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Time Warner, Rochester, NY both Samsung BDP Blu Ray and Sony Bravia both hard wired, errors out approx. every 1 out of 3 movies. Tonight I had picture but no sound on either for a few hours, tried 3 movies, all no sound on either, internet speed was ok. Issue cleared up, streaming fine now.


I have a 12Mbit connection through AT&T Uverse. I am using a Roku box and am in Milwaukee, WI. Since the beginning of Feb I rarely am able to get an HD quality stream. Most of the time 2 dots. I put my Roku in debug mode and it is reporting my connection speed is 0.8 Mbits. Speedtest.net reports 11.5Mbits. My ISP, Netflix, and Roku customer service reps are pointing fingers at one another. What to do? Feeling a little helpless here.


San Francisco at&t u-verse dsl. same problem all devices: both win 7 laptops through browser; htpc through boxee, windows media center, and browser. iPhone is fine though.


PS 3 and Charter - we keep getting screens asking for us for our Netflix ID and password, can't authenticate at all! Works fine on computers one the same wireless network.


In McKinney (a suburb of Dallas)- ISP is Time Warner - and have noticed a lot more problems over the past couple of months!

Gary Rinker

I have to agree with most of the other post. Roku cust. service points the finger at Netflix, and Netflix says it's my internet speed. Everything else works great to include my VOIP. I'm about ready to give up on Roku and Netflix. I hope others have better luck.


Problems with my Roku boxes. One says retrieving before it gets to the video choices, the other stays on retrieving when downloading the video. ATT in San Jose.


I can not stream movies from them. It is not my ISP because my roomie, who is on the same connection, can. I can stream from everyone else, just not netflix and I am certain it's sliverlite. I've tried every fix out there and still a no go. They should offer an alt viewer option.


Major issues here with Netflix streaming. Constant rebuffering only two dots on my Roku etc... AT&T DSL 6.0 MB... Could someone please make sure somebody important at Netflix sees this. I'm going to cancel Netflix as I'm not getting the quality I expect.


I began having problems 2 weeks ago streaming. I get error code N8210, no connection. I have a Dell laptop, I use Verizon satellite wireless. When I was connecting, Netflix would reconfigure my speed because it slowed down, at least once during every movie I've watched. Haven't called my ISP yet, called Netflix and he said it was probably my ISP after checking a couple of things on my pc. Now that I've heard it on your site, I'll definitely call my ISP, I miss Netflix Instant Movies as I watch them with my granddaughter in the afternoons.


Don't seem to have problems during the day but in the evenings lately my ipad will stop streaming and restart several times. Frustrating. Not sure if its limited to my ipad yet. I have Comcast in Illinois.


Near Atlanta, GA. AT&T DSL. Streaming on Xbox360 was flawless until a few weeks back it started going from 1-2 bars. Very slow, constant rebuffering, hard to watch. DSL speeds have not changed, I am on a 6mb connection and my speed tests are fine.


Yes having the same rebuffing problem as everyone else And using AT&T.
Streaming to Every other device is fine ( laptops, iPad, desktop). It started approximate the time this thread was started. It was perfect and now roku is completely unwatchable as far as Netflix. Provider is AT&T and location is bay area. If there is a solution it would be great to hear.

Russ in wy

Before the update was rolled out last July, I loved my Roku box. 4 dots ALL the time. Then the update came through. I typically get 3 dots on any given evening. Middle of the afternoon I often get HD, but I recognize high usage times in the evening, though 3 dots bugs me and I want to go back to pre-update speeds.
The last month or two, I've been getting rebuffering and speeds no higher than 2 dots. That's just unwatchable. I may as well rub dirt in my eyes. I decided a few nights ago to force higher bit rates and anything 1.0 Mbps or higher will take 15 minutes or more (depending on how high I go) to load. Drop down to .6 and it loads right up.

I'm on a 3.0 Mbps plan from Qwest DSL in Laramie, WY. Everything else works at decent speeds. Netflix, not so much.

Are people still having problems?

Russ in wy

I forgot to add that when I'm forcing it to a faster bit rate, it takes forever to start, but once it does, I can make it a long time before it re-buffers. Last night, we watched a 45 minute show and I had forced it to 1.2 Mbps, which was 3 dots. It took about 15 minutes to start, but it never once had to reload. We watched the whole thing.


BP in Dallas, Im in DFW as well using uverse 12mb speed ( i used to have DSL Speeds) I have had the same issue with the netflix streaming on 360 since I started it last Novemeber. Since then I have spent countless of hours with AT&T Tier 2 top level support (along with my own IT exp) racking our brains on the cause of the problem. For Months I say AT&T, or the lines going to the Office (900ft away from me) But now after all this trouble shooting, at&t i think fixed the issue on their side BUT i am still having issues. Before I would have bandwidth loss on all devices, now after months, I no longer get the bandwidth losses on my Comps, Only the Xbox. so this tells me its either, A-XBoxlive Server, Netflix Portal, Xbox version 9maybe flawed). still reasearching myself. A tip though COMPLAIN TO AT&T, I have Not payed a bill since novemeber, and they upgraded me to 12mbs for SUPER SUPER CHEAP!!!!


TWC in Beaumont TX, Netflix streaming has been horrible the past few weeks. Every stream slows down to un-watchable quality. I had Roadrunner turbo and never had an issue with streaming videos before.

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