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Is it really dropping cable when cable owns the streaming service?

Chris O.

I'm trying out Hulu Plus right now. I love the stuff that CAN play on my PS3, but yes, disappointed in how much cannot. It's really vital that I can watch everything I want on my TV as well as PC, or I probably won't keep it long term.


I love Hulu but am worried about its longterm free availability. I will not pay for it. Right now I watch a ton of TV (and commercials) because it is so available, but if it becomes restricted I will watch significantly less -- only the shows that I need to watch.


Netflix took a big giant bat to the Hulu Pinata this summer, and with a couple of whacks all the content candy fell out. The studios want big checks up front, Netflix offers them Hulu does not. It is very short sighted, the whole Hulu+ was short sighted, and now this idea of turning them into a cable company would be the final nail in the coffin. Its too bad, Hulu is a great idea that needs more time to marinate.

What the studios are missing and will regret;
Hulu has slowed the growth of piracy
Hulu has monetized time shifting and slowed the use of DVRs
Hulu has monetized content that might never have been watched

Had they allowed Hulu to be watched everywhere from the start and partnered with hardware makers they could have been part of changing the way people watch TV.

Who the hell wants a new way to watch Cable TV? I don't want channels, I want all content on demand, I pick it I watch it. I don't need some channel programmer deciding what I watch and when I watch it.


I agree Racket. Except to say that for now at least the DVR is a Godsend. Of course I'm paying out the wazoo for the content and to record it, but I DVR almost everything I want to view. This way I watch on my schedule and can blow through useless commercials. NF is great for past content, and I love the service but until and unless they get ahold of current shows we will still be beholden to cable/sat providers. As for Hulu I was not impressed w/ the Plus service and don't want to watch TV on my computer with the free version so it's not the answer either.


"and while I'm disappointed that most of the free Hulu offerings are not available on TVs through Hulu Plus"

More proof that I'm aging into a grumpy old NYer b/c I would have typed "pissed" instead of disappointed. Which I would have except I looked into Hulu Plus in advance and when I saw they weren't carrying Caprica on Plus only Hulu I didn't bother.

There's a running insult about Sony that it's PS+ service is PS minus but Hulu Plus really is Hulu Minus if you pay them to watch commercials but not watch the shows you want.

I've pretty much even quit watching Hulu since Cablevision has free prime time on demand. With commercials yes, but free HD and hassle free. Though I wish somebody, anybody, would carry V.


"I'm interested in seeing if Hulu's owners can create an online cable company that can compete with the big cable companies (the first à la carte service?)"

Umm... not when the owner is the big cable company.


As long as Hulu Plus has commercials I won't even consider it.


NBC And Comcast need to realize that Hulu is their "ff You can't beat 'em, join 'em" ace in the hole.


had it- hated it- dropped it.


Tried Hulu Plus, first I'm paying to watch OLD tv shows, AND I have to watch commercials too! Lots of seasons, but the seasons are NOT complete, only a couple shows for each title. If you Pay for Hulu Plus, shouldn't you get everything that is on the free channel? You don't. Hulu Plus on Roku and you geteven less choices!!
Wake up Hulu, before everyone realizes you are not a good deal. Everyone gets over 100 channels on any cable system, would you pay $7.99 for each channel you get? That would be $800 a month. Hulu thinks they are compareable with premium channels like HBO or Showtime. Hulu is a rerun channel, and should be priced as such.


Hulu doesn't need to compete with the cable companies. Hulu is ultimately owned by comcast

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