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I want to see The Wire streaming on Netflix. I've heard its an awesome show but I was broke at the time it was on so no HBO for me. Now that I do have HBO they never show it. HBO has a pretty rich back catalog, I'd like to see Netflix get its hands on that at least if the current stuff would be too pricey.

Joe Siegler

The Mind of a Married Man.


People have proven that they are interested in content à la carte by purchasing DVDs of HBO TV shows. Shut up, HBO.


If it's going to cost $750,000 for an episode of Taxi Cab Confessions, I'd rather Netflix keep their money and use it toward improving the site, and namely the queue that still operates like dial up.

No HBO show has ever been worth that kind of money. They are out of their minds.


None of them. HBO can keep their stuff if it costs more than the normal rate.


HBO doesn't understand the shift occurring in consumption of entertainment. They have great shows, and personally I'd like to see Boardwalk Empire available on Netflix. Here's the thing. While I've been an on-and-off HBO subscriber, I HAVE NEVER PAID HBO ONE PENNY. I get it on free trail, drop it, then get another free trail after a few months. If HBO was on Netflix, at least they'd get something. Right now, they get what I'm willing to pay, NOTHING.


The more popular streaming becomes, the less DVDs will be sold, the more cable cutting will occur and HBO will be left out in the cold eventually. They should just do a deal and make some money from it. People like HBO programs, they want to watch their content on Netflix, so listen to the consumers.


I didn't cut the cord because of streaming. I cut the cord because of dvds. Netflix WILL have Boardwalk Empire, on dvd, in a few months. I can wait. I would happily pay $20 a month for streaming Netflix if I could do away with my dvd player completely. Until that happens, I can be patient and wait for the shows to come out.


I pay $14 for HBO right now. I typically only watch some shows and a movie or two during a month. I'd be willing to pay netflix an extra $10 a month and drop HBO to get some of those shows. I would like the Sopranos as well as Game of Thrones which is the reason why I somehow still pay $14 a month for HBO. I'd save $4 a month which isn't the greatest but at least it's something. This would have to be an add-on service though as I know many people would not care for the HBO shows and not be willing to pay the extra money for shows they don't watch.


Although it doesn't make much sense for Netflix to more than double the streaming plan price just for HBO shows, there's no reason HBO couldn't create a $12/month Roku channel (or whatever other streaming platform). But I don't think they will anytime soon.


I got through Season 1 of the Wire but would love to have that or the Sopranos which I still have not watched available to stream.


Id love it if Curb Your Enthusiasm was on netflix. Wouldnt pay more for it though.


Let HBO keep its exclusive content. I can wait for the DVD from Netflix, pirate it from a bit torrent site, or ignore it completely. HBO makes some good stuff, but there is no single content that drives Netflix. HBO is loaded with serial dramas ripe with sex and violence that can't be syndicated and monetized on most networks. Subscription streaming IS the ideal way to sell this content. If I were a share holder I would wonder about content on the shelf versus money in the pocket.


I hope Netflix just passes rather than pay those kind of prices. I too can wait and eventually we'll just wave as the world passes HBO by


How about None.


The cable TV model HBO is so invested in is probably comparable to the position of film photography in the later 1990's, i.e. still dominant but with its replacement (digital photography) in view and rapidly growing.

Today, film photography is a rapidly declining methodology, with digital replacing it for nearly all common uses. In ten years or so, I think cable television's model of sending hundreds of simultaneous non-interactive streams will have been largely replaced by the model of sending a much smaller number of user-controlled streams (a la Netflix streaming). If we're lucky, it'll be cheaper than cable and have little or no advertising.

Whether Netflix ends up as a dominant company offering this remains to be seen, though they're in a pretty good position to do it. If they are stopped, I doubt it'll be by HBO.


One of the main and only main reasons I don't cut the cord tomorrow is HBO and SHOWTIME. I will never disconnect from cable till I can get both from Netflix or Roku.


NF just got four seasons of The Larry Sanders Show from HBO. That show ended in 1997/8 so it only took what...14 years before they'd release it. I think they'll be sticking to their guns and play hardball w/ NF for now. Personally there's a lot on HBO that I like but it's not worth the xtra $14/month. I'm in the camp w/ those that can wait for the discs.

As an aside if you're interested in The Wire and have Direct TV, channel 101 has been airing it from season 1 for a couple months now. They're up to season 3 now but you might still be able to get them 'on demand'. It's a great show.


I would easily pay $20 a month for netflix if it had HBO, Showtime, and the major network shows I watch

Hell, I'd pay $30 if it really had everything i want.

The problem is going to be them trying to scale up to that so that the value/price ratio is good enough for the consumer

PS3 fanboi

You get what you pay for. Like many others here, I would have no problem shelling out extra $20-$30 a month for HBO+Showtime subscription. Network shows have absolutely NOTHING to offer me - I'll take compelling stories, violence, sex, and real language over typical network drivel any time.

As far as HBO shows that Netflix should aquire:
- Rome
- Deadwood
- Carnivale
- Game of Thrones (I wish)
- Boardwalk Empire
- True Blood
- John Adams
- Lucky Louie
- The Wire
- The Sopranos


"HBO believes in content exclusivity..." Jeff Cusson
Two reasons HBO believes in money and not exclusivity:
1) HBO produces and sells DVD box sets of their Original Content which make them available to the rental companies.
2) HBO sells hacked-up, censored versions (way to stick to the true artistic form there) of its series for syndication on other Basic Cable channels.

Personally, I think for the most part that the Premium Pay channels do create compelling, high-value content and I don't blame them for monetizing the heck out of it but HBO's apparent stance in the "foundational" changing world of digital distribution seems really imbecilic if not Junior-High immature. Ignoring digital streaming revenues, aka New Money, for the moment, HBO-Jeff Cusson, if you really truly want to be exclusive, don’t produce one DVD box set or syndicate any seasonal episodes until after the series closes/cancels. Not much you can do about torrents or subscribers with easy-to-use DVD burners (thanks, Joe, for keeping me up-to-date on Weeds/Dexter/Californication!)

And now for those jackassy comments:
Barn door, horses... check.
Nose despite your face... check.
Screen door, submarine... check.
Jeff, you got served... check.


When I look at HBOs original programming, I gotta say I wouldnt care that much if Netflix didnt have it. Im more interested in having access to a wide variety of current/older films. So, theres no way would I pay $20 per month for some HBO stuff. No sale Jeff.


@ jheartney

Agree! In a different thread I made the analogy between TBS/TNT and Blockbuster of 10 years ago. The cable TV model is coming to an end and 10 years seems to be the right amount of time. It is hard to imagine in 10 years anybody paying $75 a month to have advertising saturated content pumped into their home. Over the air will still be able to support that model and people will still pay $75 a month, it just won't be going to Comcast and that ilk.

I trust Netflix will tier their pricing somehow or spinoff channels to make all their customers happy.


Old seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm would be nice, but I don't need any of HBO's other crap.

I bet at some point we see Netflix begin to produce their own content.


HBO original content succeeded by showing soft core pornography and using language that you could never use on broadcast TV. Comedy specials benefited as did their late night sex reality series. But the biggest beneficiaries were the porno-lite dramatic series like Rome. Rome had a large cast of female characters - everyone of whom was shown topless.

Starz has recently followed with their series Spartacus which shows full frontal nudity of both sexes and a lot of gore. It terms of breaking taboos, it's hard to imagine how they could go further other than penetration.

Netflix streaming should follow suit with soft core and hard core content. It should be relatively easy to create child proof barriers in software.

Porn on the web has now become so ubiquitous that much of it is free. There is still room for story telling in porn. HBO's Rome is such a case. Netflix could produce its own original movies following the lead of HBO and Starz but they will have to go at least soft core - so why not go fully hard core?

In another related case, why are there no sports franchises on Netflix. HBO and Showtime both had early success with boxing. But boxing is dying, a victim of mixed martial arts. You would think that Netflix or some other Roku streaming content provider would have tied up one of the MM fight providers.

An even better idea might be "Ninja Warrior". Currently some networks provide brief excerpts. The full Japanese tournament has never been shown.


The big one for me that I'd pay for is "Real Time with Bill Maher", however due to it's "real time" nature unless it's streamed on Netflix within a few days or maybe a week after the original airing it is pretty much irrelevant. I've heard good things about "Boardwalk Empire" too so I would be interested in that.


"Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage...are licensed for about $750,000 an episode...."

Gee, given this, you'd think the DVD for a full season would run you somewhere between $5-10 million dollars.

“HBO believes in content exclusivity...."

This is the problem with the Hollywood mindset. Why do they always try so hard to make sure that their content is viewed by as few people as possible? The whole point of culture is to be shared by the masses.

Backwards thinking at it's best. (worst?)


Come on PatB if you're going to equate Rome's 2 seasons to porn then you didn't watch the show that much or turned it one night night saw a naked woman and changed the channel.

What Rome showed for sex and nudity is no worse then you could see in an R rated movie on streaming now....say 9 1/2 weeks for example. The violence was actually more over the top then the nudity.

if you hvae that big a problem with nudity, then I would not be paying for an HBO or Starz subscription.


None. In time HBO may ask Netflix or make there own channel.

It's not worth the price for streaming. Netflix will just get the DVDs / Blu.

So everything is fine the way it is right now.


I'd happily pay extra money for premium content. The only reason I still have a DVD queue with Netflix is for shows like The Wire, Deadwood, Big Love, True Blood, etc etc that aren't available on streaming. Heck, as soon as Game of Thrones starts airing, I'll be paying for VoD so I can watch that. Having HBO/Showtime available as a streaming service would easily be worth an extra $20-30 a month to me.


LOL at the prude who compared Rome to porn

Deb Anderson

Real Time with Bill Maher
The Ricky Gervais show


HBO has a pretty huge back catalog too. They should think about selling the old shows they do not even show anymore ...

Only one I remember is Dream On but there must have been greats before ...

HBO is making nothing on those, why not let those out?

In they end they are not worth it ...screw um


I see no mandatory HBO programming for Netflix. HBO has their business model, let them keep it. I really hope netflix doesn't offer a tiered HBO service. As Netflix grows, HBO will shrink and eventually Netflix can just buy the content directly from HBOs producers. If Netflix will just let HBO ripen on the vine for 2 more years, Netflix will be able to pluck some HBO fruit from its catalogue and we will all be happy.

I believe Time Warner and HBO are trying to do a bit of negotiating in the public forum and that a lot of this bluster is BS.


@ PatB

I see your school girlish delight in being completely wrong has not waned recently.


Netflix has all these shows.


Jus sayin.

Isaac Church

HBO can screw themselves. They have nothing I care about.


I'd like to see HBO's content (we're currently subscribers), especially Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, and True Blood, but I wouldn't pay more for it. I can see HBO wanting to do some sort of premium special package where subscribers pay $1 more or so for some of HBO's select shows + regular Netflix, but that way lies fragmentation and potentially a lot of upkeep on Netflix's back end when other providers want the same arrangement.


I would like it all. Of course HBO will go kicking and screaming into the future, not unlike Blockbuster.


never did like HBO

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