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You're kicking YOURself? I bought some in 2009, I think like 5 or 10 shares (it was $20 then), and I sold them when it went down to $18 or so. I didn't think it was gonna go up. Last year I looked, over $100, I thought that was crazy. Over $200? My god, man, crack open your piggy bank.


I don't really understand why you're kicking yourself - the best rule i've ever heard about picking stocks is to go with a product that you use and love, especially if you catch on before anyone else. I've bought and sold Netflix many times over the years and though I'm not much of a trader they'll be helping to cover a couple of years of college for my son.


thought it didn't come out right, of course I mean that i "don't understand why you're kicking yourself..." rather than buying the stock. Stop kicking, start buying. Do you see that trend in the graph where it rises, and then has a slight decline, and then rises again? Buy it on the bottom


Coulda, shoulda, woulda right? I was late to the game w/ Sirius XM last year. Not complaining mind you as I bought at .50 and sold at over a buck. What I kick myself over is that at it's lowest it was at .05. If only I coulda got in then....

Congrats to those that pulled the trigger on NF a few years ago. Nice score!


I first bought some Netflix stock 6 or 7 years ago. For the first couple of years it was disappointing and I considered selling. Thankfully I didn't, and it's now my most lucrative stock. I'm up 831%! My second best is Apple, but by comparison its 328% rise is paltry ;-)


NFLX is overvalued, the P/E is 83. Sure revenue is increasing due to more subscribers but profit % is declining because most new subscribers are on the $8.99 plan.

I expect a sharp selloff this year.


@ Mike
I agree. No way is NF stock worth that much. If I owned the stock, I would sell it now.

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