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Shit just got real.

Dan Geiser

Re: "Shit just got real"

Not really...yet. I haven't been able find a free streaming title yet that Netflix Watch Instantly isn't already showing. Now if they start to have competing catalogs with different titles? Well that would be great for me because my Roku supports Amazon Video on Demand and Netflix Watch Instantly and I currently have Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Bah - Amazon Prime Student accounts don't qualify for the streaming service.


I wasn't offered the one month free for Prime. I have had Prime before, maybe a year or two ago, so maybe I am not eligible.


Amazon can't offer Prime at a monthly rate because people would just sign up for one month, order a ton of items and then quit, especially around Christmas.


Streaming is only one piece of the content puzzle. DVDs still account for a large portion of how people watch, and will remain so for a long time coming. Netflix essentially gives me access to any movie/tv show that I want (whether it be streaming or DVD) for one flat rate. Amazon is offering access to whatever streaming titles they have, but what happens when they don't offer something I want to see? The best they're doing is letting me buy the DVD and get free Prime shipping on it.

As long as DVDs account for a significant portion of where the content's at, I think Netflix is still the better deal.


It isn't available on my TiVo premiere and I've always thought the quality of the amazon video downloads that I could get through my TiVo to be quite lacking when compared to Netflix.

Bob Emmerich

If Amazon manages to get a selection at least equal to NF I wonder if it could potentially cost them $ as people sign up for the streaming and then take advantage of the shipping?

And it just got real for NF as people who already pay for Prime for the shipping may drop NF and take what they can get from Amazon streaming. Don't know if that number would be large enough to notice from normal turnover though.

Bob Emmerich

Personal note - no PS3 equals no sale. No que is weird, but I would just keep all the dvds in my "save for later" cart.


I'm not sure what to think about this. My first impression is that it's good for Netflix to have some competition... I'm not sure I'd switch (or augment) unless Amazon were to come up with some good, unique content. Also, I'm wondering if they'll decouple this service from their Prime shipping service in the future. These two services are quite orthogonal to one another so it's interesting that they even bundle them in the first place. If I weren't locked in for a whole year, I'd be tempted to try it out for a couple months.

The part I find funny is that Netflix uses Amazon for streaming their own content....I'm not sure how this works but I think there could be some conflict of interest with Amazon if they ever became a true competitor.


I know in the kids & family there are quite a few shows that aren't available on instant watch from netflix that I can now access instantly through Prime. As a parent I think I'm going to be annoyed if they do away with the queue on netflix. I do monitor my children's t.v. watching closely, but it is easier choosing from a queue of shows that I've already chosen as age appropriate.


I'm putting my Netflix account on hold tonight. I already pay for Prime shipping (devoted Amazon shopper stuck in a rural area-- being able to get anything I want within 2 days does wonders for my sanity) and my Vizio TV works with Amazon on Demand, so I may be the perfect customer.

I'll see how it goes, obviously, but I'm not going to ignore the possibility of saving $8 a month... or swapping my Netflix subscription for Hulu Plus.


It was a good ride netflix. With new competition, higher pricing and window from studios. Good luck in your push to 3rd world countries as you try to continue to show growth.


"Netflix is rumored to be dropping the queue..." Mike

OMG, please don't let that rumor become fact. The Instant Queue is my only sanity check in navigating the turbulent, shifting-sands of digital licensed content. My Netflix streaming experience will go from "Click and watch, click and watch" to just "Click, click, (hmm maybe?), click, click, etc."


I wish the PS3 would get a Amazon app.


"Bah - Amazon Prime Student accounts don't qualify for the streaming service. "

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh booo!


As an Amazon Student member you already receive:
FREE Two-Day Shipping with no minimum order size
One-Day Shipping for $3.99/item
Upgrade to a paid Amazon Prime membership for $79/year to also get:
Unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows


@ Dan

I just meant that there are now two very real competitors to Netflix. One of them is willing to woo away content creators/distributors with money and customized services and the other has very deep pockets and all ready plays harder ball with creators/distributors than Netflix does.

It's an interesting time to be a consumer. Not so interesting a time to be a Netflix executive that constantly seems to be making poor decisions, I'd wager.

@ dAVe

I didn't even see that. [Rumored to be] Dropping the queue? WHAT THE FUCK, NETFLIX?


I have Prime already, but the selection looks like the same stuff Netflix streaming offers. I wouldn't buy Roku just so I could use Amazon with it. Already have a PS3 and Wii using Netflix.


Okay, the big news here is really about Netflix maybe dropping the queue. We need to hear more about that.


Note: My understanding is that HD streams will only be sent to devices that Amazon calls "Amazon Instant Video devices". So SD only for the PC and any streaming thru a browser regardless of device.


Big deal for me is no PS3 or Xbox application. Already a prime member.

InstaFlicka Podcast

I hope somebody makes a movie about this someday.... like the Pirates
of Silicon Valley.


In my quick glance I noticed a few movies Amazon had that Netflix Instant didn't.

Now if someone will make a program to compare my DVD que with Amazon Prime Streaming...

If Netflix drops the que... I would drop my 8+ year account.


Dropping the IW queue would be a huge mistake. Most people when there are over 10,000 titles out there don't remember all of what is out there that they want to see. I put anything I might possibly want ot watch into my IW queue so I can remember to go back to it and consider if I want to watch it or just chuck it.

My kids also watch a lot of IW programming and my 8 year old just figured out how to work it on the PS3. If you take away the queue it will make it much more difficult for kids to watch without an adult having to do it for them.

Bad bad idea Netflix.


Let me address the Netflix queue issue first. They won't and can't delete the instant queue system because it's the last line in their parental controls. Without it devices would all have to have browsing and that browsing would have to all have effective PCs installed. That isn't likely to happen.

Paying up front is one issue they will have. People don't like contracts and commitments when they are unsure of something. I paid for Netflix and Hulu both a year in advance, but I tested them both out heavily before hand.

Also I'm kind of yawning over the issue now. It's just another streamer at this point. People say competition is good, but it depends on who is being competed for. In the streaming market we need fewer companies because the end user isn't being competed for, it's the studios. They are signing massive deals for exclusivity rights and we lose out because now to see what we want we have to pay three times to three different services. Amazon offering more catalog and b-items isn't going to get me. I've already allocated my entertainment budget elsewhere.

Pretty much the only service I wanted to see materialize was Redbox, but I'm not sure they are capable. They hinted at a service that was more like HBO from the past. In that I mean a few hit movies that rotate out. The same strategy they use for their kiosks. That would be a nice compliment to Netflix without having me pay for overlapping content. At this point though it's too late for Redbox.


Amazon only has about 3 major companies that offer good movies. About the same length of movies can be found on Netflix, but I do see a competition brewing between Amazon and Netflix in the near future. Just need to see when is redbox is going to join the streaming world, and what can redbox offer that can eat out either Netflix or Amazon.


Drop the queue and I drop netflix; it's as simple as that.


@ Marshall

I'm sorry, I can't parse your entire post because you state you paid for Netflix and Hulu a year in advance. There's no normal way to do that. You'd have to buy yourself yearly gift subscriptions and past some bizarre anti-monthly subscription logic I see no reason to do this.

So, you say that you see the yearly subscription of Amazon Prime as a barrier to entry and then go on to say you went out of your way to buy yourself yearly gift subscriptions to two competing services only to then go on decrying competition as a bad thing for the streaming market? And then you further go on to say that the only streaming competitor you were excited about is the one that would cater to your very own special interest? After previously saying competitors in the streaming market are most likely to offer catalog or b-titles (that would include a large amount of titles of special interest to only a limited subset of customers)?

Look, dude, I'm not sure the logic center in your brain is functioning right. Between this and your whole "RACISM GOES BOTH WAYS OMGGG FRESH NEW OPINIONS HERE GUYS!!!!!" post I'm not really sure you're a real person. If you are, where do you live and what company do you work for so I can be sure to avoid both.

As for the "can't and won't" bit... you're new to corporate America, aren't you?



I want more separate queues, not none. And add optional parental controls to the queues.


Why drop the the queue? To mask the amount of content that regularly expires from subscribers?

I'd hate to have to search out titles on the Wii (I know, but I could careless about HD). The app really blows.


I considered Amazon Prime at one point, just because I order a lot of stuff from Amazon. I never got it because of the high price, but lately, their Standard Free Shipping has been taking longer and longer. I was just considering this option again when I heard about the streaming service.

I think the streaming makes for a nice bonus to the Prime service. Either service by themselves would not be as much of a good value as both for a single price, especially if you will regularly use both...which I would.

Would I drop Netflix and just use Amazon? Probably not.


No ps3 yet they have a deal with Sony. No way would I sign up without that. Not even a mention of coming soon.
What about wii?
I couldn't even find a place on Amazon/Amadeus to leave questions or comments.


Yeah I don't know what I'd do without my queue. Well, I suppose I'd survive, but it wouldn't be nearly as convenient.


If NF drops the queue it will become a lot, lot less attractive to me - that would probably push me to an acceptable competitor that did have a queue, or I'd work around a "save for later" type improvised queue.


As for the PS3. Supposedly Bravia Internet Video apps are coming to the PS3. Which is the apps on Sonys TVs & Blu-Ray players. Which should include Amazon Video On Demand?

Netflix would be mental to remove the Instant Queue?

As for Amazons big opening. Kind of a *yawn* opening. If no one can find content that is drastically different from what Netflix currently has. However well see as time goes on.

Since Amazon is here with there all you can watch service. Things might heat up. Let's hope good things occur and not worse things.


i figured out a workaround to "save to que" you can "add to wish list"... in addition i noticed a chrome plugin to make it easier too...

can't wait until i can do this on my ps3


DUDE!!!! some one actually gives a damn about movies. Subtitling rocks on amazon!


I thought a lot of devices required the Instant Queue. I know that's the only thing my Mother-in-Law's Blu-Ray player could access, unless there has been a firmware update.


Are there any actual facts to back up the rumor that Netflix may be dropping its queue? (I assume this refers to an Instant queue?) While Netflix dropped the ability to add DVDs to the DVD queue while watching Instant on TV, the notion that they'd drop an Instant queue altogether makes no sense. The queues are an important component of Netflix, and I'm skeptical this has any basis in fact. If I'm wrong, I'd love to know details so I can communicate my thoughts to Amazon. Thanks!

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