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AT&T U-Verse 12mbps streaming Netflix via Xbox 360. Began having problems only after the forced update of the Netflix application.

Have no problems whatsoever streaming via PC. Tried rebooting the router to fix any errors - no go.

Located in Dallas, TX.



Earlier tonight, I had to reactivate my Xbox 360 back to my streaming devices, but as said, there was an update to its app tonight. I just tried Wii and PS3, and it's working fine there, now at least. I haven't checked TiVo, but I'm not expecting any issues there now at least.

Charter 18mb service, Western Mass near Springfield.


Yes! In the last week Netflix streaming on my Roku has been very erratic and slow. I have AT&T DSL and I live in Los Angeles. Other Roku streaming has worked normally, as have other Internet activities. Only Netflix has been slow.


i have had problems as well - this past weekend especially - programs kept stopping and coming back on with only 2 dots (bars) instead of the full 4 - i finally gave up and finished yesterday when there were no problems - i use Roku and have a cable modem with Time Warner Cable NYC


no problems here with my wii or with the roku Comcast Oak Harbor Wa.(2 hours from Seattle)


Oh yeah. Xbox 360 isn't streaming in Los Angeles. Can't get much more than 2 bars and it runs EXTREMELY slow. Happened just after the forced update.


Oh, and AT&T is my ISP.


Same problems as jjfromnyc (4posts above).

Only difference is my problem has been on going for about a month.

So Ohio AT&T DSL paying for 1.5 meg and getting 1.1.

Upped my speed to 3.0 (getting 2.5) and problem is better.



Last night with Insight Communications.


I've been having problems with Wii streaming for about a month - lost connection, slow retrieval. sporadic issue; seems to be worse with more obscure titles. Time-Warner Cable in WI


If you are having problems streaming netflix, it is probably your ISP. I had a lot of issues when I was using AT&T DSL. So many problems in fact i hardly used the streaming service at all. Since i upgraded to Comcast Cable I have no problems at all on any device. Wii, XBox, Blue Ray Player, Iphone. They all work great.


No problems. Streaming with no sputters. Verizon FioS in Texas


yes, optimum online is our provider. for the past couple weeks, we've gotten messages that our internet connection has slowed and netflix must readjust streaming rate (or something like that). very rarely did we use to have this problem.


I have ATT and recently the Roku starts off good then restarts at slower rate. No problems with Media Center or PS3.

John Parker

I had many problems last week (early Feb) with AT&T U-Verse and my Roku (Jacksonville FL). This week it all seems to be working OK. The problems were constant re-buffering during shows, as in every 2-3 minutes.

Jose Cuervo

Never had a single problem streaming netflix on a samsung bluray player, roku, iphone, wii and ps3, 15mgps in Portland, OR. Never had rebuffering once.


No issues using FiOS in Southern CA.


For probably the last month on both my 360 and Roku Netflix will switch speeds and rebuffer a lot. I'm using Mediacom 20/2 connection. HD content tends to be the worst, and it tends to be during what I would consider "peak" times. At any point that the 360 starts going through rebuffering fits dropping from HD to 1 bar and back up to HD again I can run a speed test and 9 times out of ten I'm pulling 15Mbps+.

The issues for me defiantly seem to be on Netflix's end. I wish I could just lock a speed on the 360 even if it was a lower one. Watching 30 Rock and having it change speeds 10 times in a half hour is not my idea of a grand ol night.

Eddie Spaghetti

ISP: AT&T HSI Elite (5.18 Mb/s download speed)
Player: Roku HD
Service: Netflix
Location: Hollywood, CA

TV programs consistently interrupted with 'retrieving' or 'loading' messages for a few minutes at a time. Features play without much interruption.

No problem with viewing any streaming Netflix video on my computer.



We are on Cox in Omaha, NE, w/ the medium tier Internet bandwidth (5 to 7 Mbs downstream).

We have have been having problems for about 6 - 8 weeks in the evenings on our Roku box. Last week we just swapped out the Roku for Apple TV (Airplay, you know). We are still having problems, but Apple handles them differently. (Sometimes the audio just goes away!)

Why would Cox be motivated to fix this, when they are losing pay-per-view revenue and audience share to Netflix?


I have AT&T Uverse in Indiana. Netlfix streaming on my Roku has been very erratic. Problems range from re-buffering to low quality streams.


Comcast in Atlanta. Playback is jittery/skips. Video loses sync with audio, but no audio skipping.


AT&T DSL in Ohio on a Roku and streaming is dialing down to 2 dots out of 4 on almost everything. Has been happening this way for the past several days.


My Roku/Netflix was great for a month, but now it's unwatchable. (I'm in the San Francisco Bay area on Earthlink DSL). I've been following this on a forums.Roku.com under:
"Roku Streaming Player/Roku Streaming Player General Discussion/Report Netflix Connection Issues Here/" Seems like around 3 weeks to a month ago people who had previously had great Roku/Netflix had everything go to hell: 2 dots, interrupts, failures to load, etc. etc. As others above, other streaming on Roku is fine, network is fine, Netflix is fine on computer. It's a Roku/Netflix specific issue. Roku Customer assistance is useless, Netflix Customer Assistance just pointed the finger elsewhere. I'm giving 'em another week and then the Roku goes in the trash and I'm buying a wifi game adapter so I can watch Netflix via DirecTV box.


AT&T Pro (3Mbps)in Corpus Christi, TX giving me Netflix trouble on a Panasonic DMP-BD85K blu-ray player. Problems began about 3 weeks ago. Before then streams were rock solid; now constant rebuffers (from 3-6 times during TV or movie, sometimes even more).


i had some problems last night but none today. att dsl elite in Fishers, IN


AT&T Uverse in El Paso TX, download speed is currently 11 mbps, nothing will stream in HD, the checking link speed sequence is taking 3-4x longer than usual. Constantly stopping to buffer out during 30 min TV shows.
(Sony Bravia HDTV hardwired directly to router)

Resolution on iPad is severely downgraded to the point that it is completely unwatchable. Never was before though.

Haven't tried on the PS3 yet...


Netflix on Roku was 4 stars for months. I'm an AT&T Elite customer in Fort Worth, TX. The problem of rebuffering every 2 to 3 minutes started approximately 4 days ago and continues.


I am on comcast and I cant even access the website. Just a generic windows message saying that the page can not be found.

Funny thing is, I can ping the address and it comes up just fine. just no website


I have no problem streaqming Netflix,fortunately my town has been wired with FIOS.

The problem I have is no surround sound- only 2CH.


Looking for another provider.


El Paso, Texas here with AT&T DSL I'm paying for the 6 down and only getting about 2.1 maybe less every single night from 6PM-1AM. Nearly impossible to watch an HD movie on my 360.


brand new roku box. net flix was a bust from day one. constanly reloads every five min. my isp is century link, 3mbps.
randy central va.


For those that have issues with there Roku DVP. Check this out: http://forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=23127&p=243337#p243259


AT&T Pro, never had issues 'till maybe 3 weeks ago. Netflix on 360 warns me every time I start something, HD and SD, that my connection is too slow. Test shows 2.5 Mbps solid, clean line.


Roku, att dsl, San Diego. One night could not load a movie, the other the movie started but later dropped. Claimed the stream wasn't available.


AT&T DSL 3mbps service
Location: Northern California

No issues on my Sony devices or PC, sounds like a Roku or regional problem.


Earthlink (AT&T, I think) 3Mbps DSL in San Jose. Netflix on PC and Roku pretty much unusable for the past few weeks - connection problems, poor quality, stop/start.


Orange County,CA:
Streaming Netflix through Xbox has been extremely erratic to non-existant for 2+ weeks. Sometimes works in the morning, but not at night. Times out saying internet connection too slow. Yet speedtest.net rates download at 15MB (wired and wireless).

ISP is ATT Uverse. Xbox is harwired. BTW, netflix runs fine on wireless laptops.

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Can't watch anything on streaming through Tivo box or Wii fr several days now. Haven't tried it on the computer yet.

I'm in Southwest Missouri using Mediacom (cable).

Really annoyed sitting here with nothing to watch on family movie night.

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