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i stream waaay more than 11 hours a week on my roku!! esp. with all the new ABC shows just added!


"Unlimited [broadband] sells," he said. "It's just a good marketing strategy."

Oh boy, this guy needs to pull his head out of the sand...

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"Unlimited sells [...] it's just good business"

Whoa...time to put down the crack pipe and step away from The Partridge Family marathon...

I'm on a 5GB/mo cap, and most providers are toying with 10-20GB caps.


@Talking_biscuit: Wow, time to switch ISP's. My local cable company (Comcast) has a 250GB cap, and the phone company DSL (20mbps in our area) has no usage cap (nor will they, because they see themselves as no longer a "phone" company, but an "internet" company).

I watch tons of videos via Comcast, and never hit my cap. (and many weeks, I fall into the +11 hours a week category).


I'm with Comcast (for HSI only) and their bandwidth meter report for my account shows my total download consumption for 11/2010 at 39GB and 12/2010 at 54GB. I have 3 people in my household that stream Netflix (and other things) so unless I were to do something like "cut the cord," it looks like the Comcast cap 250GB/month isn't going to be a problem.


Forgot to add this: I bought one of the first Roku's that came over on the boat from China. It's still the best $100 I spent on electronic gizmos. I mostly use it for Netflix but also use the Pandora & Wunderground app. I loved using the MotionBox app until the company sold out to Snapfish :o(


I believe people with a Roku will use it more. People with an apple tv will have it just to tell people they have an apple tv.


@DAVe Thanks, but a 5GB cap is par for the course on 3G mobile broadband, which is the only broadband I can get right now where I live.

250GB cap on Comcast? Whoa! Holy crap, that's like the holy grail of bandwidth allotments! I now officially have bandwidth envy :)

While AFAIR, Netflix' service is only available in the US, I thought this article might be of interest:


Canadian ISPs are now setting caps and raising fees, to compensate for the increased bandwidth usage.


Whoops...that comment/reply should have been to @mnxmfan though I'm still having bandwidth envy of @DAVe.


What all do I need to get the Roku up and running. I don't have a new flat screen TV, just an old analog TV--I'm old school ;)

Would I just need the Roku and a wireless router from Walmart--I'm thinking cheapest way to go, thanks.

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