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Why the heck are they still adding new instant titles like Shutter Island that aren't in HD?


cz, one has nothing to do with the other


Whipped, care to elaborate? In the case of entirely new encodings, like Shutter Island, why would they not make them HD and 5.1? I assume it must be a licensing issue.


It could be a licensing issue, or it could be that they only have the bandwidth to handle a certain number of HD titles. I know it's hard to tell from this forum, but not everyone cares about HD that much.


And probably a lot of people not able to stream in HD. Probably more unable to than able to.

John Kimble

LARRrRRrRrRrrRrrrrrrrrrRRRRrrRrRrRrRrRrRy Sanders!


I realize not everyone cares about HD/5.1, but many of us do, and unless there's a lame licensing issue, it makes little sense for Netflix not to make the best possible encodes of new content. On a visually impressive/heavy soundtrack title like Shutter Island, it's a bummer.

Anyway, great bunch of new titles. I still haven't seen most of S4 of IT Crowd, love that show. And I might have to re-watch some Kids in the Hall and Larry Sanders.


Has anyone had trouble with the netflix site as of Jan 1? It is slow, when adding movies to the queues the movies are out of order and if you delete them it takes a very long time to do so. Also, sometimes it shows that a movie is unavailable, but when you go to a different page and back again it's fine. What's going on?


@ cz I could be wrong but I believe it all has to do with licensing. It bothered me at first but I have gotten over it I guess you could say. I bet you will to...just a matter of time.

PS3 Fanboi

When the f**k are they going to release SCRUBS on Instant Watch?


The streaming deals seem to be working, finally getting more quality 2010 titles. NF really needs on getting more HD titles this year tho.


I believe Shutter Island is an Epix title. None of the Epix movies that have gone to instant streaming have been HD. Regardless, I've watched several Epix streams and the stream quality is excellent. I can barely tell that they aren't HD...


Didn't Netflix spend a billion dollars on the Epix deal? Why the frak don't they have HD with that price.


I'm not sure about the rest here but HD is all I care about/want. I'm sure that is unreasonable at this time but I prefer and only want to stream HD. I saw the other day that Spartacus: Blood and Sand was added to instant and was just floored that it was SD not HD. I watched it on Starz in HD but still. The whole "Starz Play" is awful. Why when said title is available in HD only make the streaming version available in SD? I just don't understand it.


At the same time I do understand that some titles, older ones, just aren't available in HD or just weren't filmed that way. But not showing/making available titles that were filmed or are available in HD otherwise just makes no sense.


I don't know why it's hard to understand (at least the possible reasons), especially since it's been talked about above. Studios want to make extra money off HD (even though the source of a lot of things is already HD and it shouldn't cost them any more). Also it's a lot more data so it's got to cost Netflix more to stream (maybe not the actual data to stream HD, but the capacity to stream HD to the same number of customers now watching SD).

I'd say the "I only want HD" people are screwed - you should go somewhere else.


Its the license cost to stream HD that is expensive; the bandwidth cost is not that high.

BTW for the ppl who want more HD, I hope you are letting netflix know you want more HD streaming by calling them because to complain on this forum does little to nothing.


I sometimes wonder how you idiots ever survived the eras in which the only way to watch a movie as intended by the director was to see it in theaters. We've been climbing a mountain for literally decades to where the filmmakers' vision is what we see on our home television screens and when we finally reach it, when finally, after what must literally be hundreds of billions of man hours spent suffering through inferior representations of how a film was intended to be, we reach the plateau we've been climbing towards, when finally we can view films at home on our screens in the right aspect ratio with a (mostly) faithful color palette, all we can see to do is piss and fucking moan about the fact that there are less pixels on our screen than our overpriced tv is capable of displaying.

You know what? I don't give a fuck that in "F for Fake" I can't make out the intimate details of Orson Welles's liver spots because there aren't enough pixels. Who gives a shit. I'm happy to finally be able to watch it wherever I want, whenever I want and at a decent price, too. Would I prefer it in HD? Damn right I would, as Orson Welles made films to be watched in theaters with the highest quality possible. Am I fucking ecstatic that I am blessed with the ability to do something that was literally impossible less than five years ago? Holy shit yes.

I get it, and I sympathize. What I don't get is the near-obsessive compulsion to your pixel count that apparently sends you people into a state in which you can't enjoy a film unless it's being blasted into your skull in AAAACCCSSSHHHHHHH-DDDDEEEEE. For the first time ever I can watch "2001" and "2010" back to back without spending more on the rentals than the cost of a nice meal for moi.

You people are spoiled fucking user brats. You want to watch Martin Scorsese's shitty fucking self-absorbed love affair with himself in high fidelity? Go fucking buy it. Otherwise STFU and let me enjoy the documentary series about Conan O'Brien's stint on the Tonight Show (for you mouth-breathing Transformers fans that wouldn't know real cinema if Manny Farber's zombie bit off your nipples, that would be "Larry Sanders").


Oops, I meant to add this part after the Larry Sanders bit, but I got so frothy at the mouth that I had to go clean up.

When I say "STFU", I mean "STFU...here." Go complain to Netflix. This is not Netflix. Netflix needs to hear your complaints. Not us. If you call up a call-center guy and say "Hey, brodilykins, can you take my name down as someone who is kind of upset with your service and would prefer more HD content? That'd be great, dude!" then I am sure they will pay more attention to your opinion than if you sign up to a blog with the fake sounding name of "cz" and "slider121" and the DEFINITELY FAKE SOUNDING "Ryan" and then post vomitous crap about how you're too cheap to buy the Blu-ray/streaming rights but Netflix shouldn't be.


@Fearno1 - OK, I don't know, but what I was thinking is that if you imagine it's a water plant, if each gallon costs $.01 to deliver then it doesn't make much difference if someone uses 1 gallon or 6 gallons. But if you're in charge of the pipes and everyone suddenly wants 6 times as much water, it's a big problem.


Wow BP, thanks for educating me and flaming my post into orbit. I was merely stating my opinion as you've stated yours. I must have been a little too incessant about my "need" to have HD. I'm mostly satisfied with Netflix. I would just like to see content that is produced in HD on Netflix in HD. Yes, I do pick up the phone and tell this to Netflix. I only came here to share my opinion with some (if any at all) like minded folk. "DEFINITELY FAKE SOUNDING Ryan" out...


Actually, I think I'm switching to the "pro HD" side just because I'm embarrassed to be on the same side as BP.



That's fine, I'd rather not have someone who obviously doesn't understand how the internet works on mine.

Hank Kingsley

Hey now!


seriously, i laugh at you people who can't watch it unless it's HD or widescreen - spoiled rotten dbags - get a life


BP might come across as a bit acerbic but honestly how many times must someone check into the comments here and see yet another reader complaining about "new releases" or "HD streaming" rather than calling Netflix and really getting their opinions heard.


Hahahaha...that BP rant was his (?) best ever.


@BP - really, that the best you can come up with? Pretty weak...


Uhm...isnt' ti 2011 now?

Ryan Dean

In this day and age of The HDTV, its unacceptable for Netflix not to stream HD. Nobody is expecting true 1080p like streamming yet but geez make the picture watchable!! Netflix's version of HD is like a step below Directv HD! Not asking for much here... At least match the PQ of a DVD Movie!!

Which make "SD" a step below such as the awful StarzPlay Picture Quality.


"In this day and age of The HDTV, its unacceptable for Netflix not to stream HD."

If it's "unacceptable", then don't pay for it. In fact, they're doing very well providing a service that streams SD.


If anyone is a John Waters fan or tried to watch "A Dirty Shame" (another movie that came out on 1/1), complain loudly. Watch Instantly gave us the heavily censored version, in which even the middle finger was blurred out, rather than the one that Waters intended. Heck, I could barely understand what the fuss was about with the "Hokey-Pokey" scene. Much worse has been allowed on Watch Instantly, including the MPAA expose "This Film Is Not Yet Rated".

Thats Right

Streaming is for poor people


Wow... such unrest in this backwater hidden corner of the internet...

This shit cracks me up.

Y'all is crazy stupid.


Inception blu-ray is a "rental" disc. It does not include any of the extras :(


Shutter Island is also cropped from its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio because it's an Epix title. Such a waste of money.

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