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or increase synergy with the upward mobility of dominant paradigms thereby utilizing the base infrastructure of preferred babble to leverage the procurement of visible resources vis-a-vis reality. riiiiiiight.


At least they're not trying to immanentize the eschaton.


Database, schmatabase. For the amount of time it takes my queue page to load and reorder stuff, I get this visualization of a whole bunch of spinning hamster wheels....

Rob Fagen

@PurpleRobot: very snarky, not funny. Any sufficiently complex technology endeavor will inevitably generate jargon. Sadly, it appears that you'd rather make fun of an honest attempt to try and explain the challenges instead of making an equal effort to understand.

@Knaldskalle: Now that was funny.

@chef_m: it's possible that the load time could be pinned on Netflix, but I suspect that the time it takes to drag & drop could be more related to the computing capacity of your computer, or inefficiencies in your browser. If you're on an older version of FFox or IE, an upgrade might help.


It is jargony, but it's also accurate. And I agree with them - customer experience trumps consistency. Watch a show or movie on IW on your computer and when it's over see how long it takes to show up in your recently watched list. Do you really care that it takes a couple of minutes? Me neither. I'd much rather have a my queue show up quickly in my browser.

I don't envy them abandoning SQL though. Some things are monstrously hard to do efficiently without joins.

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