checked imdb, Street Kings: Motor City has no release date, so Netflix isn't going to have it until a release date is set. Amazon doesn't even have it listed yet.


This 'Devil' must be really good - you've listed it twice.

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